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The way she sits with him, the way he smiles when she's around, it's wrong.

She smiles at him, professing her love for him, and yet he keeps from her that he was been looking another woman the same way for the last three months. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that I can't say anything; I can't save her from his clutches.

The room is filled with happy conversation; every person congratulating the couple we are here celebrating. They had never looked happier, and I took solace in the knowledge that I knew they both loved each other endlessly.

I knew I had no right to call her mine anymore. I knew that if I tried to stop her seeing this sorry excuse for a human being, I would be slapped and told I had lost my right to do that.

And I knew that she would be right. I hurt her, and I didn't deserve her love, but I could not stop loving her anyway.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to look at my brother.

"Hey" he said softly, glancing over at the object of my scrutiny.

"Hey" I whispered back, blinking and shaking my head.

"Dude, you okay being here?" he nodded his head pointedly to the happy couple.

"Yeah, it's cool."

Was it? I didn't know if I could be happy without her; but I was hoping that if I pretended enough, I would be able to stop the looks of pity from my family and friends.

A large crash from the other side of the room and broke our concentration. We both looked over to see a young girl, no more than twenty, holding a broken dish, glaring over at the sofa where my love, and her sleazebag boyfriend, sat.

"How could you?!" she spat in their direction "you said you loved me! What the hell are you doing with her?!" she threw the remainders of the dish at the wall adjacent to her.

The sleazebag got up, running a hand through his hair, glancing between the two girls, finally settling his gaze on the mystery girl in the corner.

Sighing he whispered, "I'm sorry"

"Sorry! Yeah that's it! Get me pregnant and just say SORRY!"

Whoa...even I didn't know that part.

I looked over to couch searching for my love's response, and saw that she had gone rigid, I couldn't even see her breathing.

"Pregnant?" she whispered before flinging herself off the sofa, running out the back screen doors, into the garden.

It didn't think twice before throwing myself out the door chasing after her, shouting "Alice, wait, please!"

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