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A blonde haired man bounced down the road, next to a red haired one, holding two cups of coffee.

"And, Gaara, I think we should probably book ahead so that we can get proper tables for your birthday" The blonde chirped happily

"Hai." Gaara looked quite bored, "Whatever you want, Naruto."

"And…what do you want for your birthday?" Naruto, the blonde, smiled up at him, a large diamond ring glinting on his finger.


"koi…come on. What do you want?"

"peace." He muttered under his breath making the kind hearted boy wince a bit and look down

"…" The kitsune kept his eyes cast down.

"I have to go." Gaara turned to leave but the blond grabbed his arm

"A kiss?" He pouted.

"right. Bye" He kissed his forehead, avoiding the blonde's waiting lips, and walked off. Naruto starred after him, smiling. As soon as he was round the corner the smile dropped, shattering on the floor. He looked at the second cup of coffee in his hand and poured it into the sewers, before walking to work.



SLAM. Sasuke growled and rolled over, falling out of bed. He snarled angrily and picked himself up, destroying his alarm clock.

"Come on. Wake up." The door rattled with a loud thump, thump, thump, "Sasuke! get UP!" a male voice screamed.

"Fuck off…" He crawled back into bed.

"No." The door splintered a second later

"damn it! I told you to stop doing that Neji!" He glared at his "Friend"

"Well then I will, when you get your lazy ass out of bed and don't be late for work. I woke up, got out of bed, traipsed all the way over here and YOU are still in FUCKING BED!"

"Neji! SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Sasuke shouted, climbing onto his feet and trundling into the bedroom.

"…I LEFT MY PROSTITUTE TO GET OVER HERE, DAMN IT!!" He shouted, losing all dignity. "Ahem." He shut the door on the old woman that was glaring at him.

"You got a prostitute? That's fucking low."

"better then you. You're 23 and your still a virgin." Neji bit out harshly

"Shut up. At least I didn't lose mine to a drugged up stripper."

"Chantelle, was very nice actually." The Hyuuga snarled

"A chav stripper. That is UBER low."

"Fuck off and get up."

"No." Neji sighed. He walked over to the sink, grabbed a vase and filled it with water

"I'm filling it, Sasuke."

"Fuck off."

"I'm coming over." The brunette side stepped the pile of dirty washing and stood over the bed, "5…4…3, 2, 1" He tipped it upside down



"What do you need, Yamanaka-san?" The blue eyes gazed blankly at the blonde haired woman, who flicked her long fringe out of her eyes

"Naruto-kun, we all know you are the best and…Tim Burton has noticed you…so…I was wondering if you wanted to meet him and discuss some options. I know how much you admire him so-."

"re-really?! WOW! Omg! Sakura-chaaaann! I wuuuuuv you!!" He glomped his best friend, rubbing his cheek affectionately against hers

"Naruto-no-baka. Get off." She shoved him lightly before submitting to the death hug (she liked it really)


"Come on, come on, come on…!" Sasuke starred intently at the little portable TV "A little bit…WOOOH!" He woot'ed as the horse sprinted through the finishing line, earning the Uchiha around £200

"Fuck." His colleagues groaned and paid him £25 each

"…" black and red eyes glared it the group of young adults. A black haired man stalked over to the cluster. "Sasuke!" The younger raven jumped and hid the TV quickly, resuming cutting the wood

"Get cutting over there, work faster!" He shouted out commands over the loud saw sounds .

"Sasuke. you're fired."

"What?! Come on, aniki, you cant be serious." He glared heatedly

"I am deadly serious, Sasuke, now get out." He hissed back at his foolish little brother.

"What?! You bastard!" Sasuke glared before storming out.


"Okay, so make sure not to be seen when he comes in, okay?"

"…Naruto…haven't you gone a bit far?" Tenten looked at the extravagant room

"did I go over the top?"


"Well…I hope he likes his present…" Naruto held up the tickets

"Naruto…you hate Vegas." The brunette girl took the Vegas tickets out of his hands, looking at them

"Yeah…but Gaara likes it so…I thought I would stretch for him."

"I bet that's not the only thing you stretch for." Tenten smirked

"Shut up! Pervert! Okay, anyway! People!! Surprise him when I bring him in!" He flapped his arms excitedly when he heard the lift coming up. He turned the lights down and walked over to the lift. It pinged and the doors slid open "Gaara!" The blonde squeaked happily, hugging his fiancé tightly

"Hey…Naruto…" He said, kissing him back slightly "Hey listen…I…need to talk to you…" The red head looked into the blue eyes

"Okay, that's great, but can we just…" The kitsune motioned into the living room, where all the people were listening, waiting for the raccoon to enter the room.

"No…Naruto, listen…I cant…do this."

"Why? Its only a few steps…"

"No, I mean, I cant marry you." He winced slightly when he saw the vacancy fill the beautiful blue eyes "don't get me wrong, the sex was amazing and your organizing skills saved me from big trouble but…I cant…live with this…energy…" He shook his head, "I'm leaving you…well, its my apartment so you'll be the one leaving but…I'm sorry…" He walked passed the blonde, into the living room to see everyone stand up slowly and very awkwardly. The teal eyes widened

"Surprise…" Tenten whispered uncomfortably

"Oh…god, Naruto-" The door slammed, the sound of running echoing through the hallways. The red head looked around at all his friends and relatives

"Happy birthday…" She sneered at him and ran after her best friend.


"How did you manage that?" Neji sighed

"I was gambling."

"Okay, so you are a virgin with no job…"


"drinking way too much in a pub…"


"And depressed."


"There's only one place to go."



