Title: Harry, In Slytherin

Rating: G

Summary: Harry Potter gets sorted into Slytherin and finds this house very difficult. Of course that won't stop him from finally meeting Voldemort and also finding out that not all Slytherins are evil. Includes a somewhat nice Snape, and evil Draco, an anti-social Ron, a friendly Slytherin, and Hermione as a true friend, starts in the first year and goes to the seventh.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

A/N: I really wanted to do a story about Harry being sorted into Slytherin but still trying to defeat Voldemort. So this story came to mind. There is still a golden trio but it will include Harry, Hermione, and the OC that happens to be in Slytherin. Her name is Crystal Walker and she's a half-blood. Her mother, who was in Slytherin, fell in love with a muggle and they had Crystal. Crystal is like Harry, doesn't have the same views that the other Slytherins and Voldemort has.

I decided that Ron won't be Harry's friend and therefore won't invite Harry over to his house during the summer. However he'll be going to Crystal's house where Harry sees that even though her mother was in Slytherin they treat Harry like a human being and not a hero that defeated Voldemort. I'm making Crystals mother a little like Mrs. Weasley. Also Crystal's mother has a secret and Harry won't find out until much later.

I've decided to keep Hermione as Harry's friend because she's the only one in the books that even considered being friends with a Slytherin. Also their might be a little romance but that's later and when the characters are older. At some point I'll have people tell me who they think that Harry, Crystal, and Hermione should be with. The most votes will have their pairing added. I'm going to keep Draco in character as much a possible but Snape is going to be a little better to Harry then in the books.

Neville still can't make potions right, Fred and George are still pranksters, Hagrid still likes Harry, McGonagall still demands respect, and Dumbledore still likes his bird and lemon drops. I think that's enough for awhile.

Chapter 1: A Horrible Sorting

Harry James Potter had been looking forward in going to Hogwarts since Hagrid came and told him that he was a wizard. He and Ron seemed to of hit it off easy but Harry was afraid that he wouldn't like him if he ended up in Slytherin. When it was his turn he came before the hat and it was placed on his head.

"Not a bad mind, plenty of courage, and a thirst to prove yourself," said the hat in his ears. "Oh but this is very difficult, very difficult. Where should I put you?"

"Not Slytherin," Harry whispered.

"Not Slytherin, you say, but it's all here, in your head and Slytherin would help you on the way to greatness. No doubt about that."

"Please not Slytherin," Harry said.

"I'm sorry but I do need to place you in the right house," the hat told Harry. "Because you will never fit in anywhere else."

The hat shouted "Slytherin," and Harry had no choice but to go over to that table.

The sorting continued but Harry didn't want to watch. When a girl sat down next to him he didn't even say hello or anything. When Ron Weasley was sorted Harry looked up. Ron gave him a look of deep hate and Harry knew that his short-lived friendship was over. When the sorting had ended Professor Dumbledore stood up and made some announcement, including that the third floor on the right hand side was out of bounds.

They then said the school song and Harry and the other first-years were led to their new dormitory. The next day was a nightmare for Harry. He had to first figure out how to get to the Great Hall and then once he got there he sat down at the Slytherin table and ate what was left of breakfast. Professor Snape came around with their timetables and he saw that he had Defense Against the Dark Arts first.

Defense Against the Dark Arts was taught by Professor Quirrell, a man that Harry had met when he went with Hagrid to get his things for the coming term. He had a horrible stutter and some of the Slytherins imitated it when the lesson had ended. The next lesson was Charms, with Professor Flitwick. Harry did very well in this class and Flitwick even gave Harry ten points.

When he appeared in the Great Hall for lunch he found himself looking at a girl that had very long brown hair, a figure that screamed that she ate right, and sparkling blue eyes.

"Hello, I'm Crystal Walker," the girl said, extending her hand.

"Harry Potter," Harry said shaking her hand.

"I was setting next to you but you didn't even notice," Crystal said.

Harry sighed.

"I was thinking about being sorted into this house," Harry said.

"Not your first choice?" Crystal said.

Harry shook his head.

"Well I thought that I would end up in Ravenclaw but I'm glad that at least I got sorted into a house," Crystal told him. "Sometimes people can give someone the wrong impression of something and it turns out all wrong. Of course my mum will be delighted in hearing that I ended up in Slytherin."

"I don't think my parents would," Harry told her. "They were both in Gryffindor."

