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Behind Closed Doors


Harry walks down the steps, relaxed from his earlier fantasy session, humming a happy tune until he sees his dream man sitting in the commons with a lap full of Hermione. Watching Hermione nuzzle her nose sweetly against Ron's freckled cheek makes Harry's heart both burn with anger and swell with jealously. Anger at not being the one in Ron's eyes and jealousy at only have had the opportunity to count those freckles from photos.

With his happy bubble burst, Harry continues down and plops himself on the fluffy chair next to the couple. Ron automatically acknowledges Harry's presence with a nod while Hermione is off in Ron-land. Being ignored by one of your friends isn't a great feeling; that feeling is just added to all the extra hateful feelings Harry now feels towards his once good girl friend. It's not even Hermione's fault that Harry is no longer likes her; jealousy's a bitch!

Harry watches them snuggle with ice clenching his heart and comes quickly to the conclusion that Ron will be his no matter what. Formulating a plan, Harry mentally constructs what he needs to accomplish to make Ron his.

Ron needs to realize he's gay. Harry has seen Ron checking out the others in the locker room.

Ron needs to find getting a man easy enough that he'll have thoughts of going behind Hermione's back to try some experimentation.

. . . List making sucks!

Forget that, Harry thinks to himself while his friends taunt him with their snogging. New plan . . .


Harry handed the bottle of firewhisky over to Ron. The boys were bored and decided to sneak out to fetch something to drink. They now sit in their dorm, others off doing things with their girlfriends (Hermione studying), while Harry and Ron get smashed.

Sitting on Harry's bed has become a problem to Harry. He's imaging all the naughty things he's done to himself with Ron's image. He's thinking of all the semen that has been spilt onto the sheets that Ron is sitting on. Harry is aroused!

"Humm, Harry, thisss's great," Ron slurs as he slides down the headboard poles he is leaning against and lays face up on Harry's debauching bed.

"Yeah," Harry deems Ron ready.

"Love not think'n' 'bout things," Ron says with a nod.

Harry crawls up the bed to lie on his side next to Ron. With his hand holding his head over Ron's, Harry asks, "Is the whisky making you as horny as it's making me?"

Ron groans and Harry catches a tell tale twitch from Ron's crotch. The idea of Harry horny is making Ron randy. Harry grins as his sloshed mind moves his body over Ron's. Watching Harry's movements, Ron's eyes widen as his pants keep lifting.

Harry notices something odd and in his drunken state he question comes aloud. "Ron, I thought your dick was eight inches but your trousers are standing at least that. Have you grown?"

"Yes, I'm now ten and three quarters," Ron gloats. "I've not gotten thicker though, since you made that dildo. . ." Harry gasps, "yeah, yeah, I was awake for it, you thought me asleep but man was that the best hand job I've had."

With a shocked mind, Harry recalls putting a sleeping charm on Ron about a year ago. Then the uncovering of Ron's prick to make molding of it. Harry had massaged his love's member into stiffness to get a good dildo from it while his friend moaned in his 'sleep'. Harry fitted the magical molding clay to the erection, let the clay harden, and then slipped it off. Ron's dick was still hard and his hips were rotating in circles, wanting friction. Harry couldn't possibly just leave his love in want like that. He did want any best friend would do; he brought Ron to a back-arching orgasm with his hand . . . and a bit of tongue.

"'Mione's got nothing on you, mate!" Ron exclaims and lifts his hips up into Harry's. Harry throws his head back in pleasure as they now frantically dry hump each other.

The bed squeaks with their up and down motion. "Oh, Ron, please fuck me," Harry begs. "A cock that large must be shared."

"I was hoping you'd ask," Ron then flips them around with Harry on bottom and their clothes have magically disappeared. Fingers slip into Harry's hole and Ron groans, "God, Harry, you've already prepared yourself! You're so damn HOT!"

"I'm a slut for you, Ron. I'll always be prepared for you! I love you and your large dick."

"Promise that you'll always be my bitch, that my prick will always have a home in your hole, and you'll be mine."

"I promise," Harry declares breathlessly.

With that Ron slammed his engorged penis into Harry's waiting and twitching hole.

Harry's screams of ecstasy aroused Ron further. Instead of waiting for Harry to get use to the larger dick, the sounds coming from Harry causes Ron to seek more pleasure by pulling back out and driving back in. With no regard to Harry, Ron keeps at it.

Harry has his legs and arms wrapped around Ron to keep Ron close. Because otherwise Ron's passionately violent thrusts would be throwing Harry all over the bed.

"That's it, Ron, FUCK YOUR WHORE!"

"Ohhhhh, my slutty Harry, what a nice . . ." groan " . . ass you have."

"AHH AH, I want your cum sooooo badly, cream me!"

"Be a good BITCH and I'll fill you so full you'll look pregnant."


The bed rocks into the wall as they make each other theirs.

Ron's long prick is farther in Harry than any object has ever been. Harry mentally pictures Ron's dick being so long that he can see it poking up from his stomach. This idea brings Harry to his first cumming. Ron keeps going just as Harry imagined he would.

"Keep fucking me, fuck me, oh, yessss!" Harry eggs Ron on.

Thinking of stopping doesn't even cross Ron's mind. He keeps banging into Harry's hot body, using it for his pleasures. The constant rubbing of his prostate has Harry up and grunting again.

"Such a good whore, so easy to turn on and so willing to never say no."


"As you wish . .. ." grunts Ron.

With the last of his energy Ron turns it up a notch that sends Harry into a new fit of screams. Ron slams up his hole so hard that it'll be bruised tomorrow. Harry cums so hard that he's sure his prick will have whiplash from jerking out the sperm so roughly. Ron's orgasm lasts a full three minutes because he takes carful work to make sure all of his seed is planted into his newest whore.