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"Flash! Look out!" Wonder Woman shouted, as she dodged a large blast from the weapon, and then deflected several bullets. Flash sent her a grateful look as he jumped over the gap in the sidewalk, then looked back over at Luther, waiting for the right time, when he could run near and destroy th-


"Flash! Look out!" Diana shouted. She watched as the fleet-footed hero jumped a gap in the sidewalk, but ignored the fact that Luther was repositioning the cannon to face him! She opened her mouth to shout again, but, as she gritted her teeth, defending herself from a barrage of bullets, she saw the weapon fire, and blast a hole into the building Flash was running near. Flash didn't notice, and was suddenly covered with debris. And Diana knew that no human could survive the hundreds of bricks that had landed on him. She saw Luther looking gleeful and smug, and rage filled her as her stomach twisted.

"Die, you vile scum!" The words were taken from her mouth as Hawkgirl shrieked them, reducing the machine to a simmering mess of rubble with her crackling mace, and pinning Luther against the pavement.

"Hawkgirl!" Came the voice of Superman. Diana could tell by how he carried himself that he hadn't seen what had happened to Flash. Hawkgirl had, though- tears were streaming down her face from under the mask. It was obvious that she, too, wasn't expecting a miraculous escape on Flash's part. "What are you doing?! Calm down." Hawkgirl turned to glare at him, and he looked shocked at how angry and sad she looked- how broken. "Hawkgirl?" He asked, his voice careful. "What happened?"

"This- this-" Hawkgirl spat, looking at Luther, "This insignificant little pile of flesh and bones; this worm; he-he-"

"I can say it," Luther said proudly. "I killed your mascot, Kal-el." Superman's face showed no clarity, and Wonder Woman added with a strained voice,

"Flash..." Superman looked confused...changed. Different.

"What?" He finally asked, his voice cold and deathly quiet. Diana could actually see the fear in Luther's usually calm eyes. Superman's shoulders were broad, his face a mask, his eyes stern, and plastered onto Luther.

"He shot the cannon into the building." Diana said quietly, in a cracking voice. "The debris-" She couldn't finish, and she didn't need to. Superman's head turned to the pile of mass, and his eyes glistened. He, however, didn't cry.

"Get him to jail." Superman said in a voice that sounded too strained. It was obvious he was holding back. Luther didn't complain as Hawkgirl grabbed him roughly by the shoulder and looked him in the eyes, growling,

"You'd better hold your tongue, you worm- or else you'll be falling three hundred feet. Do you understand me, you pathetic excuse for a human being? And you'd better be a good little boy and stay in prison, because if you escape-" Her eyes narrowed. "You'd better not expect any mercy. Sadistic pleasure in seeing you squirm will only be the beginning. Take this warning to heart, Luther- and don't try anything. You should be thankful you're not dead right now- because we're better then you. But don't expect us to hold back if you ever try anything again. So be nice and make your license plates in jail, huh?" The threat was backed up as she raised her mace to his sweaty face. Her mouth was a deep scowl. "Actually, try and break out. It'd be a great excuse to break every bone in your body, and let them all heal wrong. As the beginning, of course." He could barely keep steady. Then she tightened her grip on his shoulder, and giving him no more support then that, flew up into the sky, her wings spreading majestically.

Diana stared after her as she stood at Superman's side, barely even noticing the tears that streaked down her face until Superman looked at her, and his eyes found them. She brushed a hand across her cheek, taking a shaky breath as she tried to calm herself. Superman looked as though he, too, was trying to compose himself, although he already wore a steady mask over his face, the only reveal that he was sad the slight shine in his eyes.

"We'd better contact the others." He finally murmured quietly. Diana nodded.


He awoke with pain, shaking. He grasped his arm, and saw that it was covered in blood. He gaped.

"Oh, god-" He choked out, staring at the wound in shock and pain. "Oh, god!" Darkness surrounded him, but peeks of light shone through things that seemed to be...walls? He couldn't tell. They were sharp, and jagged, and held him inside a small space. He shivered, wondering why this pain and darkness was all he knew. He felt a throbbing headache, like someone had stabbed something into his temple, and he felt his head, only to bite his lip in pain, and hiss. His withdrew his hand, and found it covered in crimson. "What happened to me...?" He managed hoarsely. Then a thought occurred to him, breaking his thoughts of pain and confusion, into more horror: "Who am I?!"

