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Chapter Three: Goodbye and Hello

To be honest, when Annie first met Mitchell a couple of months back, she never thought that she'd confide in him and see something bloom out of their friendship. From the very beginning she wanted Owen…needed Owen…all she saw was Owen. After finding out that the object of her affection was actually her murderer, she had lost that one way vision. When she thought she had reached a dead end, she saw a hand stretch out before her…and that was Mitchell. He understood her and had come to care for her. So, in her own little corners of the mind and heart she started to develop feelings…feelings that she expertly masked behind small things like staring contests and card games. If it weren't for Ariana, those feelings would have continued to stay hidden in the deep recesses of her ghostly anatomy.

As Annie and Mitchell walked down the street, the fact that his hand was interlocked with hers never left her mind. She kept looking down at their joined hands and had to bite down on her lip to not squeal out loud. Owen used to hate holding her hand in public, but she was always one for physical contact.

Mitchell glanced over at her and saw that her eyes were directed down toward their hands. He looked up quickly and turned away from her to sneak his own smile. In his lifetime he came to intimately know several women and most have come and gone. His relationships always started with attraction, turned into lust, and ended in heartbreak…or death. Of all those, three women stand out. Rachel, the ghost he had told George about; Josie, who he recently met up with and now had lung cancer….and Annie. If Annie was an expert at hiding her feelings for him, then Mitchell was the master of keeping things well hidden. He often ignored his feelings for her and pushed her into the view of other men, like Gilbert. He also distracted himself with other women, Lauren being one of them. But all along he wanted nothing more than to pursue something with her and at the moment nothing made him happier than to know that she wanted something more as well.

Mitchell turned his attention back to her and gripped her hand a bit more. He nudged her shoulder lightly, "See something you like?"

Annie looked up at his brown eyes and nudged him back, "Something I can get used to," she answered honestly and she wondered whether he got the hint that she wanted more from this.

"I think I can get used to this too," he smirked as he answered back. She bit her bottom lip again and walked the rest of the way together silently.

They eventually rounded the street corner and saw a throng of people flood in and out of the center square, where the fair was being held. It was a yearly activity that brought in revenue for charities and churches, so Mitchell was more than happy to contribute.

Annie was just as happy. Children with balloons buzzed through the crowd, while the adults themselves also regressed to their younger years. In one corner she saw a brightly lit carousel with all kinds of creatures and a candy floss machine, which had a long line of customers. At the center was a portable Ferris wheel, which was also brightly lit in the twilight sky. Along the other side of the square stood several stands full of mini-games; her favorite being the water gun stand, where the first contestant to reach the top won a prize. In the distance she also heard the sound of dodgem cars and that made her clap, "They have dodgem cars here!"

"I take it you want to go there first," he wiggled his eyebrows and pulled her towards the ticketing booth, "I have to warn you though that I am a brilliant driver," Mitchell joked with her as he purchased two booklets of tickets.

They moved out of the line and then he held the two booklets up by his face, "Do you Annie accept this as your mission to have fun with your date, John Mitchell? If you do not accept, they will explode in 5 seconds…4…3…"

She laughed as he tried to make it sound like a James Bond film, "I accept!" She took a booklet for herself.

"The mission is a go!" he continued his James Bond persona and with his hands on her waist he steered her over to the dodgem cars section.

After they stood on the line for a couple of minutes, Annie chose a bright red car and Mitchell chose a yellow one right in front of her. The dodgems attendant announced the starting words and Annie didn't hesitate to press on the gas pedal. The moment the electricity surged into the cars, Annie bumped straight into Mitchell and the two laughed excitedly.

She bumped into him again and placed a hand by her mouth to call out to him, "Get this wanker out of my way!" she laughed and he stuck out his tongue at her. She moved out to her left and cut him off, for which she received a bump from Mitchell. They moved around in circles and bumped into the other players several times, laughter everywhere. After the cars came to a stop, Mitchell got out of his car and helped Annie unfasten her seatbelt.

They giggled their way out of the dodgem cars and Mitchell went back to holding her hand, "Where to next?" he asked her.

"I want to that one!" she pointed over to the Top Spin, a thrill ride that lifts its passengers up and turns them over in the air in several loops.

