I only wrote this story out of boredom in my various spare time when I didn't feel like writing the other fan fics. Sorry if you didn't like it!

I may rewrite parts just so it doesn't seem rushed, like a reviewer said it seemed. =)


Wally awoke with a pounding headache in the infirmary.

"John?" He asked in surprise.

"You remember me?" John asked softly. Wally nodded slowly.

"Yea," He said finally. "I remember- you and Hawkgirl- you were there with L-" He blanched. "Lex! And Lois!"

"She's fine," John assured him.

"What about Luther?

"J'onn is dealing with him."

"Dealing with him?" Flash asked, wrinkling his nose in confusion and distaste. "What do you mean?"

"He's....taking a few memories from Luther's mind. You know. Important ones." Wally nodded, looking sad.

"Oh. Yea." He paused. "What about me? All I remember is being up there with you, Bats, Bird-beak, Lex and Lois. After that- it's a blur."

"Lex knocked you out cold. When we thought we had him...he had other plans."

"What do you mean?" Flash asked, sitting up despite the massive headache that thought this was a very bad idea.

"He used you as a hostage." John explained. "It didn't take long to get you free, but by then we had to hurry. J'onn was slowly recovering-" Guilt sprung into Wally's eyes, and clenched his stomach. He looked down, trying to concentrate on the story. "-and he said that something myself or Hawkgirl had done had triggered memories." It was both of you, Wally wanted to say. But he remained quiet. "It would be easier for him to make you remember now that you were unconscious, but because of your fast metabolism-"

"Fastest Man Alive," Flash reminded him with a weak smile, not feeling comfortable with the silence he was exhibiting. John smirked.

"Yea- because of that- you could wake up any minute."

"So, I'm guessing you guys kinda threatened my title?" John grinned.

"You know it!"


A few hours later, Flash still had a huge headache but had managed to wander around the tower when John fell asleep. Unfortunately, after rummaging through his stuff, finding Hawkgirl's journal, and ransacking the kitchen, he felt faint. Batman found him, glared at him, carried him to the infirmary, glared at John, then left in a huff. Now, Flash was reluctantly back in bed, but he felt much better then he had when he had initally awoken. A soft knock came, and then Hawkgirl entered, looking annoyed. She had had to take care of a robbery-(as he had read in her final entry: I think I'll visit him right O.K I just got called for robbery in someplace. I'll visit him later.)

"And how do you feel?" Flash glanced at John for advice, but the older man seemed equally confused by her anger.

"Um...like I took one-hundred-bottles-of-beer-on-the-wall too seriously?" She glared. "Er- did I do something?"

"Yes!" Hawkgirl shrieked. John jumped. "I thought you were dead, you idiot!" Flash smiled.

"Ah, I see. I always knew you cared, Bird-beak." Hawkgirl looked up at him, shocked.

"What?" Flash grinned easily.

"Nuuuuuthin. Just that I knew that whole 'thinking I'm annoying' thing was a ploy." John smirked at him.

"You wish."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Flash retorted teasingly. Then he smiled at Hawkgirl..."Since I'm not dead, what say you congratulate me with a kiss?" She shook her head.

"That's just creepy." She began to walk out, then blanched. "John- has he been out of bed?!"

"It wasn't my fault!" John said, sounding overly-dramatic. "Batman probably exaggerated the story."

"You creep!" Hawkgirl screamed, running over to Flash, who easily left the jumble of blankets and sheets.

"C'mon, Bird Beak, what kind of a hiding place is a safe under your bed? Haven't you ever heard of a sock drawer?"

"What are you guys-" John began, but Hawkgirl was already chasing the injured Flash through the halls. The loud noises were very annoying.

But compared to the complete silence of the Flash's absence...it was perfect.



Sorry about that whole thing will Hawkgirl. Just imagine the journal was so she wouldn't feel trapped with her secrets about Hro, or something. I can't see her keeping a diary, but 1. she doesn't actually exist, and 2. I wanted to end this on a light note.

Putting this on the site just cause. I'll probably rewrite it.