Aoihi's POV

I parked my Harley motorcycle next to Edward's silver Volvo. I stood off of the motorcycle and took off my black with a skull helmet that my adoptive father, Charlie Swan, insisted that I wear so that I would be safer. I set my helmet down on the motorcycle's seat. I proceed to take off my black leather jacket before grabbing my backpack off the back of the motorcycle and picking up my black leather jacket and black helmet. I could feel all the stares from the early kids, wanting to know who was driving a motorcycle while it was so cold out and probably a few who were shocked that a girl was driving the Harley. The stares made me feel a little nervous, no matter how many times I have been through this before now, as I was walking into the school's front doors.

I walked to my locker that happens to be by the Cullens which caused people to be mad at me or jealous of me really don't care either way. I opened my lock before pulling open my locker to set my helmet and leather jacket inside of it. I was about to take out my biology book when Bella tackled me to the ground in a hug causing the air to be driven from my body. I lightly hug her back from this weird position on the floor. I look up at Edward as he chuckled at his fiance's antics before he pulled Bella off of me.

I smiled at Bella sheepishly as I stood up brushing off my black mini skirt that had jeans underneath for it was winter here plus it would be against school dress code. I re-set my red tank top that had a fishnet underneath since I don't get bothered by the cold weather outside. Bella huffed up at Edward as he held her in place then looked at me and gave me a smile in return.

I smile and said, "Hey Bell, and Ed. How are you guys?"

Bella looked up at Edward again this time with a questioning look before he let go of her and she comes over and hugs me like a normal person. I froze almost instantly then I relaxed after a few seconds while it registered in my mind as not being HIM. I hugged her back slowly but surely since we have been friends since the civil war. Yes, Bella is a vampire, She was turned just before the out break of vampires and before the start of the civil war. She was my step sister back then after my father had saved her from death which was the way she found by changing her into a vampire. Not that she minded any she rather like it. My father or the one I have been told was my father (since my mind is kind of dark that far back), had been a vampire scientist, that made a machine that can transfer the immortality of a vampire into a human but the catch was that the vampire is the same just able to die by a simple gun shot to the heart or in any other way a human can. He died in the Civil War by being tortured for information which he never gave up.

Bella replies, "I am great, I have my step sis and best friend here and my wedding is at the end of the school year."

Edward says, "Don't call me Ed, but I'm good."

Bella lets go of me for the first time since being let go by her fiance.

I took in deep breaths and said, "You really need to know when to actually make sure I'm breathing while you hug me."

Just as I finished saying that, Edward's brother, Jasper came walking up with his ex-wife, Alice. Jasper and Alice got a divorce after Alice got a vision of both of them finding their mates/singers in the next few years. Jasper and I have become best friends since they've got a divorce, while me and Alice have become only friends. Alice is going out with Ryan Wolf, who I have been told was her singer or basicly her version of Bella. I walk back over to my locker, which was still open undisturbed from Bella tackling, pulling out my biology book and putting it in my backpack along with my Japanese book with its binder.

I shut my locker and sat down leaning up against the lockers trying not to lean on the wounds that were fresh on my back that had been wrapped with bandages. I pulled out a civil war book from my now full messenger backpack that sat next to me, and opening it to the page I left off of. I felt someone sit down next to me on my right and my left. I looked to my right first to find that Jasper has taken residence there and then to my left which I really didn't need to look in the first place but for some reason I did and it was Bella. Bella was working on her math, which she wasn't any good at, with Edward helping her with it cause he has taken it like 140 times.

Jasper stares at me as I turn back to my book and finish the chapter I'm on. Just as I get to the last page the bell rings signaling we have six minutes to get to class. Jasper helped me up, after I put my book in my bag and close it, as Edward helped Bella up and we walked off in out separate directions. Bella and Edward have the same schedule while Jasper and me have the same, Alice and Ryan all have the same classes. Ironic really. I sling my messenger bag over my shoulder carefully not to reopen any wounds that would tell the Cullens that I have been abused. Alice was wearing a ballerina outfit today for what my guess was the play for the drama class.

Jasper and I split off from Alice and Ryan to our first class that happens to be Biology. He walks in while I stand outside the door for a second before walking in. The teacher, Mr. Bigs, looked at me and smiled a very creepy smile in my opinion. He shook my hand and then turned to the class that were all staring at me.

The teacher says, "Everyone we have a new student today, why don't we let her introduce herself."

I smile nervously, "Hello, My name is Aoihi Chibara, and I am 18 years old."

Did I ever mention that I really hate being the new kid? If not well now you know. The men drool over me woopy frickin do I am not like most girls, I really could care less.

Mr. Bigs says, "Nice to meet you, Ms. Chibara. Why don't you sit next to Mr. Cullen."