He heard several people scream as they hung upside down for several seconds before the machine dropped them back down in one swift motion, "You're going to be the death of me," he muttered jokingly and she pulled him over to the ride.

The pace of the line went by quickly and both Annie and Mitchell took a seat in the front row. The overhead seatbelts came down on them and Mitchell let out a gasp of air in anxiety.

"Is this your first time?" Annie asked him over her seatbelt.

"Is it obvious?" he said as he rubbed his hands together.

She managed to grab his hand and reassured him that it would all be okay when the bottom platform descended and they were lifted up into the air.

Annie heard several curse words spill out from Mitchell's Irish mouth and she couldn't help but laugh till breathing became impossible.

After the last loop and the seatbelts went up, Mitchell looked like the life was drained out of him. Annie laughed a bit more as she pulled him up and out of the ride. They stepped off to the side and she lifted her hands up to warm up his cheeks, "A vampire afraid of thrill rides! Never thought I'd see the day," she giggled as she pushed his hair back behind his ears.

He regained his smile at the sense of her touch, "We're not completely fazed by everything, y'know," he reminded her.

"Mmm, yes, where to next 'heart of a lion'?" she mocked him and squeezed his cheeks lightly.

He grabbed her wrists and gently pulled her hands down to his chest while he looked around the area. He spotted the candy floss machine and at the sight his taste buds started to crave for the fluffy candy. Mitchell turned back to her and surreptitiously interlocked his green-gloved hands with hers as he spoke, "Do you want to put solid foods to the test?"

"What do you have in mind?" she lifted an eyebrow in curiosity.

"You have to close your eyes first," he said with a silly grin. She laughed and did as he commanded, "I'll be right back!" and made a dash for the candy floss machine while there wasn't a line. He purchased a stick of the pink fluffy material and walked over to Annie.

He made sure her eyes were still closed…a giant smile plastered on her face, "Okay," he started, "Open your mouth." Mitchell stuck a piece into her mouth and she felt the material dissolve the moment it touched her tongue, as candy floss should. She opened her eyes and laughed at the fact that she had tasted her piece of food since she died.

"It's candy floss! I haven't had candy floss since I was little," she laughed some more and grabbed another piece. He laughed with her and slipped his arm around her shoulder while she continued to eat. They walked together in that position around the center square. Several fair photographers approached them, but they kindly turned them down due to the inability to capture Mitchell's image.

Mitchell popped in a piece of the candy floss while they stopped at a sharpshooter stand. Several chaps stood by the counter and admired one man who was shooting at the moving targets. The announcer pointed to a fluffy gray bear as the main prize and apparently each contestant came one or two targets short of the win.

Annie pointed over to the bear, "That looks exactly like the bear I had as a child! My sister tore its head off when we were fighting over it…one of the most traumatic experiences of my life! She had me crying for days!" she laughed slightly and Mitchell loved how she would go off on tangents sometimes.

"Do you want it?" Mitchell asked as he approached the stand with Annie still under his arm.

The man before him had given up after two tries, "Look out for that last target," he passed on as advice.

"No, it's alright Mitchell, they often rig these games. It's not worth it," she spoke softly as he removed his arm and paid the announcer.

He leaned down closer to her ear and whispered, "Vampire sight has its advantages," and she smacked him gently on the shoulder, as a form of chastisement for slightly cheating.

He laughed lightly and took up the shotgun, which he positioned against his shoulder and focused through the sights onto the targets. He waited for the go ahead and analyzed the position of each target. Some moved horizontally while others moved up and down. Others were attached to wheels that moved around in circles and the last target was in the far right came out of a compartment at a fast speed in odd intervals.

As instructed he shot down three moving horizontally, three moving up and down, and three moving around in circles. Each shot hit the center of the small targets and with each successful hit, Annie cheered him on. With the gun firmly against his shoulder he turned to the right and waited for the last target to appear from the small compartment. He took slow breaths and focused on the point. With his eyes he saw the doors open slowly and with one swift movement, he pulled the trigger and pushed the target back into its place.

An alarm sounded off and men clapped and cheered excitedly. He laughed out loud, turned to Annie eagerly and she embraced him. Several men patted him on the back as they were astounded at the fact that he got that impossibly fast target.

