I'm sorry. I know it's not what you wanted, but I don't see any other path. The way has been lost and I can't seem to see through this night. I know you won't approve, but it's the way it has to be. You made me make the choice and I chose her. She is my savior. She is the only thing standing between me and the flames and there is no way I can face what you want of me without her. The fire is here and she is the only thing standing between me and the destruction it seeks to cause. I meant what I said when I said she saves me. She is the one good thing this life has ever given me and I will not willingly give that up. And she was right. I do love her. But I can never tell her. Because one day, she'll be gone, and I couldn't face that. But I couldn't let you take her from me yet. Because as much as it hurts to have her just a breath away, not having her at all would kill me. So I live on the edge of what is proper and I keep the distance, but I will not let you touch her. She is too important. To me. To my peace of mind. To the peace of knowing she is the one person who doesn't expect anything of me. The one person who knows without a doubt that I will succeed. The one person who will always love me unconditionally. So, this time, I saved her. I just couldn't let you take her. Because the second you touched her, the blood on my hands stained my soul. It was an automatic reflex and regardless of who you were, I loved her more than anything. She is the only one. And I will not let her go without a fight. I will not let you hurt her. I will not allow her blood, real or not, to stain my already blood soak soul. I will fight to my dying breath to protect her. And maybe that's wrong. Maybe it's perverse. But I don't care. Because she would do the same. And maybe you're right. Maybe it was a lie, what she said. Maybe she can't feel love. But it doesn't matter. Because I can. And what I'm saying is the truth. I love her. And I will always choose her.