I went and sat were instructed and Jasper seemed to be okay with me there. Jasper and I are more like acquaintances not really friends. I sat down carefully trying to miss the cuts on my thighs and my back. It hurts so bad, I look over at Jasper to find him staring at me from the corner of his eye. I could tell he could feel my pain and discomfort. I suddenly feel a wave comfortable and happy wash over me, no more pain, which made me smile.

I tore a corner of my notebook paper and wrote, 'Thanks, I needed that.'

I passed it to him and he nodded his head and scribbled back, 'Welcome, I'm have something to ask you after class gets done.'

I nodded then went back to listening to the teacher. Before I knew it the bell rang, I packed up all my stuff and was about to pick it up till Jasper took it from my hands and slung it over his shoulder. I stood up and looked at the ground knowing what he was about to ask. I pulled out my schedule and looked at my next class and groaned. My next class was History, my favorite.

Jasper asked, "Why were you in so much pain?"

I looked up at him as I hated to lie but it can't be helped, "I fall a lot."

Jasper shook his head, "That is not what I meant when you sat next to the wall your shirt went up a little bit and revealed a cut that resembles a whip."

I look back at the ground and my hand unconsciously goes to were HIS whip hit me the previous night. Only Bella knows even though she lives with Edward now meaning no more pain for her to go through cause she got most of it even though she was a vampire. I shake my head when Jasper looks at me making it clear that I do not want to talk about it anymore. It hurts so much to not tell anyone much not my best friend for 5 months.

I say not looking at him, "Like I said I fall allot just like Bella use to."

Jasper nods and then we both look up when Mike runs over and hugs me. I wince and try to pull away but he won't let me. He is like my fathers twisted evil apprentice in training.

Mike says, "Hello Aoihi, I was looking for you."

I say, "Mike, let go of me."

Mike tightens his hold like he always does to show he is more superior than me and more powerful. I bite my lip hard trying not to scream as it was on the wounds on my arms that now he is putting a great deal of pressure. It hurt so bad! I have been shot by a HIS gun and hit by HIS whip recently, though the bullet had went right through just not hitting anything major that could kill me. A tear ran down my cheek as I was unable to keep them in anymore.

I whisper this time due to the intense pain, "Mike let go!"

Emmett appears from behind me somewhere and grabs Mike while Jasper hung on to me and unwrapped Mikes arms from me. I whimper again, and then tears kept falling down my cheeks, just one tear can break the gate. Jasper turned me around gently and held me to his chest as I cried into his chest. Damn me for being so weak, he held me and rubbed circles on my back and whispered soothing words. I felt that we moved I pulled my head off then lay my side of my head on his chest. I looked and saw that we were outside the classrooms door. There was no one outside except for us meaning we were late to class again. I let go of Jasper and looked up at him.

I say, "Jasper we should go to class."

Jasper nods before unwrapping his arms from around me and smiling at me and opened the door. I am not truly new in town but everyone treats me like I am been that way for years now. I walked in and took the spot after the teacher, Mrs. Londel, who teaches History, told everyone my name and other things before proceeding with the teaching of the lesson.

After school:

It ended up with me sitting by Mike in two of my classes and as far away from Jasper as possible. Every other class I sat by Jasper, which made me feel extremely protected. I don't feel at all comfortable in Mike's presence in the first place because he tells Charlie, everything! He told when I made friends with the Cullens. I was beaten. When Charlie was away Mike took it onto himself to beat me it happens like that now. I walked to my locker for Jasper and the other Cullen's were outside getting into Ed's Shiny Volvo and into the Hummer.

I opened my locker and put all my books into it and took out my jacket and helmet. I shut it leaving my backpack inside the locker due to having no homework. I put on my leather jacket and had my helmet in between my arm and my right side as I came out of the school, I saw Mike throw something before I realized it was a large rock and its track was to hit me in the head. I hadn't realized it till it hit me and I just keep walking, not giving him the satisfaction to see me in pain. I quickly pulled my helmet on ignoring the pain that was in my head and where a wet substance that I can only deduct was blood came from where the rock had hit me. I stepped onto my motorcycle and kicked the kickstand up and started it then hit the gas. I took a sharp turn and bolted into the woods.

I kept driving till I reached the waterfall that is in the middle of the woods, where I always went when I was in pain or didn't want others to see me cry. I parked in the snow and took off my helmet cause my head had a large amount of pain. I touched my head where the rock hit me. I felt something wet and sticky and pulled my hand back and saw that it was covered in blood. I set my helmet down on the motorcycles seat. I smiled at then it faded, I grabbed my head and held onto it tightly. Once it stopped for a second I layed down in the snow, then I felt like my whole body was on fire, just like Bella said was when she was turned by Edward. I closed my eyes so tightly I thought they would be welded shut. I heard Aqua come into the clearing and felt her lay her head on my lap, I tried to smile but then I fell into the darkness, sweet, sweet darkness.