The announcer approached them, "It's about time someone won this bloody bear. Congratulations mate, I suppose it's for your girlfriend here," he said and passed it to Annie.

The two blushed at the mention of 'girlfriend,' but the man dismissed them before they could correct him.

"Thank you Mitchell," Annie smiled as she looked down at the bear, which matched her everyday outfit.

"It was noth—," he started, but Annie interrupted him with a chaste kiss on the cheek. The last time they had shared something that remotely resembled a kiss was when Tully upset her. It was something the two occasionally thought about when they were in their own worlds…and now they had something else to add to that.

"Can we try another shooting game?" Annie asked as she placed the bear under one arm and held his hand with the other.

"Sure, but I don't know if you can measure up to my greatness," Mitchell dismissed the butterfly feelings from Annie's kiss and resumed his down-to-earth charisma.

"We will have to see won't we, oh great one!" Annie laughed at his smugness and pulled him over to her favorite stand…the water guns.

Some others already occupied the round stools by the counter and Annie and Mitchell took the remaining two seats at the end, numbers 14 and 15. They paid the attendant and took hold of the small water guns. The objective was to hit the center of the target with water pressure, which then moved a stuffed animal up to the top…the first one to reach the top won the game.

Mitchell kept tickling her side while the attendant readied the other stations as a form of distraction. In return, she kept moving his gun to the side to miss the target.

"On your mark, get set…" the attendant started and the distractions ceased, but not before Annie stuck her tongue out at him, "Go!" The water shot out of the guns immediately and the first few seconds were crucial in getting the center of the target. The row of stuffed animals raced to the top as the contestants kept shooting water.

Another alarm sounded off as the first stuffed animal made it to the top, "And the winner is number 14!"

"HA! I won! I won!" Annie turned to Mitchell and rubbed it in his face. She pulled up the gun to her mouth and blew the end of it, "I am too good!" she said and Mitchell couldn't help but laugh at her actions. He truly did adore her fun and bubbly personality and hearing her laugh made him laugh as well.

The attendant asked which prize she preferred and she chose a small monkey. The hands had Velcro and so she went over to Mitchell and wrapped its arms around his neck. "That is my present to you," she said and took a step back to see the monkey dangle from his neck.

She burst out laughing at the sight and he approached her to tickle her sides as punishment. He laughed with her and ceased the tickling by leaving his arms around her waist. Her arms were around his neck, her bear held tightly behind him. They swayed from side to side several times to avoid falling.

They looked at one another intently as if committing to memory each other's features. Annie brought around the hand that didn't hold the bear and gently caressed his stubbly cheek. She remembered how she told him to not shave one morning because the stubble looked good on him and he hardly ever shaved since then. Mitchell swallowed before he slowly leaned as if testing the waters.

His senses were in overload…he only saw, smelled, and felt Annie. If he had a heartbeat it would race at some unimaginable speed. Part of him told him to get away before his instinct as a vampire kicked in. The other part of him wanted nothing more than to taste her, than to feel her cold lips caress his back.

He stopped millimeters away from her lips when a crackling sound shot out from above them. They looked up and saw streaks of gold lights scattered across the night sky…fireworks.

Mitchell looked back down and saw that other people had stopped in their tracks to observe the display in the sky as well. The sound had caused him to snap out of his reverie and he looked to see Annie gaze at the fireworks.

Mitchell remembered seeing on a flyer that a five-minute fireworks show would go off at 8. By anyone else's standards that was early, but since they didn't have a vampire-bent-on-world-domination after them, Mitchell thought it was best to leave. Not only that, but he came really close to kissing Annie…and even though he likes to think that he can control himself, he's not willing to take the risk. He let her go and she looked back down when she felt his arms slip away from her waist. 'No, no! Don't!' She mentally thought to herself.

He detached the monkey from his neck and held it in his hand instead, "I think it's time we go back. Don't know what's lurkin' around at this hour," he remind her.

Annie reluctantly nodded as she fiddled with the bear's ears, "I suppose," she smiled to hide her disappointment. Mitchell saw right through her façade and he grabbed her hand.

