Hi! This is something I haven't ever really tried, so here goes. Each chapter will be short. Like, REALLY REALLY short. I've read a whole bunch of great ones, so I thought I'd try my hand at it. Please review, and be kind in said reviews. Also, I don't own Justice League or anything else mentioned in this here fan fic. I'm making this little A/N long, or at least sorta long, cause I feel stupid uploading such a short chapter. Anyways- never mind, you'll get it. The chapters are unrelated, and each have their own story lines. The parts in the chapter are only about three lines, and you have to sorta create your own story to fuel them. Or something like that. Gimme a break- I didn't start these things.

"If...if I do die..."


"No really. If it comes down to that..."


"If I die...I want wicked awesome food at my funeral. If the world doesn't explode, or whatever. Y'know."

See? Really really short.

Okay, I just finished my tenth chapter, so I'm gonna say something. At around Chapter 9, the chapters get longer and have more of a plot. Yep. So if you want to read a oneshot, just skip forward a few chapters. Although...these are short...