Title: Harry, In Slytherin

Chapter 122: Hermione Problems

Over the next couple of months Hermione wasn't seen or heard of. The Tournament continued on but Harry and the 'gang' was worried about her. Harry was busy reading, the second task over, and Crystal said, "Do you think that Hermione is alright?"

"I hope so," Harry said, "I mean, it's not normal for Hermione not to at least write."

"Do you think some people got her," Crystal said.

"Gods, I hope not," Harry said, "But I'll ask Snape about it."

"Thanks," Crystal said and then left to tend to some business.

"I don't like this, Headmaster," Snape said to Dumbledore in March, "Miss Granger hasn't written to even you."

"I know," Dumbledore said, frowning, "I'll get Hagrid on it."

"No, I'll go and get her," Snape said, "The last thing that we need is those children to be motherless."

Dumbledore nodded and Snape left.

Unknown to Hermione Snape had put a spell on her so that she could be tracked. He didn't activate it because he wanted to give her time to get over what was happening to her and the fact that she had infected Umbridge. The last time that he had heard about the evil bitch she had lost her job at the Ministry and Percy had taken over. Snape knew that he would be worse than Umbridge. He just hoped that she wasn't in a bind.

The tracker took him to a inn where he asked about a room.

"Ten sickles a night," the man told Snape.

"Deal," Snape said, "I'll be staying here only tonight and then leaving."

"Fair enough," the man said and Snape left and headed up to his room.

The next morning Snape left the inn and traced Hermione into another town. He passed by several people but no one paid him any attention. He figured that this village was a wizarding village by just this face. As Snape turned the corner, Hermione getting closer, he noticed someone and it wasn't the someone that he wanted to see, Ron and a girl.

"I've got a friend that I want you to meet," he said.

"I don't think so," Snape hissed and he pointed his wand and muttered a spell under his breath.

Ron went down and the girl ran away.

Snape dragged Ron into the alley and had just turned him into stone when he heard the sound of screaming. Snape looked out from where he was to see Hermione being dragged along, ten Death Eaters behind her.

"You will bring our Master back, wolf," one of them said.

"Oh just great," Snape hissed.

How was he supposed to get her out of this one?

"I'm worried about Severus," Dumbledore said to McGonagall.

"When did he leave," McGonagall asked.

"A week ago and he hasn't written to me," Dumbledore told her.

Suddenly a sound came through the room and Dumbledore turned to see the ball that Snape had given him. It was glowing and that told him only one thing: He had found Hermione and Hermione was in trouble. Dumbledore grabbed it and handed to his friend.

"Get anyone that you can and get to where that ball is showing," Dumbledore said, "I've got a bad feeling that Riddle is coming back."

McGonagall hurried and left.

Snape changed into a bird, a form that the Dark Lord didn't know about, and flew to a tall tree and watched. A cauldron was on the ground and even though Wormtail wasn't there the other Death Eater's were.

"Finally our master will return to us," one of them said.

"Leave me alone," Hermione snarled.

"Oh does the little wolfie say something."

Everyone laughed and Snape felt his anger rising up. Where in the hell was Dumbledore at?

"Tie her up," one of them ordered, "And then let the Dark Lord know that we've got someone to offer her life up so that our Master can return."

Snape watched as they tied her up, his anger rising.

"I'll kill you," she snarled.

"I don't think so," one of them said.

Snape lifted off and landed on the roof, taking his wand out he magically made a bow and several arrows. He pointed the first one at one of them and shot it. The first Death Eater went down and then he loaded the next and another one went down. It took four shots with the arrows for them to notice that they were under attack.


He stopped when an arrow hit him in the throat.

Everyone went nuts, trying to figure out who was shooting at them. When there was only one Death Eater left that's when Dumbledore and everyone finally showed up. The Death Eater was holding the Dark Lord and Snape shot another arrow, this time hitting the man that had cost him so much. It went through him and into the Death Eater, both going down.

"Untie her," Dumbledore ordered.

Snape vanished and then appeared at Dumbledore's side.


"Don't talk, we'll get you out of here and to a Healer."

Hermione nodded and they led her away, Snape breathing a sigh of relief.

Harry was summoned to St. Mungo after hearing that Hermione was there and being treated. When he arrived, Crystal in-tow, he found Dumbledore and Snape setting there.

"Is Hermione okay," Harry asked them.

"She'll do fine," Dumbledore answered, "Ron Weasley was among those that were killed and I'm most happy that we won't have to put up with Riddle for a few years."

He saw Snape nodding in agreement.

"So when can I see her," Harry asked.

"It might be awhile before you can see her," Dumbledore told him, "But I promise that I'll let you know when she wakes up."

Harry didn't like this but he trusted Dumbledore and Snape to make sure that nothing bad happened to her.

"Thanks," Harry said and then he left.

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