"The night is still young though, we can play some cards and eat popcorn when we get home," he swung her hand back and forth to make her and himself feel better.

"We still have that staring contest to finish," she added and laughed lightly.

He nodded and they walked together while taking in the spectacular view of the fireworks. He put away the rest of the tickets in his pocket and figured he could use them again with Annie or give them to George and Nina.

They left the crowded center square and walked up the street. Home wasn't far, but Annie still couldn't help but feel…tired, "Does the ability to eat also bring the ability to become exhausted?" Annie asked as the sole of her feet started to ache.

Mitchell looked over at her and without thinking he walked in front of her and kneeled down, "Hop on," he said with a smirk.

"What? No, Mitchell, it's—," she started politely but he gently grabbed her arms to wrap around his neck. He lifted her up and she held on tightly as he grabbed her thighs by his waist. She rested her head on his shoulder and whispered a thank you by his ear.

"Anything for you," he barely whispered back and figured that it was too low for her to hear, but her ears picked it up and she smiled against the warmth of his skin.


Even though Nina said that she wanted George to quickly find Ariana and apologize, the immediate questions she had about his lycanthropy got in the way. They spent about an hour in a question and answer session, and before more questions popped into her mind, she let him go and pleaded with him to go find Ariana.

George walked the dark streets and luckily encountered no trouble on his way back home. Given what Ariana said this morning about wandering from city to city, he figured she had no where to go at the moment but the house.

He walked the first step inside and found the switch to turn on the light. He closed the door behind him and looked into the living area…and just like he had imagined, there she was on the couch watching the tellie. He slowly walked up to the edge of the couch and noticed the blank expression on her face.

"I'll be out of your hair soon, I promise," she said with a raspy voice, "I'm just waiting for Annie and Mitchell to come back to say good bye."

George nodded and walked around to sit down beside her, "Do you have to go?" he asked sincerely.

"Your mood swings never cease to amaze me, little brother," Ariana said as she changed the channel.

"I know I was a bit…out of line earlier, but—"

"George, I'm not interested in what you have to say. I was in the wrong, I know. Just let it go and leave me be," Ariana answered bitterly and she flipped it to another channel.

He was obviously not getting through to her. He grabbed the control, turned off the tellie, and put the control down his pants.

"Oh real mature George," she said as she stood up and walked over to the kitchen. He removed the control and put it back on the couch before he followed her into the kitchen.

"Ariana, please listen to me, that's all I ask," he said as he sat across from her at the table.

"What's there to listen to George? You hate me and you have every reason to. I almost ruined your relationship with your girlfriend, I understand," she reiterated.

"That's the thing Ari, you didn't ruin my relationship…you actually made it better. And, I don't hate you…you know I love you…you're just so—so—"

"Annoying?" she answered for him.

He laughed, "Yeah, annoying…but what older sister isn't, right?" George tried to make the situation between them better.

She laughed a bit as well, "I'm sorry George. Ever since I died, I have been trying to become a better person. You actually have to thank your brother-in-law for that, if he was still around," she reminiscently.

He nodded and then it clicked, "Brother-in-law? You mean, you were married?"

She showed him the ring on her finger, "He was a vampire, like Mitchell. He was my best mate, but he died a couple of months back and I had no one else. No contact, no friends, no family. You have no idea how happy I was to find you, George. I missed you, little brother," she said and a tear rolled down her face.

He stood up and pulled her up into a fierce hug, "Ari, I'm so sorry," he whispered, "I missed you too. I didn't mean anything that I said earlier…you know how emotional I get," he laughed lightly.

She laughed as well, "Yeah, you do get emotional quite often," she admitted. They separated and wiped away their tears.

"So Mitchell and Annie are still out?" he asked to change conversation.

"Yes, I think they're quite cute together," she confessed as they took seats back at the table again.

"You've always been the matchmaker," George commented.

"It's what I do best!" Ariana smiled at him and George never felt so close to his sister before.


On the way back, Annie and Mitchell talked about several things and Mitchell would often crack a sarcastic joke that made her laugh. They were a few blocks away and laughing heartily when a dark figured came out from an alleyway ahead.

