The lights on Private Drive went out with a small pop. Thanks to the moonlight, you could barley see a tall figure in what seemed to be a traveling cloak walking towards one of the houses. The house in particular was number 4. In front of number 4 there was a small brick wall in front of the garden. On the wall sat a cat with strange square markings on its face. As the cloaked figured made its way towards the house the cat tensed. Then it relaxed as it caught sight of the figure. It walked towards the edge of the wall then jumped. But something strange happened as the cat jumped. I mid jump the cat turned into a woman that, with closer inspection, was wearing attire similar to that of the other figure.

"Albus is it true? Are the Potters really dead?" The woman said.

"Ah. Minerva. Yes. Sadly they are." Said the other figure that was clearly a man by the voice.

"No! Not Lily and James!" Minerva was shocked. "And He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Is he really…..gone?"

"Yes. Terrible I know. But their boy lives." Albus sighed, "As for Voldemort, I think not. Not completely."
"Albus, is he really to stay here? The boy I mean. I've been watching the muggles all day and they are simply awful Albus! We simply can not allow him to stay here."

"Them. Them to stay here you mean."

"There was another child in the room. Harry's god sister. She was Lily's best muggles friends' daughter. They died a year ago. The girl, Hannah, came to stay with the Potters."

Are you sure?"

"Positive Minerva. Hagrid should be here soon."
"Hagrid? You sent Hagrid. Albus are you sure that's wise?"
"I would trust Hagrid with my life Minerva." He replied solemnly. Before Minerva could speak, a loud bang sounded. A huge flying motorcycle had papered in the air and was landing near the two figures. Once it had hit the ground it slid a bit then stopped. "Ah Hagrid, there you are." Albus said to the massive figure sitting on the motorcycle.

"'Ello there Professor Dumbledore. 'Ello Professor McGonagall. 'Ere he is. He slept soundly the 'ole way." He handed Professor Dumbledore a small bundle. The bundle was a baby wrapped in blankets. The baby was Harry Potter. He had just survived the killing curse causing the downfall of the most powerful dark wizard ever, Lord Voldemort.

"Ah thanks you. Hagrid, is that Sirius's bike?" Dumbledore asked looking at the huge motor bike.
"Yeh. It is. Beauty ain't it?" Then Hagrid remembered something. HE made his way back to the bike a carefully pulled out another bundle. "This one was there too Professor. I couldn't jus' leave her there. Sirius offered to take 'em both but I told 'im you asked me ter bring 'em back here. Or Harry at least." Hagrid handed Dumbledore another bundle. This one had a girl. Quite opposite of Harry, the girl was wide awake and looking around. Her dark brown hair turned blonde as she faced McGonagall.

"Oh my! Albus she's…."

"A metamorphigus. Yes I noticed." Dumbledore looked down at the girl. She smiled at him, her hair going back to dark brown. Her eyes a hazel that reflected the moonlight. "Hannah. This must be his god sister, Hannah. She's lost both set of parents a year apart. She along with Harry will have many more obstacles I fear." Albus looked from one child to the other. Harry had a lightning scar on his head that he expected to see on Hannah, but he didn't. Hers was on her collarbone. How interesting, he thought. "Welcome to your new home little ones." He whispered. He set them both on the front step of number 4. Snug in their blankets they looked almost out of place. Dumbledore then put a note on top of Harry's blanket addressed to the Dursleys. The Dursleys were Lily potters family. Petunia Dursely was Lily's sister. Harrys only family and soon to become Hannah's. "Goodbye you two. See you soon." With that Albus Dumbledore returned to Minerva and Hagrid. "Don't cry Hagrid. You'll see them soon. Ten years and we'll all see them again." He smiled. It would be ten years and these two would be at the doors of his school. He turned away from Number 4 Private Drive and kept walking. "Well, I will see you both at Hogwarts." He disapperated with a crack. Minerva took one more look at the babies. Then she did the same. Hagrid walked to the motorcycle and climbed on. The poor things, he thought, without a family already. He took one more look, then was gone.