Meanwhile, at the Namimori Concert Hall, a rehearsal was going on. It was the rehearsal for a J-Pop concert, where the number one Idol in Japan was performing. People were bustling here and there, setting up microphones and lights in preparation for the concert.

"Good work everyone!" said a pretty, melodious voice that echoed throughout the Concert Hall, the source of the voice came from the center of the Hall's large stage, it was a very pretty woman with long black hair and onyx-colored eyes, she was the number one Idol in Japan, "I'm going home now, thank you all for working hard!"

There was a tired cheer that resonated from the workers around the Hall, the woman turned to leave off-stage when she noticed a boy standing backstage with an uncomfortable look on his face.

"Oh! Kou-kun!" she exclaimed as she ran over to Suzuki Kouhei and hugged him tightly, "Kyaa~! You're so handsome, Kou-kun!"

"M-Mom…" the boy said uncomfortably as he tried to pull away from his mother, Suzuki Shigure*, "Why'd you call me here, mom? Usually you don't bring me to your rehearsals unless you need something."

"Wow! Kou-kun, you're so smart! Kyaa~!" his mom squealed like a fangirl before letting go of her son and saying, "I just wanted to see my cute little boy!...and also ask him something."

Suzuki looked at his mother cautiously while asking, "What?"

"Well, I was just wondering, if you ever thought about the music business…"

"Mom, no," he shook his head quickly, "You know that I don't like music that much, and you also know that I just want to go to school and play baseball like any other kid with Hide!"

"Kou-kun, we all know that baseball isn't working out for you and you aren't that great in school also, if you want to be apart of something good-"

"I don't want to be apart of something that's 'good'! I want to be part of something that's 'fun', geez, mom!" he huffed and quickly calmed himself down, "If that's all you wanted to talk about, then I'm gonna go home."

"Wait, Kou-kun!" she quickly stopped him, "At least quit baseball and join kendo."

"What? No way!"

"Come on, Kou-kun, the baseball team hasn't won any of its games, even with your help," she said haughtily, "You should do kendo like your father."

"I've never seen my dad, he has no influence over me."

"Then do it for your mother."

"Mom, I'm not even that great at kendo," he sighed, "I was trying it out a couple of months ago with Hide and his gramps, and Hide was learning faster than me."

"Hide-kun is a special case," she said in a suddenly serious tone.

"Anyways, point is, I want to stick with my old life, and I don't want to start anything new," he stated and then left through the back exit.

Suzuki Shigure stood alone in silence for a little while, until a man in a pin-striped suit came over to her from the other side of the stage. He had been standing unnoticed by most of everyone as if waiting for the idol to be alone.

"Shigure-san," he began, his features couldn't be seen very clearly due the fedora he was wearing but one could see definite blonde hair, "That was Kouhei-kun, wasn't it?"

"Yuuto…" she began and asked dejectedly, with tears coming from her eyes, "Do you think I'm a bad mother?"

The man in the pin-striped suit became unnerved at this, since the singer would sometimes fake-cry with the intent of acquiring sympathy.

"I think you're a fine mother," he said carefully and narrowly avoided getting hugged by the woman, "Did you give him it?"

"Y-Yeah, I slipped it in his pocket before he left," she sniffed and calmed herself down a little.

"That's good," he muttered to himself and looked at his watch, "It's about time I go see my own son, isn't it?"

"You mean Hide-kun?" Shigure wondered.

"Yeah," the man called Yuuto nodded and then asked, "Shigure-san, would you mind picking up that useless cousin of mine and taking him to the hospital?"

"I can send some people over, but why would you need that guy?"

Yuuto was quiet for a moment, as he thought of a response, until he finally said, "It's about the same reason why you gave that ring to Kouhei-kun."


"Geez, mom's crazy…" Suzuki muttered to himself as he got on his bike and began to ride it away from the Concert Hall, after a while he carefully took one hand off the handle bar of the bike and felt for his phone in his jacket pocket. But instead of his phone, he found a small, half-shield shaped ring in his pocket.

"Hm? What's this?" he wondered while slowing down to a stop.


"Suzuki has a ring too!" Hide yelped, "Why? He has nothing to do with the Mafia!"

"Then now he does," Yaani shrugged, "I used to have nothing to do with the Mafia, and now look at me."

"From what you're telling me, my 'guardians' have to fight those same guys back there," he argued, "Even Gokudera-san and Morita-kun were beaten up badly! I don't want anymore of my friends to get hurt! Thank god, they weren't picked to be my Guardians!"

"Actually…" Yaani began again.


Meanwhile, in that very same hospital Hide was currently in, screams of an angry fit could be heard from with a certain room. Nurses and doctors would quickly walk by or flinch every time there was an angry scream.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Gokudera Hanabi screamed in her hospital room while throwing her pillow ruthlessly on her bed, "I can't believe I lost so damn easily to that guy!"

"Hanabi," she spun around when she heard her named called and saw her grandfather, Gokudera Hayato, sitting in the chair behind her. She hadn't even noticed that he had come in.