"Oh look, a vampire and a ghost. Is she your new pet Mitchell?" the dark figure called out and Mitchell stopped. He put her back down onto the floor and kept her guarded behind him, only to realize that two other figures stood behind them.

"I don't want a part of this Herrick. I thought you understood that yesterday," Mitchell answered confidently as he referred to the whole ordeal when George and Annie came to rescue him.

"Oh no, I got that message loud and clear," Herrick approached them, "But, you still haven't answered my question. That ghost seems very solid. I noticed that yesterday when she and your dog came to your rescue…Have you bitten her yet? Does she taste fresh?"

"Don't you dare touch her," Mitchell warned as his eyes turned black with anger.

"You're not the only one who can put on a show, Mitchell," Herrick replied as his eyes turned black too.

"Annie, go," Mitchell's eyes went back to normal and turned his head slightly to address her.

"There is no chance in hell that I'm going to leave you here alone," Annie replied.

"So it is that you two are together," Herrick commented with a laugh, "Once I get through with you Mitchell, I'm going to enjoy having her around or I might just burn down the house and watch her disappear forever."

Herrick saw Mitchell trying to work out an escape, but stopped him in his tracks, "You're outnumbered Mitchell…you always have been and you always will be," he said as he took out a stake from underneath his coat and twirled it.

Annie took initiative and went around in front of Mitchell, "What would it take for you to leave us alone?" she tried to bargain with him.

"Oh my dear, things have been set into motion, and it is my duty to do away with anything that may hinder those processes," Herrick approached her, but Mitchell pulled her closer to him as he took a step back.

They all heard people in the distance and the cover of the night couldn't keep them hidden for long, "We have no time for this, do it now," Herrick commanded the others. Annie felt Mitchell being pulled back from her as the two other vampires grabbed him from the arms.

Herrick pushed Annie out of the way and knocked her against the ground. She realized what they were about to do as Mitchell struggled against their hold. Herrick was going to stab Mitchell.

Her mind was in overdrive as several things happened at once. She saw random flashes of her and George laughing in the living room…other moments with her and Mitchell hugging when hope seemed so far away…recent flashes of her and Mitchell at the fair. She then felt pain course through her body and looked down at the stake that was driven through her heart. Annie had used her abilities to disappear and reappear to save Mitchell.

"Oh my God, he stabbed that woman!" a group of drunken people called out as the crossed the street and came across the scene.

The two vampires let go of Mitchell and he instantly caught Annie in his arms.

"Your pet ruined it again," Herrick sounded disappointed as he looked at the small group approaching, "But evolution has its way of attacking at different angles. I'll see you around, Mitchell," he said as he casually walked away from the scene and disappeared behind the dark alleyway.

The group of drunken people approached Mitchell and Annie and mumbled something about calling an ambulance.

A million things ran through Mitchell's mind as he held her in his arms. He saw the blood soak through her clothes and her eyes closed as if she had died all over again. He picked her up from under the legs, the stuffed bear and monkey in one hand under her back.

He told the people that it would be faster to take her to the hospital himself and they agreed and went about their business. Mitchell, of course, was taking her back home since they were only a few blocks away. The pink house on the corner became clearer as he approached it and was grateful to see the lights on. With one foot he banged against the door and within a few moments the door was opened.

"Annie!" George yelled out in a high pitched voice. He hurriedly closed the door behind and turned to see Mitchell put Annie down against the floor. George kneeled down and his nerves kicked in, "Oh my God, oh my God…what happened?" George asked as he grabbed Annie's hand.

"Herrick found us and was about to stab me when Annie got in the way," Mitchell answered. He brought Annie's hand up to his face and then Ariana came out of the kitchen.

"Honestly, you two are obviously not acquainted with the ghost anatomy," she said as she chewed on a piece of salami and George looked at her as if she were heartless.

Ariana kneeled down and explained her rude comment, "She's not dead, obviously! Stake a ghost's heart and you immobilize them. How else do you think ghosts were kept as slaves during the dark ages by vampires? It was also the way we found out how vampires could be killed once their own medicine was turned against them," she said and with no hesitation she pulled out the stake from Annie's heart. George jumped slightly and Mitchell shared the same worry, "She'll come to in a couple of seconds as the wound heals itself."