Silence and darkness was his reply.

He looked down at his body, seeing that his right arm, and his right leg, were both covered in wet crimson.

"I'm gonna die-" he said quietly, fear creeping into his brain, cold grasping his heart. "Unless I get out of here fast, I'm gonna die!" He suddenly began clawing at the mass before him, feeling cuts spread on his hands and arms as he touched sharp objects. Slippery blood dripped from him, but he gave it no mind. "I have to get out of here," He muttered, repeating the mantra. After about five minutes, there was more light flooding into the small space, and he managed to look down again as he took a break. Something was over his face, and he ripped the confining material off, gasping at all the blood that sat on the...mask? He gave a sharp, uneasy sigh. "I don't know who I am," he said quietly. "But apparently, I hang out covered in blood in tight spaces, with a mask on. What kind of a freak am I, seriously?!" He dropped the mask to the side, and continued with his task.

Light appeared for a moment, then disappeared just as quickly as more rubble took it's place. He sighed, then began again, closer to the top. After ten minutes, there was room at the top. If he made the room larger, he would be able to escape from the strange predicament. He was feeling sicker with each passing second, as though his body was pumping the blood faster then it should, and he finally finished, making enough room for him to slip through. He grimaced in pain as he climbed the rocky wall, and finally could see through the hole he had made. Blinding light hit his eyes before they adjusted, and he saw the sky- a bright blue. He smiled softly, then gritted his teeth as he clambered through the thin hole.


Luther sat in his cell. Hawkgirl had terrified him back there, with Superman and Wonder Woman, but that fear had left him. He doubted she would kill him if he tried to escape- ever since the league had visited the lord's universe, they had been terrified about hurting him in any way, which, of course, he used to his advantage. For some reason, they thought the downfall into the lord's way of thinking involved him directly. He smirked. It was a stupid way to think, but at least it helped him from being murdered when he should have been. He thought back to earlier that afternoon, when the cannon had ripped into that building, and the Flash's face, just before it hit. How he had changed directions- towards the tiny little dead-end alley, barely even three feet- but still- space.... No. He couldn't have survived. No one could have- especially not that idiot in the red clown costume. He smiled proudly as he remembered the Man of Steel's face after he had been told. Complete confusion. What an idiot. He chuckled to himself, and leaned back against his bed.

"Mr. Luther?" Lex looked to the door, where a guard he bribed stood, looking awkward. "Sure you wanna go through with this? Hawkgirl sounded pretty pissed."

"She always sounds like that," Luther replied dismissively. "Just do what I paid you to do." The man shrugged, but persisted,

"But if she finds out I'm involved-"

"The league won't kill random bribed guards." Luther spat back. "If anyone is in danger, it's me, and you don't see me quivering, do you?" The man shrugged again.

"Just saying."

"Stop 'saying', then, and get me out of here."

"Sure, Mr. Luther." The man replied wearily.


He stumbled down the street, ignoring the shocked looks he inspired from the other people walking down the road.

"Flash?" Asked a young boy nervously. He looked at him, confused.

"Flash?" He asked. The boy looked equally puzzled.

"Is that you? Are you alright? You look hurt." He looked down at his body.

"I am hurt." He admitted. "Do you know where the hospital is?" The boy pointed down the road. "Thank you." He continued his limp.

"Why don't you run?"

"Wouldn't that hurt?" He replied. The kid shrugged, looking annoyed.

"Just trying to help." He smirked slightly.

"Thanks." The kid glared at him and wandered away, muttering. He looked down, and wondered about what the child had said. Would running help? He couldn't really remember...well..anything. Maybe his mind was just messed up on logic? He started to run.


Luther snuck out, smirking at the guard.

