This is the first chapter to the sequel of "The Edge of Taboo". It is short, and in a first person perspective from Raven. I do hope everyone enjoys this story! I am aiming to work very hard on keeping it interesting and on the edge. So, please review and let me know how you like the sequel as it goes! Thank you!

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Chapter 1 : The Ghost Who Attained Nirvana

The scent of spring takes away my senses as I gaze out to the vast, and wide ocean. Flowers are blooming in the beautiful garden at this large mansion. All varieties of flowers grow here; lilies, daffodils, petunias, tulips, morning glories and roses. The grass is bright green and springy under the foot. Long ago, I've found a pathway from this garden to the beach and the warm ocean waters of the Pacific. As I listen to the chirping of happy birds, gaze at the gentle and calm waters of the beach, and feel the warm, spring air breeze over me, I begin to realize how I have found my sanctuary here, and how nothing could persuade me to surrender it.

Years have gone by since I've come to this paradistic place. The memories of my old life seem so long ago and so distant. It is still hard to believe how foolish I was back then, thinking that the battles my friends and I faced as the Teen Titans against injustice was so futile. We only ever concentrated on the criminals in this city, when there were dangerous terrorists at large, and mass murderers on the prowl in other states of which we were blind to. Memories of my friends are in fragments and it takes much concentration to remember how we all were. There are times I come to find myself missing their company, but then I remember what I gave them up for; our arch enemy Slade.

If we were still in the past, when I was a member of the Titans and Slade was still our worst enemy, it would have sounded laughable and ridiculous to believe I could ever develop any feelings for that man. A particular birthday of mine had marked a very dreadful day in my life; when the prophecy was said that I'd bring my father to this plane of existence. Slade had delivered my father's message privately, while tearing my clothes apart and holding me close to his body as he forced me to watch the destruction of my precious new home of Earth. Since then, I had only the most intense and fiercest of hateful feelings towards him...until he came to my aid and the world's aid, in the grand fight against my father. He'd gain his mortality he so valued, and could have tried finding his way out...but instead, he came to my aid and my friends' aid. Slade stood side my side with my friends to protect me and rid the world of my father's evil existence. While our leader Robin still upheld his hard feelings for Slade, since that fight I had always felt differently towards him. There was a small reserve of respect for Slade knowing that he risked his or mortal life a second time to ensure the world wasn't destroyed. Ever since that fierce battle though, Slade never turned up for a long time.

It was a whole year before Slade showed again and when he did, he had a warning for us all; that a man named Lex Luthor was after me and that he had hired Slade to hunt me down. Slade made his opinion about this clear by stating he would take me in and protect me from Lex. It was general knowledge I was a member of the Titans, and it put my friends at risk for being attacked if Lex wasn't happy with Slade's progress. That time spent under Slade's watchful eye was in the beginning excruciating and humiliating. Many times I had tried to escape only to be cuffed and locked in a windowless cell until I realized that really, Slade posed no threat to me. I had even healed his horrible wounds he received from Lex for not procuring me in a timely manner. Slade even killed a man with his bare hands to prevent him from discovering I was hidden within Slade's base. Back then I was too stubborn to admit it but I was impressed by Slade's driving determination to defend me and risk his friendship with Lex. There was an attraction both of us had, and it didn't reach it's climax until a training session when he raped me. All my energies protested the fact that deep down, I was highly attracted to him. Nights before, there were strange dreams of a military man named Wilson, which I found out had been Slade all along. I had been glimpsing his true identity through these dreams and this only steepened my growing feelings for him.

Though it hadn't been long while staying with Slade, when I returned to my friends so Slade could take care of some business with Lex, they noted the changes in me. Sarcasm and calm, cold responses were now apart of me. It drove a wedge between me and Robin who during the night, had attacked me and stolen a sample of my blood. How much I wanted to tell him off and tell him the truth about me and Slade! Yet I bit my tongue and decided that saying it at that point of time wasn't the wisest thing. It was not until Lex's and Joker's defeat that my friends realized my strong connection to Slade. When I had thought he was dead,

I was in a state of panic and desperately diminishing the last bits of my power and magic to revive him. It had worked as he woke and sat up, healed and unharmed. Slade carried me out as I told Robin where my new alliances lie. Robin made the coldest statement after that...that from now on, he and I were enemies. I had thought, "Well, if I get to spend the rest of my life with my love, then that is perfectly fine."

The beach I sit on hold many fond memories. After my defection from the Titans which became widespread news throughout the criminal underworld and superhero network, Slade expressed his desires to teach me everything he knew. This very beach, these very sands and waters, have memories of when he trained me here. Many injuries resulted from our sessions, of which were healed and laughed about later. So many hours have been spent here; under the summer sun, the fall chills,, the icy winters and pleasant springs.

Over the years I have mastered everything he had ever wanted to teach me and deep inside, there is a pleasant calmness, a nirvana that has finally been attained after much turmoil and grief. My wardrobe of blue capes and leotards have changed to white capes, long, paneled skirts and white, long sleeves half tops. My perspectives of the world has changed and been modified to accept the bad and the good it has to offer. I take in all the peaceful surroundings and store it in my mind as I have come to my final decision about a trouble. I will protect this all and finally relent and join Slade in all his criminal aspects, and with it, I will no longer be the Raven...I will become the Wraith, the existing ghost of Raven, my former self.