And as Ariana stated, a few seconds had passed by and they saw the wound inexplicably heal itself. The moment the wound closed up and the blood on the clothes disappeared, Annie gasped for air as did George in utter relief, "Oh thank God."

"What happened?" Annie called out and she saw as Mitchell stand up and walk a bit away.

"Herrick was about to stab Mitchell when he stabbed you instead," George restated what Mitchell had said earlier.

Annie looked up at Mitchell who was staring at his hands covered in blood. George helped Annie up and she approached Mitchell. She placed a hand on his arm, but he pushed away.

"I can't do this with you Annie," he whispered and looked at her directly.

At that moment, it felt as if she was being stabbed in the heart all over again, "What do you mean?" she asked in a cracked voice.

He had to push her away, for her sake and for his, "I don't love you Annie. I only went out with you as a friendly gesture," he lied.

George was about to protest, but Ariana held him back. Annie shook her head at him, "That's not true," she tried to speak up, but found it hard to project her voice, "Earlier at the fair, we looked at each other differently…we almost kissed," she tried to argue back.

"It didn't mean anything," Mitchell spoke more confidently as he started to walk to the stairs.

"The hell it didn't!" she found her voice and yelled at him. He ignored her and climbed the stairs leaving the others behind. Several cups in the kitchen popped and George jumped again. Annie couldn't control her feelings.

Ariana went over to her and pulled her into a hug. Annie just cried on her shoulder, while George went upstairs. He found Mitchell in the bathroom with his bloodied shirt off, washing his hands, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Nothing is wrong," Mitchell answered firmly as he continued to wash his hands under the sink.

"I told you to go out and talk with her, not crush her heart," George hissed at him.

"It's better to stop it now than to let it go on any further," Mitchell said as he grabbed a hand towel and walked out towards his room.

"Stop what? The fact that you're in love with her too? Come on, Mitchell!" George spoke back and his voice carried down the stairs.

Annie's ears shot up and she quickly wiped her tears before climbing the stairs with Ariana behind.

"She took a stake in the heart for me, what else will she be willing to do?" Mitchell answered back and now the conversation was confined to his room.

George now understood, "It's exactly what we talked about earlier…you're afraid that when her door appears, she won't cross over because she'd rather stay with you. Mitchell, her wanting to save your life does not mean that she'll deny her chance to move on?"

"It doesn't, George?" Mitchell snapped at him, "I love her, alright. Yes, I've been falling for her since the first day we met. And as much as I want to have more with her, one of us is going to end up brokenhearted in the end. I either lose her or have her deny death and miss the only chance she'll ever have, which may be tomorrow, two days from now, next week, next year…I don't know," Mitchell confessed and then laughed bitterly as he looked through his drawer for a new shirt, "And not to mention that her blood is a constant temptation for me and the last thing I want is to give her any pain."

"As if what you did downstairs didn't cause any pain, right?" a female voice spoke out at the front of the room. Mitchell didn't have to look back to know that it was Annie.

"George, may I speak to Mitchell alone please?" George looked at Mitchell and then at Annie, gave a firm nod, and left the room closing the door behind him.

Mitchell refused to turn around as he continued to rummage through his drawer. Annie opened her mouth to speak, but Mitchell beat her to it, "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to know why you said those things downstairs," she replied cleverly.

"They were said in good reason," Mitchell said with a hint of anger and slammed the drawer. He failed to find a decent tee and walked around the bed to the pile of dirty clothes on the floor.

"Let me determine what good reason is," she pointed to herself, her anger matching is.

Mitchell stood up and calmed himself, "Annie—"

"No, Mitchell! I've had people tell me what to do all my life and the last time I let someone have that much control, I ended up dead. Owen robbed me of my life, my happiness…my dreams. Now, I've been given a second chance at things…to find that happiness again," she confessed to him.

"I'm not what you're looking for, Annie," Mitchell whispered.

"You're everything that I want, Mitchell!" she walked up to him and had her hands out to the side to emphasize her point. She then laughed shortly as she dropped her arms to the side, "I have to admit that at first I didn't see you in that light because I was too stupidly in love with Owen. And yes, I would be ecstatic to see my door appear…but Mitchell—Mitchell, somewhere along wanting to find my door I fell in love with you," she said that last part very quickly and closed her eyes in anxiety.

