By Aiko Hotaru

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"I guess we'll have to search for the little fellow inside the castle." Bakura pointed out the obvious. Hotaru sighed and began setting up her tent next to Tea's. "So in other words we have to beat up Pegasus before we can get to Mokabu." Joey grinned ear to ear. "Joey…Do you have to turn everything into a fight?" Tea questioned the blonde, appearing behind him as he sweat dropped. "Come off it Tea. You know Joey, he'll always be the same." Hotaru shook her head as she glanced out of the corner of her eyes at the companions she had recently joined up with. This group was almost as diverse and full of flare as the Senshi of the Inner team was. She giggled softly at the thought of Raye and Usagi battling with their tongues. "What's so funny, Hotaru?" Joey questioned, glaring at her back. She flinched as a small blush covered her cheeks. "You, Tea and Tristan were just reminding me of some friends I have back home…" Hotaru batted her hand around as she grinned sheepishly. "Oh really? Are they babe magnets like you?" Joey asked, obviously flirting with the pale girl. Hotaru went beat red. "Joey!" Tristan and Tea yelled as Yugi glared at the blonde. Bakura blinked before glancing at Hotaru who sighed in defeat. "Actually I doubt Raye or some of my other friends would appreciate that kind of talk, Joey…" Hotaru smiled softly. "Raye?" Tea questioned. "Oh…She's a priestess of a Shinto temple in Juuban. She's one of my best friends. To tell you the truth, we've been asked if we were sisters before…" Hotaru laughed lightly as she smiled up at Tea. Tea grinned, "I guess you have a lot of friends where you come from, eh Hotaru?" Hotaru shrugged under Tristan's question. "Not really…" She muttered and looked at the fire eyes sad. "Anyway, who's catching dinner tonight?" Hotaru glanced at the boys. "Catching?" Her eyes went hard fast. "Now look here! I don't have that many supplies left…Not to mention we have about zero on drinks so you boys will have to do some fishing or hunting for dinner tonight, and if I guess right, you don't want to eat lizard guts do you?" She crossed her arms over her chest. "We boys? What about you girls!" Joey asked as he pointed at her and Tea. "We are going to get some water. But someone has to stay here and defend the fort, so that leaves Yugi and Bakura." Hotaru smirked triumphantly as Joey and Tristan watched her and Tea bask in their glory. "Stupid girls…" Joey muttered. Tristan sighed and shook his head, grabbing Joey's collar and pulling him along. "Watch the fort Yugi-chan. Bakura-kun." Hotaru grinned as she took Tea's hand. "Come on Tea." With that the girls disappeared into the forest. Bakura looked at Yugi and blinked as the black, red, blonde haired boy blinked his own violet eyes and glanced at him curiously. "Are you as confused as I am?" He questioned the smaller boy. Yugi nodded as both sighed and sat down.

"So Hotaru…What do you think about Yugi?" Tea questioned uneasily. Hotaru's back stiffened as her shoulders flinched noticeably. "Why do you ask, Tea?" Hotaru glanced down as she lowered the heavy cantina into the icy water of the waterfall the two had discovered. "Oh…I'm just curious." Tea covered up, smiling at Hotaru. "Well…What do you think of Bakura?" Hotaru snickered, eyes turning on the bending teen. Tea blushed lightly, remembering being caught in the position she was with Bakura. Her blush was written all over her features. "He's a good duelist." Hotaru nodded. "Yes. So is Yugi." Tea grinned at that. "Does Yugi mean anything to you? I mean…Do you have any feelings for him?" Tea turned her attention to the water, her brunette bangs hide her well rounded blue eyes underneath. "I…. Yugi is a friend…He reminds me of my best friend in a lot of ways…" Hotaru stopped tears as she stared at the sky's stars that were just coming out. "You're best friend?" Tea questioned her eyes curious. "Chibi-Usa is my dearest friend. She was the first person who understood me and actually liked me for being me. She wasn't afraid of my unique talents…" Hotaru stopped and looked down at the ground, her eyes moist. She was fighting for Chibi-Usa and Usagi and all the others, wasn't she? "You mean being so strong? Like how you beat up that guard or the kid who tried to steal your cards?" Violet eyes blinked as she looked up at Tea's blue ones. Tea had a serious face etched across her features. "I guess you could say that…Yugi's sweet and nice and he fights for what he believes in…Just like Chibi-Usa…" Hotaru sighed and smiled. "You know Hotaru. Sometimes following your instincts is the best idea anyone can give you…" Tea smiled and ran ahead. Hotaru watched the older yet younger girl go. 'You don't know how right she is aibou…you don't know…' Maat grinned inside of her as she watched Hotaru nod and follow the teenager.

Meanwhile, Yugi sat with Bakura, Joey and Tristan on some logs that he and Bakura had gathered when they were getting firewood. "Hotaru and Tea must be talking…." Tristan moaned. "Girls and talks…You think they'd have enough of a problem with telephones…" Joey complained. Bakura laughed as Yugi watched the fire. "Oi! Yugi-chan! What about you and Taru? You becoming good chums?" Joey questioned their smaller counterpart. The boy turned brilliant red at that. "What are you talking about, Joey?" He questioned, averting his eyes to the sky. "Oh come on Yug…Everyone knows it. You like Hotaru…" Joey teased. "Yugi and Hotaru?" Bakura blinked and glanced at the boy thoughtfully. He never figured those two to be a couple. He chuckled lightly to himself as Yugi tried to stop Joey's teasing. "What are you laughing about Bakura. We all know you have had a crush on Tea since the school year started!" Yugi glared at the silver haired brown-eyed boy. The taller boy choked and fell anime style the ground. "What is this? A tease center." Tristan asked. "Yeah it is! And I know you're crush Tristan!" Joey snickered, a sly look coming onto his face. "Tristan's what?" The boys suddenly stopped as Hotaru and Tea reappeared from the woods. All the boys went bright red, some with laughter others with plain blushing. Bakura muttered, "Kuso…" Under his breath and sighed. "Well? Are we gonna hear what's going on or what?" Tea put a hand on her hip. "How about we eat first…." Joey darted and appeared next to Hotaru. He put a hand around her arms and pulled her toward the fire. "We caught the fish, Hotaru-chan! Now you do the cooking!" He grinned. "Pig…" Hotaru stated and put the cantina she'd brought down near Bakura's log.

**Much Later**

"Huh? What's going on?" Joey cried as the wind around the camp was thrown all over the place. "What?" Hotaru peeked out of her tent while quickly changing into a pair of black pants, a violet button up shirt and a black jacket. She raced out to see a brunette boy with icy blue eyes jump from a falling helicopter. Her eyes' went large as Yugi went to the much taller and older male. He handed him his cards as a grin crossed his features. "Seto Kaiba. The owner of Kaiba Corporations." Tristan muttered, coming up behind her. He was handsome. Dark brown hair that crept down over his icicle colored blue eyes. He was tall and dark and gave off an aura of mystery. "He's Mokuba's older brother…" Tea told her. Hotaru watched him warily as he spoke in the distance with Yugi. Something just wasn't feeling right at the moment….