March 8, 2009

Today I got to get away. Phil and Renee have been killed! Honestly, I'm very happy, but guilty because I am happy. I just don't know how I'll hide the bruises and scars. Even though Phil is dead, he left some horrible memories. My memories are the only thing to keep me company as drive to my "fathers" house. I'm worried about what he'll think of me. I've never met him because Renee kept Phil as my father figure. (Although the only type of father that he acted as was an abusive, alcoholic father.) Besides Renee, there was only one person who knew my secret and that person moved away 7 months and 20 days ago. She was my friends mom but when I think of her it brings tears to my eyes.
I pull into the drive way of my "home" and prepare to meet my "father" and my "brother." I walk in and open the door to something wish wouldn't happen . There were empty cans everywhere. Along with the empty soda cans, there was a huge person.
"Hello Bella!" The males voice boomed across the messy room. I turned to my left to see a man with dark brown hair, a moustache, and in a police uniform. "I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you sooner." He turned to the enormous man on the ragged old couch. "Emmett, clean up your mess and get Bella settled in. Mark should be arriving soon with our pizza. Bella, I'm sorry I have to leave as soon as you get here, but work is waiting!" Charlie said as he trotted out the door.
Soon after Charlie left, Emmett finally spoke. "Hey Bella, I'm Emmett! I'm sorry about the mess. Do you like pizza?" I nodded my head yes. "Good, because Mark, our pizza guy, delivers it at lunch and dinner on the weekends and at dinner on weekdays."
"Why would anyone eat pizza that much?" I wondered aloud.
"Well neither of us can cook and it would be way to expensive for us to go out everyday or to hire a cook." He replied to my question.
"Oh wow!" I was surprised. "If I make you a list of groceries, could you go out to the local supermarket and pick them up for me? We can use the rest of this weeks pizza money to pay for it," I said. I was not about to eat pizza for the rest of my life. "And while your at it call up Mark and tell him that he will no longer need to be delivering us pizzas anymore after lunch today." Emmett charged toward me and I braced myself for the impact of this. His two strong arms wrapped around me."
"BELLA YOU'RE THE BEST!" He exclaimed. "Can I invite some friends over for dinner? They can bring their girlfriends and you can meet them!" After laughing, I agreed. "Sure Emmett, but you don't have to ask me. I'm not your mom. Can you please just help me carry my bags in and I'll make a list. You can call or pick up your friends and I'll just stay here and unpack.
"No, Bella. Your coming with me." With that, he picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, brought me to his jeep, and we drove off.

a/n: This story is being written by two people. KF and CM. CM is coming up with the ideas, and I'm typing it out, filling in the details. Sorry that this chapter is pretty short. We'll try to make the next chapter longer.