"VEGAS!!" The whole pub cheered loudly. The two men smirked and packed their bags


"Naru-chan…" Tenten comforted her sobbing friend

"I…what did I do wrong?" He whispered

"I don't know. Gaara's a twat. Your too good for him anyway, Naru-chan. Move on."


"Hey…what about those tickets that you brought him…?"

"The two to Vegas?"


"What about them?"

"lets go."


"lets go to Vegas!"

4 hours later they were on a plane going to their destination


"Hey…do you think your finally going to loose your virginity?"

"Shut the fuck up Neji."


"Fuck off and go buy Chantelle."

"Oooh, really touchy."

"Shut up." They glared at each other before Neji unlocked the door to their room. They were both a bit drunk. "I'm gunna make a big drink with vodka and…rum…and gin…and tonic…and lemon…and beer…looooots of beer." Sasuke stumbled towards the kitchen. The Hyuuga laughed and walked towards the bathroom.


"What do you think Gaara's doing now?" Naruto asked Tenten through the shower glass

"I don't know…have a crisis about how he just let the most amazing guy slip through his fingers." She smirked, putting on her sleeping top and baggy trousers just as Naruto got out of the shower, sopping wet and naked. Tenten knew he was gay so didn't have to worry about being a pervert. Though, if he was straight she would snap him up in a second, the kitsune was damn hot. The (natural) blonde pulled on some boxers and smiled at her

"don't be silly…he's probably found someone else."

"Naah. Gaara's too hung up on you."

"Mmm…I don't think-" Suddenly the door opened to reveal a drunken brunette man.



"AAAH!" everyone screamed. Tenten jumped on him while Naruto grabbed the pepper spray. Neji flailed around with the evil brunette thing attached to his back while the blonde appeared in front of him with the mace



"AAAAAHH!" Neji dropped Tenten and clawed his eyes. The weapons master jumped on him again, pushing him back onto the bed and began hitting him over the head with a Light.

"What the fuck-" Sasuke stood in the door way, looking at the havoc, holding a very large, very toxic looking glass of alcohol

"AAAAH!" Naruto pounced, vase in hand. The Uchiha stumbled backwards and fell onto the bed, crazy blonde straddling him. They wrestled for a good 10 minutes, mostly Sasuke having the shit beaten out of him by a vase but they all finally calmed down

"What the FUCK are you doing in OUR hotel room?!" Tenten screeched. Sasuke, mean while, was staring at the beautiful creature that was on top of him. the blonde was only wearing tight boxers that were black and said 'filthy monkey' with a monkey holding a banana over its crotch. the kitsune glared down at him, holding the pillow like a sword.

"Yeah! What are you doing in our room?!"

"This is our room!" Neji snarled at Tenten.

"No! this is OUR room!"

__________________________5 minutes later________________________________

"Hi…sorry I think there's been a mix up with the rooms." Neji told the man what just happened. He walked back over to the group (Sasuke, Naruto & Tenten) "He said there's nothing he can do." Naruto glared angrily and stalked over

"Hi...listen, I've just come from a really long way away...and I don't wanna have to stay in a room with two other guys cos otherwise I might get jumped on..." He whimpered, gazing up through his lashes, "So please, mister, can we have two rooms....?" He licked his lips, "All you have to do is type something in and then I'll be so~ happy!"

"I'm going to…do that…" He typed in the number.

The group watched as the scruffy little blonde walked back over and looked up at them all, grinning. He held up two room keys "And…they're president suits…"

"Wait a second…" Sasuke smirked and walked past the kitsune, back towards the man. "Hi, I know…that…you…Terry, can get some…benefits, I friend over there," He pointed to Naruto, "is a top layer, and he will sue you till you'll have to give us your organs when you die..." He grinned evilly.

Two minutes later Sasuke walked back over and brandished vouchers. "We can get into any club and get unlimited drinks, plus a limo to take us anywhere we want to go." He said, giving the tickets to the little blonde, who thanked him profusely

"This is great!"


Sasuke and Naruto sat very closely in the limo, talking loudly (because of the music) to each other, while Neji and Tenten glared at each other in the back

"I don't like you."

"I don't like you either." Both brunettes glared harder.

The blonde looked up at the raven

"What do you think your gunna do with those vouchers?"

"Take you somewhere…"

"Who said I was coming? We should get off here anyway." He motioned for Tenten to come. They climbed out of the hummer limo

"No, wait!" Sasuke hoisted himself out of the roof "One drink…" He gazed at the blonde Adonis.

"…one." Naruto beamed back. Tenten climbed back into the car, glaring at Neji.

They went to all the clubs, dancing and drinking. The raven and the blonde became closer and closer. They had been getting more and more flirtatious and horny until they were 1 millimetre away from fucking each other's brains out.

In the last club they went to, they were dancing wildly, grinding their bodies up against each others, arms tangled around each other's torso's. One of Sasuke's hands were against Naruto's ass, pulling their hips flush together as they swayed to the rhythmic beat, while the other tangled in the mess of blonde silky hair. Both of Naruto's arms were wrapped around the Uchiha's neck.

They were sweating, cheeks flushed from alcohol and the heat of the bodies pressed tightly against their own.

"I feel like you totally get me…" Naruto whispered in Sasuke's ear, running his tongue along his neck seductively, stealing a bead of sweat of the pale skin.

"Me too…you understand…me." They both moaned loudly as their crotches were pushed together by someone shoving against Naruto's back. "Gods…Naruto…"


Sasuke slammed the blonde onto the bed, grinding against the writhing kitsune roughly, making him moan louder and louder. They ripped each other's clothes off and made passionate love to each other.

Completely pissed out of their heads but loving every second.

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