"You'll be paid the other half when I'm in Mexico," He informed him. The guard nodded, and walked back inside, the door shutting with a resounding thunk. Luther started the trek down to where he was supposed to be meeting his next helper, who would transport him off the island, and back to the city. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted it. Red. A breeze of red. And then, just as suddenly, a huge splash. Luther watched with wide eyes as the supposedly dead Flash suddenly floated to the top of the sea, looking terrified, bloody, and breathing heavily. Without a mask. "What the-" The Flash looked at him, looking confused and scared. "Flash!?" Luther demanded, frozen. It wasn't as though he'd be able to outrun the Fastest Man Alive, anyway, wounds or not- he had just run on water. The young man swam slowly and awkwardly towards the dock, cringing every so often. Luther hid a smirk as he realized that the pain the speedster was in was inflicted by him. When the Flash finally reached the beach, Luther saw the extent of the damage, and almost felt guilty. Almost. On second thought, he might be able to outrun him. "Flash?" He repeated. "What are you doing here?"

"Why are you calling me that?" The man asked groggily. "And where's here?" Luther raised an eyebrow.


"Here- I was trying to run to a hospital. Some kid said I might get there faster- he pointed the way it was-" He coughed, and blood spurted from his mouth. "-and I ran that way- and suddenly I was on water. You can't run on water- right?" Luther hid another smirk. But then it faded. This had to be a joke, right? Lex Luther couldn't possibly be this lucky.

"Flash-" He began, annoyed.

"And what's with that?" The man asked, rolling onto his other side and clutching his ribs in pain. "That kid called me Flash, too."

"So- what's your name?" Luther asked slowly, watching the speedster's face. It cringed slightly-

"I don't know. I can't remember. All I can remember is that I was in pain about an hour ago- that's when I woke up- and it was really dark. I climbed through a wall or something, tried to run, and then I was drowning." He shook his head, fear shining in his eyes. "What's going on?"

"I"ll tell you," Lex said helpfully, a delicious scheme already brewing in his mind. "My name is Lex Luther-" He watched the boy's face closely, to see if there was any sort of recollection or anger shining in his eyes, but there was only hollow curiosity and confusion. "-and you and I are partners."

"Partners?" Flash asked. A strange look passed over his face. "What do you mean, 'partners'?" Lex smirked at him.

"Let me help you up. A boat will be coming soon to take me off this island, and, seeing as how you are hurt, I shall give you new clothes and bring you to a private doctor." He told him. The young man smiled gratefully at him, and Luther could recognize the smile as an echo of the past grins the former hero used to wear.

"Thanks- whoever you are, you're a good partner." Lex smiled at him, and helped him stand, awkwardly leaning his bloodied body on his own broad shoulders. The boat pulled to the dock quietly, and Lex walked onto it easily. It wasn't too hard to escape from this prison, really- bribe a few guards to take down the security, get a loyal someone to pick you up- it wasn't hard at all. Luther led Flash down the dock, and onto the ship.

"We have another passenger," Luther told the captain of the ship snidely. The woman, a tall brunette Luther had courted and won years before, looked in shock at Flash.

"What did you do to him?"

"Me?" Luther asked innocently. "Why, I didn't do anything. Take me to my private jet- I'll fly to my home in the mountains and call in the doctor from there. I doubt the police know about my house there, and even if they do, I'll be 'locked tightly in jail' for another five hours. The report will be called in at twelve, and, by then, I'll be in another state, and he'll be treated." Flash smiled thankfully at him, before falling into a light sleep. Luther smirked at him, then looked to the woman, saying, "Well? What are you waiting for? Get going. I may have until midnight, but that is no reason to slack!" She nodded shakily, and revved the engine, and the boat was speeding along, far from the prison.


"What?" John asked in a low growl, his eyes shining with more rage and hate then anyone in the League had ever known him to even possess. J'onn was sitting calmly with an unreadable expression on his face, watching the others without saying a word. Batman's fists were clenched.

"And Luther?"

"Hawkgirl took him to jail directly after," Superman replied, his eyes on the floor.

"Are we sure about that?" Hawkgirl snorted angrily from across the room and began to pace.

"Yes. I brought him there. He deserved to do a belly flop from a thousand feet in the air, but I didn't, alright? So get off my back!" She stormed from the room, her eyes already shining with more tears and her face red with rage. She was accustomed to death, being from a dangerous planet, but Flash never really seemed as though he could die. Sure, he made her worried during every single battle, when he seemed to put more thought into what one-liners he could use then to tactics during the fight, but he usually managed to come out of it unscathed. There were a few times when he would be hurt, but then he'd wake up, maybe make a joke, and everyone would know he was fine. He'd be fighting in the next battle, no problem. But not this time.