"What are you doing here?" she growled and slowly went back to her bed while trying to restrict her rage, "Can't you see that I'm in a bad mood?"

"I know that you're angry, it's because you lost a fight," he asked and then added, "And now you want revenge, yeah?"

"Yes," she nodded before saying angrily, "I want to get back at those bastards for making a fool out of me."

"Tch, all I see is an angry child, how can that protect the Vongola Family?"

Hanabi looked at him scrutinizingly and asked, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"I was supposed to give you this," he said while digging through his pocket, when he finally pulled something out, Hanabi stood in awe of it.

"That's such a cool belt buckle!" she exclaimed before blushing and saying, "I mean, if you're into gaudy stuff like that…"

"Hmph, as expected of a girl, all you can pay attention to is how it looks!" Gokudera-oji frowned and began to put it away.

"Wait!" Hanabi quickly stopped him, "You said you were supposed to give that to me, right?"

"Yeah, but now I've decided otherwise," he said tiredly, "You don't have the strength or the heart to become the young Twelfth's Storm Guardian."

Hanabi's eyes widened at this and she exclaimed, "Storm Guardian! I'm going to be the Twelfth's Storm Guardian?"

"You were," Gokudera said while putting the belt buckle away, "But I refuse to give that title to someone who only thinks of revenge and anger. Even if they are my own grandchild."

"You cheap bastard," Hanabi growled, "You know I've always wanted to be the Twelfth's Storm Guardian!"

"And there are many others that can be the young Twelfth's Storm Guardian, what makes you so different from the rest of them?" he said sternly and slowly got up, "Until you show me your resolution to stick by the young Twelfth's side, I refuse to give up this belt buckle to you."

And with that, he left. Hanabi sat back down in her hospital bed and, surprisingly enough, did not scream angrily or throw into a fit of rage. Instead, she sat still on her bed as if deep in thought over something.


Morita listened, his room happened to be right next to Hanabi's and the walls happened to be paper thin. A few seconds ago, he had heard the screams and yells of Hanabi and what he thought sounded like an old man arguing loudly. However though, he had no clue what they were talking about, it all sounded like muffled sounds in his room.

"It's been a while since the scary girl made a noise," he mused to himself, "She's usually keeping me awake…maybe she ended up killing the old man in her room…?"

He wouldn't have been surprised if that had happened.

"Mr. Sakuraba?" Morita looked up when he heard his family name called, a nurse was at the door to his room and asked, "Sorry for keeping you here longer than you should, Mr. Sakuraba. The doctor will be here in a few seconds to check up on you before you can leave."

"Thank you, ma'am," he thanked, "Um, but how exactly am I supposed to be paying for these hospital bills again? I may not look like it, but I'm only thirteen years old and my parents haven't even come by to visit me at all."

"Oh, don't worry about that, sir," the nurse smiled peacefully at him, "All of your bills have been paid off already."

"Huh? By who?"

"Sorry, miss," the nurse was gently pushed aside before she could say anything, the one that had stopped her was a tall man, someone taller than even Morita, who was wearing a pin-striped suit. The man had straw blonde hair and caramel brown eyes, in his hands was a pin-striped hat that had a black, silk band which he ruffled almost nervously.

"A-Ah! Mr. Sawada!" the nurse stammered nervously.

"Please excuse us, Ms. Nurse," the man said gently.

The nurse quickly complied and left the room, the man in the suit walked around the room quietly for a couple of seconds before taking out a phone and dialing a number.

"Yeah, bring him in," he said to the phone.

"Uh, excuse me…?" Morita began nervously.

The man looked up and seemed surprised that Morita was even there, he then smiled in a way that seemed really familiar to Morita.

"Sorry, Sakuraba-san," the man apologized.

Morita stared at the man for a while before saying, very plainly, "You look like Hide, are you related to him?"

"Huh?" the man's eyes widened before he suddenly laughed, "Yeah, haha, my name is Sawada Yuuto. I'm Hideyoshi's father."

"Did you also pay for my hospital bills?"

"Yes, I did."

"Can I ask why?"

"Do you want your parents to know that you were just in a life-or-death fight with crazy insane flying people that had fire coming out of their shoes and that you now are in a hospital?" he asked and then added as a comforting afterthought, "I told your family that you were sleeping over at Hide's house by the way."

"Oh, thanks."

"You're welcome," Yuuto nodded, "But anyways, I came here for a specific reason with a specific person."

There was then a knock on the door, and a group of men came into Morita's hospital room and dropped off a drunk, silver-haired, gym coach that also happened to be the boxer's own homeroom teacher.


"Ah, yeah, he's also my cousin," Yuuto sighed, "He got a little drunk last night and is still feeling the effects, so let me apologize for him in advance when he does something stupid."

"No, it's alright, he's my homeroom teacher and he does something like this a lot at school," Morita began, "But what I'm wondering is why is he here right now?"

"Well, first is to give you this ring," the man began as he dug through his pockets until he pulled out a shiny metallic ring that had half of a what looked like a shield where the gem should have been, he handed this ring to Morita and continued, "You have been chosen as Hide's Sun Guardian, please continue to take care of my son."