A few silent moments passed by and Annie wondered where Mitchell had heard her at all. She then felt Mitchell's rough hand close over her cheek and she opened her left eye first and then her right one. She looked up at him thought of something else to bring him fully in, "You and George are the only family I have. Don't rob me of that too Mitchell, "she shook her head and lifted her hand to rest upon his chest.

"Annie," he caressed her cheek with his thumb, "Decades ago, I allowed myself to fall in love with a ghost…she brought me out of the darkness that often comes with a vampire's lifestyle. To make a long story short, she crossed over the morning after we share an intimate night with each other. Some part of me still hates her for leaving without even saying goodbye." Annie shook her head and wondered what kind of person could do such a thing.

"What I'm trying to say Annie is…if you let me in, I don't think I can let you go. I'll be too selfish with you," Mitchell said as he held her face in his hands.

Annie laughed lightly again before she replied, "I thought I was going to be too selfish with you! I thought I had to fight George for your attention," she joked, the way she usually did. He couldn't help but laugh too and leaned in to kiss her forehead.

"Mitchell…I'm not going anywhere. I want a life again and there's no door or otherworldly creatures that can take that away from me…that can take me away from you," she confessed, "Unless George wins that fight with me," she laughed again.

"Let me in Mitchell," she pleaded. He saw the want and desire in her eyes and deep down inside he knew that one day she might change her mind, but her confession and attitude gave him the benefit of the doubt.

There was no point in fighting what he wanted anymore and like a magnet he leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. Annie's cold lips sent involuntary shivers down his spine and only made the kiss deeper. Annie parted her lips and moved closer to him as he wrapped her arms around his waist.

"What do you think they're doing?" George asked as he washed out the blood from the gray bear in the kitchen sink.

"Well, I don't hear any screaming, neither the good nor the bad," Ariana replied as she played with the monkey on the table.

"Good screaming?" George replied curiously as he pulled out the bear from the sink and laid it on the counter.

"Honestly, do I have to explain everything to you?" Ariana laughed.

Annie bit down on Mitchell's lip as they finished their kiss. They both smiled at each other as he pulled Annie to the bed, where he laid down with his arm around her and she rested herself against him.

"When a man loves a woman, certain relationships start to develop—" Ariana proceeded to explain to George.

"You mean, they could be…" and George tried to portray 'sex' by tapping his two pointer fingers together.

"Yes, they could be…" and Ariana repeated his action.

George audibly sounded disgusted and marched his way up on the stairs while Ariana followed.

"I never thought that I'd fall for someone decades older than me," Annie joked and Mitchell kissed her forehead again.

"I don't look that old, do I?" Mitchell joked back and Annie pulled herself up to examine his hair.

"Oh God! I see a white hair, here….and white hair, here," she giggled and Mitchell feigned hurt, and then attacked her with his traditional tickling techniques. Mitchell trapped her under his weight as she continued to giggle from his touch.

George and Ariana heard the giggling noises and he stormed into Mitchell's room, "Oh my God! Mitchell what are you doing?" he cried out and Mitchell separated himself from Annie, "You've deflowered Annie!"

"Did you really just say that?" Ariana smacked him across the arm.

Mitchell grabbed any random tee from the floor and slipped it on, "I wasn't deflowering Annie, George!" he explained as he got up from the bed.

"Thank you for defending my honor, George," Annie spoke up from the bed.

George gave a firm nod and crossed his arms clumsily. A few moments passed by and George spoke up again, "This is quite awkward, isn't it?" he turned to Ariana.

"Quite," Ariana agreed. Mitchell couldn't help but laugh at his best friend as he approached him and patted him on the shoulder.

"So you and Annie are…" George started and both Annie and Mitchell simultaneously said, "Together." Mitchell winked at Annie and she bit her bottom lip at the act.

"I'm happy for the both of you…but you'll also be glad to know that Nina knows I'm a werewolf," George smirked.

"Really?" Annie stood up from the bed, "How did she take it?"

"She's actually very fascinated about it…all thanks to my big sister," George put his arm over Ariana.