Shayera slid onto a chair in her bedroom, wiping away the tears, feeling embarrassed for even shedding them. She wondered what Flash would have said if he was still here, making jokes, annoying her, being an ass...

"Always knew you cared, bird beak,"

"I knew that whole 'thinking I'm annoying' thing was just a ploy."

"Yep, I'm okay! What say you congratulate me with a kiss?" She broke down and cried heavily, holding a pillow close to her chest, as the Earth outside her window watched her weep.


"Where are we going?" Flash asked, confused. He eyed the inside of the plane warily.

"To a home of mine," Lex Luther replied. Flash (at least that's what everyone was calling him) nodded. He had dozed off on the boat ride, and had awoken in the car, making it's way to a private hangar. He still didn't know what was going on, who this man was (though he seemed nice enough), or who he himself was, but he figured he would find out soon enough. He turned to the bald man, frowning,

"So- what's going on?" Lex smirked.

"Your name is the Flash. You are part of the Justice League." The names sounded like a dream- familiar, but he couldn't recall how. Lex watched him during the pause, smiling, and the smile grew as he didn't respond. "The League tries to kill me whenever I leave that island."

"We kept you on an island?" Flash asked in shock and horror. Thoughts of who he was rushed into his mind. What kind of a person hung out bloodied, in the dark, with a mask on, and locked people on islands? "Why?!" Lex shrugged.

"To each his own. You were always the best out of the seven members of the club, however- you knew what they were doing was wrong." Flash nodded, devouring the knowledge greedily. "Earlier this day, you attempted to stop them from killing me. I was defending myself, of course- after years of being hunted like a dog, I understood I had to fight back to survive." Flash nodded. "They fought you, and eventually cornered you into a small alley- most likely the one you remember waking up in- and then destroyed the building near it, making rubble collapse and sealing the only exit. They left you for dead, never anticipating that you were smart enough to break out. However, they did injure you- quite badly. I'm taking you to my home so that a doctor can help you, without the League interfering and trying to finish the job." Flash nodded.

"But- why can't I remember this?" Lex paused.

"I don't know. Perhaps the rubble hit you on the head, giving you amnesia-" A smirk crossed his lips and disappeared so quickly, Flash wasn't sure it had even existed. "But there is another chance...the Martian Manhunter."

"The whosie whats?"

"J'onn J'ones," Lex replied. "He's an alien."

"Aliens exist!?" Lex smirked.

"There were three on your team." Flash gaped, amazed. "And this one is the most dangerous. He can shapeshift, he can go through walls, he has amazing mind abilities- including erasing memories." Flash stared at him.

"You think...?"


"But why would they not just take away my memories, and keep me alive?"

"I think they only did it for fun, Flash- they're a twisted bunch." Flash swallowed hard.

"I woke up with a mask on my face..."

"Some of those on the team, like yourself, have secret identities. So that the police can't find you." Flash bit his lip.

"But- before. You said you and I were partners, but you're saying now that I chased you like a dog with the rest of the League, and only turned on them this afternoon?"

"We've been talking for a while." Lex replied. "Making plans. I suppose that J'onn suspected something- you being the weak link since you voiced worries about what the team was doing before- and read your mind."

"He can do that?!" Lex nodded.

"Never trust anything he says." Flash nodded, pale.

"Trust me- I won't."


Batman stood.

"I'm going to investigate."

"Investigate what?" John asked, looking up, his eyes cold. "Flash is dead. Luther's in jail. What's to investigate?" Batman glared at him.

"We don't want Flash to just be buried in rubble and trash, do we?" John bit his lip.

"Do you need help finding him?"

"You can come." The Dark Knight replied. So, they made their way down to Metropolis, to find their old friend and to give him a proper resting place.


"Where is he?" John muttered, wiping sweat from his brow as he placed the last of the rubble in another pile. Flash wasn't in it. He found a blood-spattered mask, though, so he knew the hero had to be somewhere in there.