The boxer's eyes widened as he asked, uncertainly, "Hide's what?"

"His Sun Guardian," Yuuto clarified, "for his mafia family."

"Oh! You mean the mafia role-playing game?" Morita asked, "Alright then, I'm fine with that! Were those guys back there part of it too?"

"Uh, yeah, sure, let's go with that."

"That's all good with me, but I'll ask this again: why is Kurokawa-sensei here?" he asked again, this time staring at the drooling teacher, who was fast asleep on the floor.

"He's going to be your tutor while your training to fight the other side's Sun Guardian," Yuuto stated.

"Wait, what?"

"Oh, I think I skipped a few steps," the man said thoughtfully and then explained the entire situation to Morita, in terms that he would understand of course.

At the end of the explanation, Morita exclaimed, "Then all I need is to beat up those guys that beat me up at the mall yesterday? I'll do it! When do I start training?"

"Hm," Yuuto looked over to his cousin, Kurokawa Takuma, and said, "I'm guessing whenever he sobers up.


"Well, can't stay in bed all day, can we?" Yaani said excitedly, she then threw the covers off of Hide and pulled him out of his hospital bed, "C'mon now, time to start training!"

"W-Wait! Training? Right now? But I'm in the hospital still!" Hide said in protest.

"Oh, that doesn't really matter since all you did was faint, right?" she said confidently while still continuing to drag him out of the room.

"But what am I training for? What's going?" the boy yelped.

"What are you training for? The Vongola Ring Battle of course!"

"People are going to want these rings, and these people are going to be willing to kill for them," Reborn said grimly before adding on a more cheerful note, "So it's your duty as Boss to protect them. Think of it as your homework assignment."

"Reborn! I told you I wasn't going to be a mafia boss!" This received a smack in the face that rendered Hide unconscious once again.

"Go ahead and take him, Yaani," said Reborn, "He'll be out for an hour at the least."

"Thanks Mr. Reborn," the woman said before coughing, "But, I must apologize in advance if I accidentally break your student into pieces, both literally and figuratively."

Reborn smirked at this and asked, "That's to be expected, isn't it?"

"Hm," Yaani smiled at him and began to lift the unconscious Hide unceremoniously by his shirt collar, "Then I'll do my best."


At that moment on the other side of town in downtown Namimori, in a ritzy hotel, in a luxurious penthouse, thunder boomed outside of a large glass window as Ugo and Andre came in. Andre was covered head to toe in bandages and limped a little, compared to him Ugo looked like the picture of health.

"What happened yesterday?" asked a voice, it came from a luxurious looking red chair that was facing the window and away from the pair of assasins.

"We're very sorry, Boss," they both said while bowing and kneeling on the floor.

There was silence before the voice asked calmly, "You didn't get him?"

"I'm sorry, Boss," Andre was the first to speak out, "I let my guard down."

"Y-Yeah, I let my guard down too, Boss!" Ugo stammered with fear.


They both slowly and unsurely began to get up to leave when, "Not you, Andre."

"Yes, Boss," the swordsman nodded and waited patiently for Ugo to shut the door behind him as he left.

Finally, the owner of the voice that had been commanding them stood up, it was a young man with brownish-blond hair and strange, orange eyes that appeared to possess wisdom that was beyond his own years. This young man held the air of a mature adult despite the face which looked like a child's.

"Andre," he said a light yet rich voice, "Why do you stay with me?"

Andre was silent for a few seconds before replying bluntly, "Because you have the eyes of my best friend as well as his voice."

A disgusted look overcame the young man's face as he advanced towards Andre and said, "Then look into these eyes and listen to this voice well, trash. I want to know why you, a former Varia assassin, hesitated!"

This former Varia assassin gulped nervously; he had only told the man that he had let his guard down, and never hesitated.

"That's the Vongola's Hyper Intuition for you, huh?" he muttered under his breath as he came to a conclusion within his mind.

"What was that?" the man demanded, "Answer my question!"

"I found another person that had eyes like my best friend's," Andre answered carelessly while smiling, he no longer cared what was going to happen to himself which is why he said this, "And even though his voice did not match my friend's, his kindness was the same. I think he'll become a fine Boss."

"You bastard…" the man growled, abandoning his silky voice for a darker one.

"Ah, I see it now!" Andre exclaimed half-joking, he had already decided now to be as much as a nuisance to the man as possible.

"See it? See what?" the young man asked demandingly.

"The difference," he continued, smiling mischievously, "I see the difference between your eyes and Domeki's now, Gio-"

After that Andre blacked out, soon after he was knocked unconscious, Ugo came back into the room and saw the pool of blood the swordsman was lying in and nearly puked at the sight.

"Ugo," the man with the orange eyes began, "Make sure to throw away the trash will you? I'm tired."

"Y-Yes sir!" Ugo saluted as the man slowly left the room, leaving the assassin alone with the other assassin's body.


* If anyone is confused please review the chapter: Hospital Blues, where Suzuki states that his mom is Suzuki Shigure, a popular idol. I wouldn't blame you all for forgetting this, I forgot about it myself until I remembered why I put it in here