Chapter 1: The Twins

"Seriously," complained Davis as he walked out of his English class with Kari and T.K. "No one's going to care if you can't tell what a possessive noun is!"

"Davis," sighed Kari. "You're really still having trouble with that? We finished that lesson months ago."

"Besides," said T.K. "They've taught us almost the exact same thing on nouns since third grade."

"And it was easy in third grade," added Kari.

"Then maybe you can help me, Kari!"

"Not a chance."

"Why don't you get Ken to help you, Davis?" suggested T.K. "He's taking Advanced English. They had to have covered this already."

"I guess so," sighed Davis in defeat. Kari looked over at T.K. and smiled, rolling her eyes. They both knew that Davis didn't really care about his English lessons; it had just been another ploy to get her to spend time with him. T.K. returned a small smile, but privately, he didn't find it nearly as amusing.

"Hurry up!" hissed a voice from the doorway of their homeroom. Cody was leaning out the door. "You'll be late. It's almost time to leave." He disappeared back into the classroom. The three of them got their stuff together quickly and sat down at their desks. But it wouldn't have mattered if they were late, because their teacher had something to say. And when she had something to say no one left until she was heard.

"Class," she said when they'd finally quieted down. "There will be two new students tomorrow."

"Two new kids on the same day?" asked someone from across the room. At some other schools this might be a pretty dumb question. But T.K. remembered when he'd moved here. Besides himself, there hadn't been a single new kid for months.

"They're twins," explained their teacher.

"Can we leave yet?" complained Davis. She glanced up at the clock.

"You're dismissed."

Some of the kids cheered and ran out the door. (Davis was one of them.) T.K. left in a bored, slow walk. The fact that twins were moving to their school didn't affect him in any way. Or at least that's what he was thinking then.

As he began to walk home he started to think of the good things coming up. Tomorrow was Friday and Matt was staying with him and his mom this weekend. This brought a smile to his face as he reached his house.

The next morning…

The next morning passed pretty uneventfully. The twins didn't show up in homeroom. Their teacher told them they'd show up later. Sometime around 10:30. Their schedule cards were hanging up on the wall.

They have the same math class as me, thought T.K. He didn't bother looking at the names on the cards. He figured his teacher would introduce them.

It turned out the twins would be showing up during his math class too. At the beginning of class Mr. Keller told them the twins would be arriving soon.

"Everyone keeps saying 'the twins'," said Kari as if it came as a personal offense to her that the two unknown students weren't being treated with more respect. "Don't they have names?"

"Lilianna Lynn Ishida and Lucas Liam Ishida."

T.K. went numb at their names. He could practically feel himself go pale.

No, he thought forcibly. It can't be Lily and Luke, can it? But part of him had to be reasonable. After all, how many twins could have the exact same names?

That's the end of the first chapter. (Obviously) In this story I decided to change T.K.'s last name to Ishida so it's the same as Matt's. It just makes things easier for me. Review Please! Whether you liked it or not. If you didn't like it, or you have some story ideas for later on tell me! I usually use the ideas or parts of the ideas. What am I forgetting? Oh yeah! Anonymous reviewers are welcome!