Chapter 1

Dr. Gregory House pushed the door to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital open with his cane, and immediately saw Dr. Lisa Cuddy waiting for him.

"You're late" she said to him.

"When's it due?" he replied.

"What?" said Dr. Cuddy, already quite aware of what he was going to say to her.

"You know, the little person inside of you?" said House. Of course, Cuddy was correct in her assumptions.

Boldly, she responded, "For the last time, I am not pregnant." Although House was a jerk, she did sometimes enjoy his sarcasm.

"You're in denial." He replied.

Hiding her feelings, Cuddy responded, "You're an ass."

"You've got a big ass." replied House.

Cuddy glared at him, trying to hold in any emotion she had. She had to be the tough hospital administrator. She couldn't fall all over him. She'd never hear the end of it.

"Just saying." said House, with a playful smirk on his face.

Cuddy suddenly remembered the real reason she was waiting for House. There was a case. "Anyway, we've got a case. 29 year old female with no history of skin conditions brought herself in with an unbearably itchy rash.".

"And…?" he asked her as he stared un-amused.

"And I need you to treat her." responded Cuddy. He was a doctor. Why couldn't he just take a case and shut up for once?

House of course responded with his usual sarcasm. "That's it? You give me a girl with a rash? What happened to the interesting cases? How about a morbidly obese man having seizures? Or… I don't know... A 5 year old who scratched a hold through her skull? Or even a hooker with a heroine addiction?"

Cuddy looked at him for a minute and then asked, "What is diagnostically relevant about a hooker with a heroine addiction?"

"Nothing. I just like it when you bring me hookers." House answered.

Cuddy sighed, and held out the case file to him. "Take the case".

House took the file in his hand, threw it onto the floor, and as he began to walk away, he said, "It's an allergy. Buh bye."

Cuddy retorted, "When you do a blood test and confirm it's an allergy, then come talk to me."

House stuck out his tongue, kicked the file on the floor, and limped away. Cuddy watched him for a moment. He was so immature sometimes, and they always fought so much, but she really felt like there was something there. She longed for him to act like a human, just for once, so she could see how he really felt. She picked up the file he had kicked around the lobby, and walked back to her office.