"If it wasn't for Ariana, I wouldn't have asked Mitchell out," Annie added as she grabbed Mitchell's hand.

"You've done a lot of good around here, Ari," George said sincerely and at that moment a yellow door appeared on Mitchell's wall.

"Dear Lord!" George jumped slightly at the sudden appearance.

Annie slightly jumped too and grabbed Mitchell's hand tightly, "That better not be my door," she whispered.

"Don't worry girlie, it's mine," Ariana walked up to it and put her hand on it.

"How do you know?" George asked with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"It has my name on it," she laughed and pointed to her name below the mail slot.

"Oh well, that makes sense," George replied as he squinted over at the spot.

Ariana continued to speak as she looked at her door, "I've been selfish and careless all my life. Right before I died, I refused to help a friend in need. And now I believe that was my unfinished business…I needed to help the people closest to me. Annie and Mitchell needed a push and my little brother needed help in opening up his relationship more," she finished and turned back to the trio behind her.

"Do you have to go?" George asked as he started to tear up.

Ariana nodded and Annie went up to give her a tight hug, "Thank you," Annie whispered to her.

"No, thank you," Ariana tried not to cry as she placed a curl behind Annie's ear. "Here," she said as she took off her yellow sweater, "I want you to keep it."

Annie was about to reject it, but Ariana insisted, "You can stuff everything in those pockets! You'll be amazed," Ariana laughed.

"And don't worry Annie," Ariana continued, "I have an inkling that your unfinished business still has a long way to go," she said as she referred to Mitchell. Annie gave her another hug as they both tried not to cry.

Mitchell came up next and hugged Ariana as well, "You take care of her," Ariana advised him, "Or I'll come back to haunt you!" she eyed him.

Mitchell laughed and nodded as he went back to hold Annie's hand, "I will."

Ariana finally turned to George, "I truly am sorry that I made your life hell," she laughed.

George closed the space between them and gave her a fierce hug, "You made life worthwhile," George whispered against her ear and she finally burst out crying against his shoulder.

She pulled back and wiped her tears away, "Time to go," she said in a cracked voice.

She went back to her door and turned the knob at the center. They all held their breath as she opened it. She took one step, but immediately took it back, "Wait, I forgot!"

"What?" George muttered through his tears.

"Throw away that hideous shirt with the roses! It's terrible!" she laughed and winked at all of them before she took a step and disappeared behind the doorframe.

The yellow door clicked shut behind her and disappeared into thin air.

"She always loved cracking jokes," George commented sadly at the blank wall.

"She was a good person," Mitchell clapped George's back in comfort. As he did, Annie dug into one of the pockets of Ariana's favorite yellow sweater. She pulled out a picture and showed it to George.

George took it and cried a bit more…it was a picture of them together when they were children.

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"How's George doing?" Annie asked as she passed a cup of coffee to Mitchell at the kitchen table. It was past midnight already and George finally went to sleep after Ariana crossed over.

"He's better now," he said as he took a sip of the coffee. Mitchell noticed as she too drank some hot liquid herself.

"I'm going to miss her stories," Annie commented, her eyes focused on the floor somewhere.

"I'm curious…how much did Ariana tell you about ghost and vampire relations?" Mitchell asked her as he grabbed her hand from the table and pulled her over to his lap. They both settled their hot mugs on the surface as Annie made herself comfortable.

"The basics," she said as she combed his hair with her fingers, "Why?"

"Did she tell you the story of Lief and Jasna?" he asked her as he played with her other hand.

"No, but I'd love to hear it," Annie lied a bit. Through their conversations, Ariana did mention the name Jasna as one of the oldest living ghosts. She also happened to be the one who introduced Ariana to Mark.

She let Mitchell recount the story anyway because she wanted this to be the first of many stories he would tell her, now that she can start her life over again.

The End.

Notes: This has got to be the longest chapter I've ever written for a fanfic! Lol! I really hope you enjoyed it! Credit of the picture goes to wiseacre photo on . I saw that picture and immediately thought "GEORGE AND ARIANA!" lol! And I hope you loved my take on Mitchell and Annie!

I may write a sequel that takes place a week or so after this and it might deal with Mitchell's temptation to drink blood...I may or may not, depending on whether people want to read more! Lol!