Chapter 10: A Phone Call

By the end of the week everything had been set right. T.K. finally forgave his cousins and his teammates were enjoying his attitude a lot more. Lily and Luke were now welcomed into all of the group's activities.

During lunch, about three days before the twins were due to return home, Lily thought it would be nice to have them all come over. {Although, it was Kari who started the conversation.}

It had to be the only lunch where they ran out of things to talk about. "You know what?" said Kari.

"What?" said T.K.

"We never talk about what goes on at home for all of us. We've talked about everything but that."

"Well... did anything interesting happen to you?" he asked.

"Last weekend. Though, this didn't really happen at home. At Tai and Davis's soccer game-"

"Oh, I know this story!" interrupted Davis.

"At their soccer game" Kari continued "Tai's teacher showed up and started screaming at him for not doing his homework. It was pretty hysterical."

"Yeah," grumbled Davis "If you don't count how it completely messed up our game!"

"What did you do this weekend, Yolei?" asked Ken.

"Nothing interesting. I worked at my parents' store most of the time."

"That's cool." said Luke "Lily and I were working at our aunt's store."

"Did anything happen to you? Sometimes you can get some pretty weird customers." said Yolei.

They thought about it for a minute.

"Do you remember that lady on Saturday?"

"Oh yeah! That was the highlight of my weekend... Wow, we must live boring lives."

"Highlight of your weekend, not mine." said Lily.

"What happened?" asked T.K.

{I could do a retelling, but I'm gonna do it as a flashback.}


It had been right after lunch. Their aunt had run out to the store to get something, and had left the twins in charge of the store. Not usually a good idea.

Then, this lady had walked in. She was slightly overweight and had short curly, chestnut colored hair. {Just so you get the visual effect.} But the most interesting thing about her was that she was covered in American flags and statue of liberty items. She was obviously American. Lily was restocking the counter, so Luke got behind the counter.

"Hello mam, can I help you?"

"Do you sell statue of liberty items?" she asked.

"No, we don't. Sorry."

"Do you know where they're sold?"

"New York?" suggested Lily from by the shelves. It came out pretty quietly, so maybe the lady wasn't supposed to hear, but she had and she was not happy.

"Well," she said, steaming mad "I just wanted to know where I could find those types of items.'

"Lily and Luke had both been dying to say, Lady, it was a joke. But they both held back as she swept out of the store.

End of Flashback...

{That actually happened to my aunt. No, my aunt is not a naturally rude person.}

They'd started laughing when a teacher came over to tell them to get moving because lunch was over.

"Hey," said Lily once they were out in the hallway "I was thinking-"

"Me too!" said Davis.

"Did it hurt?" Lily was not too happy about getting interrupted, but it didn't matter anyway because Davis was the only one who didn't get it. "Anyway, since we're not going to be here much longer, why don't you all come over today after school. I know my aunt won't mind."

Everyone seemed to think that was a good idea, so after school they all followed the twins to their aunt's house. It wasn't all that special, but it was nice enough. Lily had been right, her aunt didn't mind. Actually, she was overjoyed. The first thing she did when the group walked through the door was exclaim, "You have friends!"

Lily turned red and scowled as everybody laughed. Once everyone was laughing Davis started to. And in a dark voice Lily mumbled "He who laughed last, didn't get it." Davis shut up and glared at her.

The rest of the afternoon went pretty well. But the most surprising thing happened right before everyone left. The twins {And T.K.'s} aunt showed up in the doorway of Lily's room and held out the phone.

"There's some boy on the phone for you from America." She handed Lily the phone, who took it in confusion.

"Hello?" said the boy on the other end.

"Who the heck are you? How did you get my number?" {She's always so polite, huh?}

"Um, Gennai gave me your number and told me to contact you as soon as possible."

"Who are you again?"

"Put it on speakerphone!" Said the rest of the group.

She did and the group smiled as soon as they heard his voice.

"Willis!" said Davis.

"Davis? Who else is there?"

"All of us! What's up?"

"Why did Gennai give you my number?"

"Oh, right. I got this necklace type thing with a cool symbol in the middle. Terriermon said it's called the Crest of Trust. Does that mean anything to you?"

The group was silent for a moment. Then, they had to explain the whole thing to Willis. {Long story short} They talked for a little longer until Lily told him that her aunt would complain about a long distance bill.

"Way to be polite there in the beginning." Said Luke.

"Aw, come on. When was the last time some strange kid from another country called your house?"

"Just did."

That got everyone laughing again.

"You know what this means right?" said Lily.

"What?" asked T.K.

"We're going to be seeing you guys again. I need to make sure Willis doesn't screw up the way I did."

At that moment T.K. had almost the exact same thought Matt had had.

My life would be pretty boring without you two.

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