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Title: Beauty And The Blonde

Genre: Romance/General

Rating: T

Pairing: Samus Aran X Princess Zelda

Fandom: Super Smash Bros.

Summary: Bounty Hunters and Hyrulian Princesses don't mix...or do they? 50 random sentences of Samus X Zelda. Yes, I went the extra mile this time, just for the hell of it and because I love this pairing so much! Yuri, shoujo ai, lesbian. Please read and review!!

1. Meeting

Samus never expected she would find her true love in the middle of a warn-torn battlefield.

2. Break

She wasn't sure how long she could go without her before breaking down completely.

3. Name

'What kind of name is Zelda, anyway...?' Samus wondered with flushed cheeks as she watched the Hyrulian Princess's fleeting form.

4. Hair

For a moment, as they passed one another in the hall, Samus quickly took a deep sniff into Zelda's hair.

5. Denial

Whenever Captain Falcon or Snake brought it up, Samus would always deny it, even though she knew she was obviously lying.

6. Guilt

No matter what Samus did, she couldn't rid herself of the heart-wrenching guilt for putting Zelda into a coma...all because of that goddamn brawl...

7. Kiss

"Thank you." Zelda had aimed to plant a tiny kiss on Samus's cheek, but the bounty hunter turned her head just in time for their lips to connect instead.

8. Protect

As long as she had at least an inch of her life remaining, Samus would risk it all to keep Zelda alive.

9. Open

It took a few days for the Smashers (some others, like Snake, needed about a month) before they had gotten completely used to Samus's coming out as a lesbian.

10. Declaration

Samus held her in a tight embrace, and pressing her lips near the very edge of the princess's pointy ear, she whispered three little words.

11. Loss

'I...I lost Zelda...to that BOUNTY HUNTER...?!!!' Link thought in shock.

12. Desire

Letting her bath towel drop to the floor, Zelda now stood with her entire body fully exposed, and Samus could feel the heat in her cheeks rise to a fevered pitch.

13. Tears

Sometimes, they would just hold onto one another tightly as if for dear life, and cry.

14. Sin

Zelda figured that if having such pleasure like this was considered sinful, than the whole world was full of masochists.

15. Trauma

One day, Ness accidentally walked in on Samus and Zelda while they were "busy", and the poor kid was found later with his head buried deep in a bucket of ice.

16. Help

Samus noticed the mistletoe hanging over her and Zelda, and then she flashed an angry glare at the pink-clad blonde girl hiding behind the couch. "GODDAMMIT, PEACH, I DON'T NEED HELP BRINGING MYSELF TO KISS MY OWN GIRLFRIEND, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!"

17. Date

For the first time in a long while, as she was preparing for her date with Zelda, Samus began to feel...nervous.

18. Question

Snake seemed to always fail to realize when he was asking questions that were better left unasked. "So...which one of you tops in bed? You or Zelda?"

19. Sex

Samus wasn't sure whether to take it fast, or to take it slow, and apparently Zelda wasn't sure either.

20. Other

It really didn't matter that Ike and Marth happened to be lovers too, but at least it made Zelda and Samus feel a little less lonely about their situation.

21. Team

Thanks to all of the personal time they've spent together, Samus and Zelda have been able to prove themselves quite a formidable team in the brawl matches.

22. Chocolate

Samus froze on the spot as she felt Zelda's tongue glide up against her cheek. "You had...a little bit of chocolate ice cream on your face...so I cleaned it off for you..." The Hyrulian Princess giggled, and Samus responded with a passionate kiss on the mouth.

23. One

"Zelda...you're the one I love...the one I'll always love...I need you in my life...so please...will you...stay with me?"

24. Forget

As she headed off back to space, back to her old life as a bounty hunter, Samus knew that her time at Smash mansion would be something she would never forget. 'Zelda...'

25. Alcohol

The last thing Samus could recall was having a beer down at Falco's bar in the mansion basement...and now she was lying naked in bed besides a rather drunk Zelda.

26. Crack

'It was crazy enough with Marth and Ike...but now Wolf and Toon Link, too?!!'

27. Death

Samus could see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing...and she passed away lying atop the corpse of her dead lover.

28. Victory

No matter how many times she tried, Samus could never win a brawl against her. When Zelda began using her wins as an excuse for "victory sex", however, the bounty hunter grew used to losing every now and then...

29. Fall

They were falling and falling, deeper and deeper...into the abyss of fated despair that was their love.

30. Dance

The Hyrulian Princess was truly impressed by how Samus had incorporated her swift techniques and speedy dodging into a specialized dance style.

31. Home

"I wonder...if I take you home, would you still be in love with me?" "Of course..."

32. Cheat

Samus knew there was no hope left for her; everything had fallen apart the moment she had found Zelda naked in Link's arms.

33. Pretty

"You should wear your power suit less often...you're so pretty after all, Samus," Zelda said affectionately, brushing a few strands of hair out of the bounty hunter's face.

34. Slip

'No...no...Zelda...please don't go...' Samus watched in silence as the princess's hand slipped from her grip, and she knew without a doubt that it was all over.

35. Queen

Samus thought it was better if she and Zelda didn't marry; she didn't want to end up being a queen for an entire medieval nation.

36. Promise

"You won't die...and I won't die...if worse comes to worse, we'll die together!!!"

37. Run

Tears streaming down her face, Samus continued to run through the downpour of rain. She felt that if she stopped, even for a second, all of her emotions and feelings would come bursting out of her chest in one fell swoop.

38. Letter

Several weeks after having returned to her bounty hunter business, Samus received a rather old-fashioned, hand-written letter, sent straight from the ancient land of Hyrule.

39. Sunshine

The sun always seemed to shine a little bit brighter for her whenever they were together.

40. Insane

Raising Zelda's decapitated head to her lips, Samus licked off the splattered blood that covered the rotting flesh, soon bringing her tongue into the dead princess's mouth.

41. Wrong

How can this be wrong, when it feels so, so right? That was an answer that Samus figured would never be answered...

42. Mock


43. Crush

Zelda would never admit it, but she had a crush on Samus since the first time the bounty hunter had broken out of her power suit, revealing that slim, curvy figure of hers.

44. Dominant

Samus and Zelda never had set positions in their love life; they usually swapped between dominant and submissive every few nights.

45. Curiousity

Lucas always DID wonder what Samus and Zelda were doing inside that closet every now and then.

46. Breasts

'Argh...why does Samus have to have bigger boobs than me?!!' Zelda thought, scowling.

47. Why

"Why..." Samus whispered through choked sobs, "Why did you do that....Z-Zelda, why...why did you do that...?"

48. Touch

Every touch they shared was cherished, for neither knew how long they would survive in these bloody brawls.

49. Scream

Samus opened her mouth, ready to scream out her true feelings, but...she couldn't bring herself to speak.

50. Supernova

"I love you, Zelda." "I...I love you too, Samus..." They kissed, and it held the very force of a supernova.