"Are you looking for Flash?" A young voice asked. Batman and John swung around to face a young boy, with light brown hair. He looked uncertain, and nervous. John nodded awkwardly. Had this child seen the hero's corpse? The thought was too terrible. "He went that way- earlier." Batman and John shared a glance.

"Are you sure?" John managed through his dry mouth. The boy nodded, albeit hesitantly.

"I think so. He wasn't wearing his mask, but he ran fast."

"He ran?" Batman asked suspiciously. The boy nodded.

"I told him that it would be faster to get to the hospital. He was banged up bad." John turned to Batman, hope gleaming in his dark eyes. Batman scowled.

"Don't get your hopes up." He warned, his voice surprisingly soft. "Let's just see if anyone else saw anything." John nodded in hopeful agreement. He smiled down at the young boy.

"Thanks," The boy beamed.


"How did this happen to you?" The doctor asked in shock. The young man looked up at him with wide, innocent green eyes. His light red hair was hidden beneath a white bandage, and most of his left side was also covered with gauze. He was in a wheelchair, now, and, finally, the doctor had time to ask without being afraid of his patient dying on him. The young man shrugged.

"I don't know. I can't remember." He said. The doctor nodded.

"I can imagine, with that type of head injury. When did you say this happened?"

"Earlier today..." The boy replied, grimacing as he looked down. He tugged on the pair of blue jeans he wore, then looked up at the doctor. "I can't even remember who I am," He informed him, with a sad, pained look in his eyes.

"I suggest fingerprints," The doctor replied, with a soft smile. "Then you'll know who you are, and you can talk to people you know. It might trigger a memory- or you may just need time."

"I don't think there is anyone from my past who would welcome me with open arms," The young man scoffed. "I think I was a real- well, I think-" he sighed. "I don't know what I think. Fingerprints sound good though. No one has the same type, and I can easily access the files from my account at the CCPD."

"CCPD?" The man asked. The boy looked up, confusion shining in his eyes.

"I don't know." He mumbled.


"-Yes, I didn't know who he was," The woman continued. "If it wasn't for all the blood, I'd think him rather cute. Oh- he had the most beautiful red hair, of course, I couldn't be sure; he did have a lot of blood." John pinched the bridge of his nose. This woman had been talking for the past ten minutes. And all she had said was that, yes, she had seen Flash.

"Thank you-"

"Oh, it's no trouble, really. I mean, I saw him, and I thought, 'I should call the police!', and so I went to my sister's, and I said, here's what I said, I said I'd seen a cute young man covered with blood- and I mean covered. Oh, you should have seen him! He seemed rather young-"

"Thanks, that's enou-"

"Oh, really, you must'nt be so grateful. My job as a concerned citizen, it is. Of course, I've done my share of good deeds in that past. Just last week, I took a turtle from the road-"

"MA-AM!" John shouted. She looked up, surprised. "That's enough. Thank you." She sniffed at him disapprovingly.

"You might have just said, thank-ya ma-am. No manners, this generation. Hero or not, where are your manners? I saw my sister this morning, and I told her about all the rude people wandering about these days- no respect for their-"

"THANK YOU!" John shouted, before flying to Batman. "That may have been the most annoying woman I have ever met." He muttered. Batman gave him a slight smirk.

"And did she say anything?"

"She said a lot." John replied, rolling his eyes. "But, yea, she saw Flash a few hours ago on the way to her sister's, who is married to a retired fireman named George, who had a brother who was in the war, and he lost a leg, but she says she doubts he was as bloody as Flash was, although she had a friend who loved to read and once got a paper cut that didn't stop bleeding for two hours, and her sister, Jenny, is a nurse, so she said-"

"That knocked out some important information about space, didn't it?" Batman asked gruffly. John sighed heavily, and nodded.

"I think I lost my entire childhood." With a smirk, Batman gestured to the right.

"Come on. According to the witnesses I found, they saw Flash run towards the hospital, but I checked the hospital records, and he wasn't admitted or found. I checked police records- no Flash."

"So, where is he?" Batman didn't reply.


"So...Flash...Would you like to test your fingerprints?" Flash nodded quickly, and Lex hid his smirk.

"How do we check them?" Lex nodded to the left, where black powder sat on a small plate.

