Backstage room had all of the Cullen's at shape shifter's throat's or vise versa. Jasper, who had not had anyone at his throat or him on theirs, came over and crouched in front of me before hissing threateningly at Micheal, who growled in return, before taking me out of Micheal\'s arms and pulling me protectively behind him.

I watched as they all moved at their inhuman speed and found that they all growled and hissed threats at one another, my anger grew, I growled and hissed at the same time, "What the hell is going on in here?"Everyone stops startled by the new comer to look at me as some animals appear at my side teeth bared and growling. Before the all of them turned their eyes to the ground, obviously ashamed of their actions.

I turned towards Macayle to see her staring at another werewolf, I smiled knowing what had happened before she turned her head towards me before turning back towards everyone else and saying, "What exactly happened to cause, you all to become so upset to mess up our hang out room for?"

I watched as one of the werewolves stepped forward, who introduced himself as Sam Urley, and said, "Well, you see, um our peace treaty lines have broken it by changing the girl there, Aoihi here."Me and Macayle shared looks before bursting out laughing.

Micheal stepped up to the plate, answering, "Aoihi was not changed by the Cullen's, far from it actually, and pointless might i add since she has been one for far longer. She was born a vampire which is actually how the whole race started the ones that are alive right now, it started by one of her race surviving the mascarade and biting others. Aoihi is the rare one, who escaped from the castle and kingdom masseur that killed all her family members and her whole village. Aoihi and Sane were the only two to escape alive and intact from that blood line.


"Anyway, others have flourished since her families down fall, and made some of them against their will, because they needed more numbers to their race of people. So frankly they are far older and far better in controlling blood lust, they were born half vampire or vampire depending on the couple. That is how they are able to cry, blush, and other human qualities except aging stops when they turn eighteen years of age. " The werewolves stared at Aoihi in surprise causing me to hiss at them possessively, Aoihi blushed cutely behind me and Macayle handed Blaze over to her. Aoihi\'s face lit up as she cooed at the little baby boy.

Everyone introduced themselves to the other, especially to the new comers. Macayle came over to me and hugged me, I\'m not entirely sure why, I looked over at Aoihi who shrugged before hugging Macayle back. I let go and Macayle went back over to Ash who picked her up and set her on his shoulders taking off her high heel on her right foot. Aoihi smiled and watched on from next Micheal, as I learned his name to be.

I walked over and pulled Aoihi into my arms, before listening to Macayle, "Now can we all just get along now, cause frankly, I barely get to sleep with the nightmares and this little one. And my temper is extremely short and right now all I want is a bath, food, and sleep, preferably after the little one has a babysitter for tonight." Macayle watched everyone as they cleaned up their mess, before We all sat down, I sat down next to Aoihi. Making sure she was okay before pulling her onto my lap.

She giggled before watching Domain remove Macayle's bandages, as she saw the wound she buried her head into my chest not liking the sight of the way her friend's leg appeared. A few of the wolves growled as the saw the damage, as well as a hiss from Carlisle.

"Don't poke it, the pain killers wear off faster remember?" Domain commented on how they weren't healing like they should and threatened her father. Macayle reprimanded him though obviously not amused in the least.

Macayle explained what happened after Sam so nicely asked, she said that her dad wanted a boy and that he got twin girls instead so he wanted then one to be normal and the other to have the werewolf gene. But both got the gene, and means the youngest had to drink a formula he made to suppress that twin\'s gene, meaning Macayle. Then she told of the accident that happened is Macayle's twin, Macayle, Blaze, and Blaze\'s twin were in a car accident six days previous but only Macayle's twin and Blaze\'s Twin were killed, the other two were found alive when the paramedics arrived. Pulled them out of the wreckage unfortunately their siblings pronounced dead at the scene.


I heard everything from where my head was buried in Jasper\'s shirt. I also noticed the sound like something was getting wrapped, probably Macayle's leg. We listened to Macayle talk and retort back at Domain. My head rest on Jasper's chest watching them all from where it lay before playing with Blaze who sat comfortably on my lap. We talked for a few more hours before getting up at six and leaving the way we came just a lot less packed of fans.

Blaze went home with Macayle, and her pack to the hotel they were staying at for the time being. Looking over at Sane as he walked over, he introduced himself to Jasper before pulling me from my place in his arms. Jasper and the others got into the limo which waited for me to get in. Sane pulled me over to the side of the building handing me some things for when I head to Italy, before kissing my forehead and saying good luck.

My eyes teared up as he turned and walked away again, watching from the distance as always, I caught hold of his jacket as I reached out and I was begging him to stay, like I do every time we separate ways, well mainly him doing the separating. He was all I really had left, only connection to the past to my parents to my race. I really should be use to it by now, but each time it gets harder and harder, before this whole mess had happened I was so use to seeing him every day all day.

No matter if I was Jasper's singer, Sane was blood bound to me, and it hurt like a lover going off to war never to return when Sane left again and again. Then I stiffened slightly when I felt them, before everything happened, in a matter of seconds, Sane was crouched in front of me hissing...