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After the fight, Edward seemed a little hesitant about moving forward with the . . . er, kinky aspects of our relationship. I knew he was worried about hurting my feelings, but I had accepted that my submission didn't say anything bad about me. Too shy to ask him outright to dominate me again, I decided instead to show him I was ready. I ordered a couple of things online and planned what I'd do when they arrived.


Damn! I'd been working on this project for three hours, and it didn't seem any closer to being finished. It was a Saturday! I shouldn't be in my home office, staring at the computer monitor until the words began to blur; I should be fucking Bella! I sighed. Well, maybe not fucking. We hadn't actually fucked since the day of that argument. I didn't want to push Bella again; she meant too much to me. Again I swore to myself that I'd never again do anything she might find humiliating or degrading. Just some light bondage, blindfolding, very mild stuff. I wouldn't hurt her like that again, not for anything. It was hard, though, giving that up once I'd had a taste of it. I looked down and snorted. 'Hard' was right. I really, really needed to finish this so that Bella and I could go have sex. My dick twitched in agreement.

Just then, I heard the click of heels as Bella strode into the room. I turned around to greet her, smiling, and the words froze in my throat.

Holy. Shit.

Bella was wearing a French maid outfit. A very sexy French maid outfit. A very revealing, very sexy French maid outfit, with a scrap of black lace in her hair, high heels, and stockings up her thighs. (Link on profile.) She was carrying a silver dish which held a small glass and a bottle of scotch. Kneeling by my feet, she held up the tray and lowered her eyes. "Your drink, Master," she murmured.

Hot damn! God, I just wanted to bend her over my desk and pump myself into her as hard as I could. I could tell that wasn't my role in this, though, so I just said an indifferent "Thank you," poured myself a drink, and took a sip before putting it back on the tray. I turned back to the computer and began to type randomly, my gaze unfocused as I thought about how Bella looked. Occasionally I would take a sip of the scotch before setting it back down. When I thought that Bella's arms might be tiring, I said, "I am just about finished with this, Mademoiselle. Why don't you begin dusting my room?" I wondered if she had the stereotypical feather duster.

She bobbed her head and replied, "Of course, Master," before standing up and retreating. I went back through the document and erased all the nonsense I'd just typed before slowly walking upstairs.

When I entered the room I was greeted by a very erotic sight. Feather duster in hand, Bella was cleaning the top of my dresser. Its height and length forced her to stand on the balls of her feet and lean forward, exposing most of her sexy little ass to me. I noticed she wasn't wearing panties, and a surge of lust rushed through me. I walked up to her and grabbed her ass, not roughly, but firmly. She squeaked, immediately straightening up and spinning around to face me. "Master! I thought you were—"

I cut her off. "Bella, I think the house is pretty much clean, don't you?"

"Oui, Monsieur," she replied, eyes sparkling with mischief. "In that case, if you don't require anything further, Master, I'll just go to my rooms."

Bella turned towards the door, but before she could take a step, I caught her arm and growled, "I never said I was done with you. Why don't you go back to dusting my dresser?"

"But Master, I thought you said the house was clean enough—"

"I did. Now lean over and see if you can reach the far side from here."

She grinned and obeyed with alacrity, pushing her ass back even further as her breasts pressed against the hard surface. I stroked it, musing, "You know, Bella, I should really punish you for instigating this, but you did it so well, I'm rather tempted to skip that part."

Bella gulped. "Edward—I want you to punish me," she whispered.

I grinned wickedly; now I knew she was still mine—not just mine the way she'd always been, but my possession, to do with as I pleased. "In that case," I murmured, "hold on tight. And keep count." With that, I lightly smacked her ass, just to warm her up.

Her breath caught. Quietly, she said, "One."

"What was that?" I asked. "I couldn't quite make it out."

"One, sir" she replied, voice stronger but sounding almost bitchy, not respectful at all. I could tell that she was testing me, knew I had to deal with this immediately.

I clucked my tongue at her, disappointed. "Bella," I reminded her, "you asked for this. You don't sound very appreciative. Maybe you don't want it as bad as I thought you did."

She gasped; obviously she'd expected me to overlook her attitude. "I'm sorry Master! I didn't mean to sound ungrateful; thank you, sir. Please, Master, don't stop spanking me!"

Now that was more like it! I smiled, stroking her hair. "Good girl. Now don't make me repeat any of my instructions," I told her as I spanked her again.

"Two! Thank you, Master!"

"You're welcome, pet," I told her, chuckling as I slapped her round ass once more.


"I'm sorry, master! I didn't mean to sound ungrateful; thank you, sir. Please, Master, don't stop spanking me!"


God, I couldn't believe I just said that. But I reminded myself that it was OK. This was OK. This was what we bothwanted, and . . . well, different strokes, right? For very different folks.

Edward interrupted my musings when his hand came down on my butt. I winced, even though it wasn't too painful. I felt only a stinging sensation. Perfect. "Three, Master, thank you!" I told him, trying to speak clearly. By this time the pain of his blows was nearly drowned out by the flood of desire it produced. I was dripping down my thighs and gasping with lust. He continued to spank me for a few minutes, but when he reached fifteen, Edward abruptly shoved my legs apart and thrust into me.

I groaned. I hadn't even noticed him freeing himself from his pants. As he drove even further inside of me, I raised myself to my toes, pushing back against him. Edward grabbed my waist and held me still as his hips pistoned back and forth, slamming his erection into my swollen pussy. With each thrust, he bottomed out inside me and grunted his pleasure. I was moaning uncontrollably as he grabbed my hair and pulled, raising me until I was almost sitting on his cock. Somehow, Edward's pounding got even faster, even harder, and I teetered on the edge. He was swearing and breathing heavily and I knew he was close, so I reached down to touch myself. Edward noticed what I was doing, though, and swatted my hand away. "Bad girl," he murmured in my ear. "All your pleasure comes from me." With that, he roughly pinched my clit, and I exploded into a million pieces, dimly aware of the sensation of his cum filling me.