By the way this isn't a Bella & Jasper story. Just go with the flow! J This chapter should be hilarious in one or two spots. Bon apatite!

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A few hours later- {after Emmett and Rosalie brought the groceries back bringing Chinese for everyone}


I heard a ring at the door as I finished changing into date clothes. As I let Jasper in I asked, "Jasper, what would you like to do?" "Umm.. I don't know?" he replied. We couldn't think of anything to do so we just sat on the couch and started talking. We ordered pizza and played twenty questions until it arrived. I found I really like talking to Jasper. He was nice and actually cared about what I was saying. I also found out he likes to listen to just about every type of music, and to me, musically diverse people are my best friends! After a few hours, Jasper and I decided that he wanted to be able to talk to me over aim tonight so he asked me if I wanted to help me sit up my computer. I thought that was a great idea and secretively I thought Jasper was a beautiful person. Inside and out. Setting up the computer was always a difficult task for me because of all the wires. I wonder how it's going to turn out with Jasper helping me?


As Emmett said it would be, the door was unlocked. Emmett was picking up a video game and then meeting me at his house. I went upstairs to turn on Emmett's Wii when I heard some voices. "Put it in." one said. It sounded like Bella. Bella, it doesn't go in that hole. I mean look at it." Jasper said. What the hell are they doing? He's taking advantage of Bella! "It goes there. See? Now, put it in." "Wait, it won't go in. It's too big." No, this is their first date. They wouldn't be doing that, would they? "Jasper, see it fits in there. Now, what are you supposed to do?" "This is so hard! Try pushing it in with force!" I heard a growl.

I looked to me left and saw Emmett with his face red in fury. He went over to Bella's door and shoved it open. We both gasped at the same time. His gasp meant 'OH! Wow I was wrong. They're not screwing.,' but my gasp was different. My gasp was because Bella was even more beautiful than before. She angled her beautiful little head in question as she heard the gasps.

They weren't doing what we thought they were doing. In fact, it was the complete opposite. Jasper and Bella were hooking up Bella's computer. Bella's beautiful brown eyes got twice as large when she noticed Emmett's tense apperence. Confused, Bella stood up, took Emmett by the hand, and sat him down on the bed as she slowly asked, "Emmett, what's wrong?" Emmett refused to answer and on Jasper's face a look of realization appeared. Jasper chuckled and whispered to Bella what Emmett and I thought. Bella's face lit to a bright red color and berried her head in a pillow. "Emmy," she mumbled from behind the pillow, "Jazz and I wouldn't do that on a first date! He was helping me set up aim. And don't you ever suspect I'm doing something like that again."

Emmett was mad at himself so he handed the video game to me and told me I could take it home and play alone. He said he was done for the night, but might be on aim later. After all the excitement, Jasper hugged Bella and said he was going home. Jasper and I went home and I was heading up to my room as Jasper said, "aim now, Edward." So, I went to my room and signed on to aim. As soon as I signed on I got a message.

.snack: Bella's name is BS913. Add her.

Piano_Man: okay. Y 'aim now'

.snack: cuz u douche. How cld u embarrass me lyk tht?

Piano_Man: sorry man but thts wut it sounded lyk.

.snack: no nt tht. I'm tlking bout u ogling bella. I was on a date w/ her

Piano_Man: srry but I cnt help it. I lyk her 2

.snack: wtevr dude nyt


I woke up feeling two strong arms wrapped tightly around me and some light snoring. Emmett. I squirmed around trying to get his heavy arms off of me, but I had no such luck. I laid there for a few minutes waiting for him to awake when I heard footsteps walking down the hall. Emmett passed and it hit me! Emmett wasn't the one in my bed. I froze and started to panic. I turned over slightly and was shocked to find Edward and his beautiful bronze hair, his dazzling lips, and the rest of his stunning, greek god like body. 'I must admit,' my mind stated to itself, 'I sortof like Edward. Just as much as I like Jasper.' I snuggled into his arms a little more, not even bothering to question why he was here and enjoying the warmth and feel of Edward wrapped around me. I continued to bask in the joy of it all until I fell back into a light slumber.