"Just press your fingers in this, then press them onto this." He nodded next to a small touchscreen to his right. Flash looked at both.

"And how long until we find out who I am?"

"Just a few minutes." Lex replied with a light, easy smile. Flash nodded, and did as he had been instructed. Lex watched with unhidden curiosity as the computer buzzed with energy. He spared a glance at the young man, who was fiddling with his thumbs, looking nervous. He was wearing borrowed clothes, and Lex could hardly compare this boy to the Flash. For one, this guy wasn't an attention-hogging ego-maniac. The computer rang suddenly, with a piercing noise that made Flash jump nearly two feet. He looked excitedly over Lex's shoulder. Lex read the name, then said, "Wallace Rudolph West." He glanced over his shoulder to see if the name rang a bell. The small opening of the mouth, combined with the sad eyes, told him that the young man didn't recognize the name. Flash slumped back into the metal chair.

"There you go." He muttered. "I can't remember. I still can't remember."

"Perhaps with time..." Lex said comfortingly, trying very hard to hide the grin that was threatening. The young man nodded. "It'd be best if you get some rest, Flash." Flash nodded, then looked up.

"Call me Wallace, okay?"

"Of course," Luther agreed smoothly. Wallace stood, then walked to the room that the billionaire had shown him earlier. When he had left the room, Lex turned back to the computer, intent on finding out everything he could about Wallace Rudolph West. He looked through the files, smirking at the marks. Wallace had broken into his middle school, and vandalized it, by writing, I'M AWESOME, on the Cafeteria wall. He had also signed, EL WALLO, on many different buildings. He was found after three years of continuous graffiti. Other than that, he had relatively high grades, surprisingly enough, and though he had many detentions, most of his teachers liked him. Luther found an encrypted file, and, as Wallace slept, he fought to decode it. After a few hours (and a few wine breaks), he had broken the encryption, and he eagerly scrolled down the pages.

"Seriously?" Lex breathed, shocked. He ran a hand over his bald head. "CCPD?"


"Lex escaped?!" Hawkgirl seethed, her blood boiling. "He asked for it!"

"Hawkgirl." Superman snapped. "We're all angry, but we can't-"

"Like Hell we can't!" She shot back. "I'm making that man pay!"

"Listen, I don't like Lex any more than you do-"

"Then you'd be willing to kill him." She said matter-of-factly. "You'd be willing to beat the living crap out of him, until he was bleeding to death, and pleading for mercy."


"Don't even." She replied. "We can do this your way. But if I'm alone with him, I won't hold back." Superman sighed.

"Maybe you should sit out of this one...."

"Why are you so calm!?" She shrieked. "Flash died tod-"

"The Justice Lor-"

"They went too far, but at least they did something." She replied coldly. "We can't do nothing."

"It's our only option."

"How about we kill him, but don't go crazy?" She replied with a glare. He shook his head wearily.


"Batman to watchtower."

"This is watchtower. Please give me some good news." Superman said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"We have reason to believe Flash is not dead." Tears sprang down Hawkgirl's face, and she quickly brushed a hand under her mask to quell them.

"What?" She asked, her voice cracking.

"It's only a suspicion." Batman confirmed. "But it's a big suspicion."

"Where is he?"

"According to witnesses, he ran across the Aqwauna River in Metropolis. In the direction of the Maximum Security Prison Island."

"Wait- you don't think-"

"I'm assuming you've already heard that Luther escaped."

"Flash wouldn't help him escape...?"

"There's something else..."

"Yom Shigoruth, what else could there be?"

"When he ran...he wasn't wearing his mask."



"Ah, good morning, Wallace. How do you feel?"

"Just as crappy as I felt last night, but I've decided something."

"Oh?" Lex asked, handing him a mug of coffee.

"We have to put an end to this 'Justice' League."

"That goes without saying," Lex replied smoothly, trying not to show how smug and happy he was. "But your injuries-"

"-Aren't too bad. They sucked last night, but I'm healing pretty fast. Must go along with the speed thing, huh? Besides, if the League survives for much longer, the kind of damage they'd cause..."

"I understand. You're right."

"Yes. We have to kill the Justice League. Now...tell me about them. And their weaknesses."


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