Two Faces

By Aiko Hotaru!

This is my first ever SM crossover involving Yu-Gi-Oh! It's actually my first ever crossover. I hope you enjoy it and know for a fact that I do not own or ask to own either anime series. Their creators are the wonders of the world, however; they haven't quiet figured out how cool it would be to crossover everyone's different favorite animes yet. Any bodies else think the same way?

The gentle gaze of Hotaru Tomoe's soft purple eyes was lighted with pleasure as she looked over her lovely and wonderful gifts. Her small self was nothing compared to the many gifts the lie before her. The boxes were pilled up so high, that her eyes could barely reach over to see her dear friends who'd given her the treasures. As soon as both Michiru and Haruka had given her the approving nods, she was into the gifts. Hotaru found many different types of presents awaited her. She smiled as she held up 3 new lamps. 1 from Makoto, 1 from Minako, and 1 bunny lamp from Usagi. Chibi-Usa grinned when it came to her present. It turned out to be a strange card Hotaru had never seen. "What's this Chibi-chan?" Hotaru questioned her little friend. The pink haired girl grinned. "It's an extremely rare and valuable Duel Monster card called the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. I thought you'd like it?" Chibi-Usa's eyes began to water up. Hotaru quickly put on a happy face and grinned. "I do, Chibi-chan! I do love it!" She smiled making the girl hug her. Hotaru watched the other's sweatdrop in return to seeing her act to keep her best friend happy.

(Not too much later)

Hotaru smiled as she waved the last of her friends to leave Chibi-Usa goodbye. She turned to face her family as they cleaned up from the tiny only about 8 people invited party. "I have to go now, Michiru-mama!" She called behind her. "And where, pray tell is my little just turned 14 year old headed now?" Haruka asked, glaring at her 'daughter'. Hotaru gulped and held her hands defensively. "Uh…to the hospital..." Haruka glanced at her and blinked her eyes surprised. "We have yet to give you our present…" Setsuna's mysterious voice spoke. "What present?" Hotaru chimed softly. "Close your eyes." Setsuna told her. Hotaru did as told. Suddenly she felt something cold and metal press against her wrist. She opened her eyes and found a pretty golden bracelet around her slim right hand wrist. It was lovely, and best yet, suit her quiet well. "This is something Dr. Iki gave to me on my last trip to Egypt. It's said to have been warn by Maat. Although it seems to bear her father's symbol. But those are only legends." Setsuna smiled. "Maat was an Egyptian goddess who determined if the deceased were truthful and lived good honest lives, was she not?" Hotaru smirked up at her Setsuna-mama. Setsuna smiled and nodded. Hotaru grinned, loving this present the best, and hugged her three parent figures.

(Later again)

Hotaru shivered against the cold beating rain of the storm. She had decided that she'd get herself a treat that would make Chibi-Usa very happy to see. She got a complete trainers set for Duel Monsters. She grinned as she felt the cards close to her chest, safe from the rain. "Hello there, Miss Tomoe." Came a creepy voice. Hotaru stopped in her place. She turned to see a TV "What the heck?" She hissed. There was a strange man standing before her. He had white silver hair that went to his shoulders. That strangely colored hair covered his left eye. His red gleaming eye spoke of trouble. He was defiantly not your average guy. "Nice to see you, Miss Tomoe." She looked about for him and noticed that the VCR was playing a tape. She glared at his form. 'This isn't any tape.' Her mind hissed to her. "Who are you?" She stated, fearlessly. "My name is Pegasus. Maximillion Pegasus." He started as she glared bravely at him. "And it seems that you have come into the hands of a very rare treasure. I would love to posses." She instinctively gripped tightly to her bracelet. "Would you kindly give it to me?" The stranger asked. She shook her head and glared at this man even more. "Strong silent lady, aren't we?" he questioned. "I know. If you come to my island and play my game, you will not have the mishap of dealing with the presses." He grinned. "What do you mean?" She quietly whispered. "I know all about you and your dear friends, my dear Miss Tomoe, or should I call you the feared Sailor Scout of Destruction." Hotaru gasped, but felt a strange energy pass over her. "Whatever harm you wish to befall this girl. I shall prevent." Came a voice no longer her own. Hotaru found herself floating alongside what appeared to be herself. There were some noticeable differences between her and this stranger version of herself. Her hair seemed an inch or two longer. Her eyes a shade darker and her tone deeper with even more age. Also, her hair was now pulled in a tight ponytail. The serious glare plastered on her face. "You must be the Yami of this girl…" The man smiled. "If you wish her friends to be kept safe from the people of press and religion, then you will do as I state. There is a box for you in front of this show. Follow all the instructions."

Hotaru stared in wonder at the floating self as she watched her other self-walk straight past Michiru and Haruka into her room. She felt herself regain control of her body and cried out to the worried pair. "A kid at the hospital just passed away. I'd like to be left alone." She told them. Smart, Aibou…very smart. Came a voice inside her head. She looked around her room and found no one. Go to the mirror Aibou. The voice told her. She did as told and there she saw herself, or that Yami self-either way. "Who…Who are you?" She questioned the mirror image. "My name is Yami Hotaru…" The girl grinned. "Yami Hotaru?" She asked. "Or whatever name you give to me, Aibou." The girl softly spoke. "Aibou?" Hotaru looked at her. "Yes. You are wearing a millennium piece." The strange girl began to tell Hotaru all of her past and what was going on.

(20 minutes later)

"So, to sum it all up, you're an ancient Egyptian pharaoh?" Hotaru glanced at her stranger image. A nod came from the figure. "And now to protect the power of the Millennium puzzle and pieces I, I mean we, have to battle this Pegasus?" Another nod gave her the answer. "What Egyptian Pharaoh were you?" Hotaru asked quietly. "I have no name now. You must name me." The other girl sat on the mirror's floor. "I don't know what to call you!" Hotaru whinnied. The girl giggled. "You can think up something Egyptian, can't you?" The girl smirked. Hotaru stopped and blinked then smirked. "Yeah. I know one." She grinned. "What?" The other girl asked. "Maat."


Ok that's your prologue. Don't hurt me. Don't kill me. I try with the little brainpower I have. Yeah yeah…I know, probably too short. Oh well. Hope you like!

Aiko Hotaru