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Behind Curtains


Harry was flushed hot!

"Oh, Ron!" Harry gasped as his lover drove his hard prick home. Sweat slicked their bodies as they rocked in rhythm with each other.

As his prostate was repeatedly vibrated with pleasure, Harry arched his back in a graceful display of flexibility.

Ron's head was tucked in Harry's neck and he was growling. Harry's tight hole was squeezing so hard that it was almost painful.

"Fuck! That's it! AHH, Ron" Harry was going crazy. With his head tossing as he cried out in a strained voice.

"That's it, Har . . ." groan, "yell my name," Harry complied and Ron bit his neck in response. "Talk dirty, love. Tell me how much my slut likes thick cock."

"Don't stop," Harry whined as the movement in him momentarily stopped to tease him.

"How much do you want my prick?" Ron smirked knowing he was torturing the teen under him.

"I would do anything for and to your thick, eight inch rod if you would just use me as the horny, whore that you're gorgeous meat has made me into," Harry pleaded for friction.

Ron groaned as Harry began to flex his ass muscles causing Ron to automatically fuck him into the well used mattress that squeaked as they bounced up and down, back and forth.

"Fuck my hot ass, yessssss. OH OH OH. Fuck your cock-loving slut. I'm your BITCH . . . FUCK YOUR BITCH! AHH-AH AHH-AH AHH-AH! OH my God, I think your cock is getting bigger, you fill me so FULL! I need your CUM! CUM IN YOUR SLUT!"

Ron liked it hard and dirty, so the more Harry spoke dirty the harder and faster the sex got. Harry and Ron's hips were banging together so hard that there were bound to be bruises in the morning. "That's it, bitch. Take my swollen cock, love it!"

"I love your hard wood." Harry was screaming as his prostrate was hit with every thrust.

Harry had his legs wrapped around his waist for better leverage. His hands holding the headboard as the fucking moved him around the bed. His mouth open with screams that were alternating loud and silent.

It was coming to an end for Harry first. Harry's orgasm was first with wide eyes and uneven movements that had his jizz hitting the head board and his hands, his face and hair, and his and Ron's stomachs. Ron wasn't done and kept pumping into the spent Harry. Soon Harry was lazily moaning as his spot was continuously slammed by his lover's member. "Good, Bitch. Good, Harry" Ron was saying in a gaspy voice. Harry came for the second time and that gripped Ron's prick to orgasm.

Ron's thrusts sped up and became hot fast jabs that had the bed banging against the wall so hard that it cracked the bed post.

Harry was muttering, "fuck me, use your whore. Ummmm! Fuck me fuck me fuck me,"

At that point the pleasure from Ron's large prick sent Harry into his third orgasm that added to the puddle on the bed. Harry promptly passed out and Ron kept at it as he continued to cum. He used Harry's sleeping body to relieve himself. Ron's heavy ball sack finally spent itself after two minutes of furious humping into Harry's lifeless body. The last bits of cum came out as Ron muttered "I love my willing slut, such a good boy, Harry, so tight."


Harry waked to a pain in his ass. He quickly remembered his session from last night. The dildo he had replicated from his obsession's dick was resting in his sore hole. Harry pulled the fleshy fake-cock out of himself and put it in his mouth to clean.

Oh how he wished Ron was his instead of Hermione's. Harry moaned as the lifelike prick started to vibrate in his throat. He continued to suck it as a baby does its thumb. He fell fast asleep with more heavy dreams of Ron fucking his dirty mouth and cumming into his wanting mouth.


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