"Well personally I think that you need to do something different," Crystal told him. "Give Slytherin a chance. So want to be my friend?"

Harry nodded and they both started on their lunches.

Having at least one friend in Slytherin made things bearable. During their next class Transfiguration Harry was amazed that Crystal was able to transfigure her match into a needle. Harry really tried hard but he wasn't able to do it. Of course Crystal told him that she would help him.

"Thanks, a lot," Harry said.

Later that night Harry and Crystal were in the library when they met Hermione Granger a Gryffindor. Hermione asked if she could sit at their table and Harry and Crystal moved their books so that she could sit.

"So Harry how do you like Slytherin and Hogwarts?" Hermione asked.

"I like Hogwarts a lot but I'm having a hard time fitting in," Harry answered. "I just feel like the hat made a mistake."

"Well I don't think it was a mistake that we met," Crystal told him. "I like you being in Slytherin because then we can be friends."

"Would you be friends with him if he wasn't in Slytherin?" Hermione asked.

"No, but mum told me that none of the other students even talk to Slytherins. I mean, not all the Slytherins are bad and not all the Slytherins are good. I think I know half of them who's parents didn't even support Voldemort (Hermione flinched)."

"Really," Harry said.

Crystal nodded.

"My mum didn't support him, she married a muggle and had me," Crystal told them. "I personally think that it doesn't matter what your blood is as long as you have magic."

"So you like muggleborns," Hermione said.

Crystal nodded.

"So want to be our friend?" Crystal asked.

"You better believe it," Hermione said, shaking her hand.

The three of them studied and did their work and then went their separate ways. As they walked they both talked about how smart Hermione was and Harry suspected that she would end up being at the top of everything.

"Makes you wonder why she didn't end up in Ravenclaw, with her being so smart," Crystal said.

"I know," Harry said. "Maybe the hat is getting too old."

"Don't tell Dumbledore that," Crystal told him.

Harry had to laugh.

The rest of the week went by quickly and soon it was time for their first Potions Lesson of the term, Slytherin and Gryffindor. Hermione had already promised to save them a seat and when they arrived she waved at them. They took their seats next to her and then Professor Snape walked in. Snape took roll and then started on his speech. His speech really got Harry excited.

He loved mixing things together and the idea that his potions could help people, harm them, or put them into a sleep so deep that people would think they were dead was exciting.

"Today we're making a simple potion to cure boils," he told them. "Get your ingredience out and start working."

Harry, Crystal, and Hermione got their ingredience out and set to work. As they did Harry flipped open his book so that he could check to make sure that his work was perfect. He didn't want to cause his house to loose any points. As he added he stirred the number of times, waited the right about of time, and then added the next ingredient.

"We better be careful with the porcupine quills," Harry told them. "It says that if you add them while the cauldron is on the fire it will explode."

"Great advice," Crystal said and took her cauldron off the fire.

They all added their quills and then stirred the certain number of times, waited, and then placed their almost finished potion back on the fire. Soon all three cauldrons were bubbling nicely and Harry felt as though he had done something right.

Of course it didn't last long. Neville blew up his cauldron and Hermione, Harry, and Crystal ducked to keep from being splashed by it. Snape exploded a lot faster then Neville's cauldron had.

"Idiot boy," he snarled. "Take him to the hospital wing."

A sandy hair boy names Seamus Finnegan let him away and Snape cleared the ruined potion with a wave of his wand. Harry was very glad when the class ended.

When they arrived for lunch Hedwig was waiting for him with a letter. Harry took it from her and read it.

"It's from Hagrid," Harry told Crystal. "He wants me to visit."

"I don't know why your bothering, Potter," came the cold voice of Draco Malfoy. "He's not worth even looking at."

Harry turned and faced him.

"Hagrid is my friend," Harry told him. "If I want to visit him then I will."

"Can I come too," Crystal asked, earning a dark look from Malfoy.

"Sure," Harry said. "I'm sure that Hagrid won't mind a friend coming."

"Disgusting," Malfoy said. "Wanting to hang around rift rafts. Of course that's what happens when a pureblood woman wants to mix her blood with muggles."

Crystal turned and faced him from across the table.

"Say that again, Malfoy," Crystal hissed.

Malfoy laughed and left the Slytherin table.


A/N: Boy Malfoy is a bully. I really hate bullies. Of course Crystal is really cool and Harry will soon find out how cool she is.