Author's Note:

I was sitting in my communications class one day, thinking about how bored I was. I couldn't pull out a book and read it because I had to take notes, but the notes were not so extensive that they kept my mind busy enough not to be bored. So I wrote a sentence about Doctor Who at the top of my notebook page. It made me pleased. And astonishingly happy. Just seeing the words "sonic screwdriver" written on my paper in the middle of class made me smile. So I decided to write more.

Everything you read here was written during my various classes, in the lulls between ordinary note-taking. I've tried to create "snapshots"- moments in the life of the Doctor. If the snapshot makes you want to know the whole story, feel free to write it yourself! And let me know!

I've tried to alternate between funny stuff and serious stuff because we all know the Doctor is so much of both. So if you like the funny stuff better, feel free to just read the even-numbered chapters. If you like the serious stuff better, feel free to just read the odd-numbered chapters. Or read them all for a glorious excursion into Doctor Who land!

I hope you have as much fun reading them as I have had writing them.


I own a sonic screwdriver! And a TARDIS! And I- wait a second, that was just in my dreams. Fiddlesticks.


He has two hearts.

He's often wondered about that. None of his other major organs have an extra.

He hasn't got two brains, or two stomachs, or two- well, you know.

But he has two hearts.

And maybe that's good. It's certainly saved his life on occasion (or his regeneration at least.)

But sometimes- when he's lost another friend; when he's destroyed another life; when he remembers again just how alone he is…

Sometimes he wonders if the reason he has two hearts is to allow him to hurt that much more.

Because even the hearts of Time Lords break.

This one made me want to go and give the Doctor a hug.