I really hate to do this - i swear i really do !

I have finally left high school and am currently revising for my GCSE's meaning that any writing i do is going to be small little tid bits that wont really amount to much.I know it sucks that i've not updated in so long and that i promised a new chapter within a week of my last update, but things got hectic at home and school went crazy.

Really though, exams will be finished in three weeks and i will have an update for you - LEMONS included, and if enough people ask there will be a one shot posted in regards to Bella and Edwards sexcapades on the way :D !

It is half written - that i can promise, but i'm doing it in little bits, a few lines inbetween study sessions. there will be an update in the next few weeks !

However I will post in the next day or two an Edward and Bella two-shot (not related to any of my other stories though !)

Sorry, please don't flame!

I hate to do it, but i gotta get through my exams first. I will be back in a few weeks.

Love x

Over and Out

Ms Nixxii C x x