I am not exactly sure how I'll write the rest of the chapters... I can either start back before this happened, and go from start to finish (maybe one or two flashbacks), or I can continue on from here, possibly from a different point of view, and do flashbacks showing her past.

The calming night wind rustled the leaves of far off trees. A lake as smooth as glass reflected the full moon. Ripples disrupted the surface of the water as a pale pink petal floated down, carried by the wind, from the branches of a lone sakura tree. The dark green grass stirred in the breeze, glowing gently from the moon's light. In the distance, a single frog croaked, starting the nighttime chorus of all sorts of creatures. A gentle gust of wind pushed the sakura petal across the lake, guiding it toward the opposite shore where a small figure knelt, gazing at the moon.

A silver tear rolled down the girl's cheek, caused by a sorrowful thought. A gentle movement caught her eye, drawing her gaze to the solitary sakura petal. She closed her eyes, rising to her feet. That single petal, carrying a message only she knew, had firmed her resolve. The girl turned her head away from the lake, looking toward the forest.

The icy breeze swept her ebony hair, as if urging her on her way. The girl spared the lake and sakura tree a final glance before departing. Forsaking everything familiar, thoughts lingering on the only things she ever loved, she continued onward. Creating for herself a new life; to go forward, unable to turn back, leaving precious things behind, with no guarantee of seeing them again.

Starting at the past, or continuing on with flashbacks of the past? ...Maybe I'll just flip a coin... Yes, I procrastinate. But, yes, I am currently in the mood for writing. I suppose for now I'll just continue on, but I won't post anything until I've thought it through and asked my friends. Even if I started at the past, I could use the pages I write that continue the story, but if I were to start writing on her past, I may or may not use them. So if you have a preference, vote! If not... I suppose I'll post whatever I write and my friends choose.