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Summary: Bella and Carlisle met in high school, when Bella moved to Phoenix, Arizona in the middle of the school year. Bella was a freshmen and Carlisle a senior. They started dating but at the end of the year Carlisle had to leave for medical school. He left with the promise of an Always & Forever between them but as the months passed and the homework and new friends became too much, they stopped calling each other, then emailing and months later they stopped any type of communication between them.

Pairing: Carlisle/Bella, Jasper/Alice, Rosalie/Emmett, Edward/oc ,Esme/Carlisle, Esme/oc


Seven years ago

"Isabella" she heard carlisle cooed in her ear. His arm was around her waist and with the other one he was playing with her chocolate brown locks. When she didn't answer he started to nibble her ear, kissing his way down her neck, he kissed a sensitive spot causing her to moan. He kissed again nibbling and biting it a bit, while his hands locked around her waist bringing her closer to him.

" Izzy we have to get up" he said into her neck causing her to moan again.

"ugh" she groaned her response. She didn't want to wake up and face reality, Carlisle was leaving that day for college. She didn't want to have him out of her side without his arm wrapped around her waist in his protective manner. She felt like it was yesterday and no seven months ago that he asked her to be his girlfriend.

At the time she couldn't believe it, she thought that it was a prank and slapped him across the face before trowing her soda at his shirt. She had wanted to be in his head but he had a foot and some inches over her. He was the soccer and baseball teams captain, while she was a dancer. He was Mr. Popular, while she was an outcast. He was a senior, and she was a freshman. He was valedictorian and she was almost flunking two classes. They were like day and night, vinegar and honey, water and oil,salt and sugar. It wasn't just in their social life that they were different but in their looks too. While she was the girl next door type with her simple but yet beautiful looks and tomboy clothes, he looked like a freaking model that just got out of a photo shoot with honey blond hair, a muscular but yet sexy body, with the most incredible and beautiful blue eyes.


When Bella finally decided to get up it was nine o'clock and Carlisle only had a few hours left in town and they still had to go to his goodbye party-breakfast with his friend, the lunch with his and Bella's parent and still needed a few more moments alone with her. At the rate that the morning was going those moments will have to be in the airport. They started to change and Carlisle couldn't keep his eyes off her. Although her face looked young and she was, her body make up for it. With curves but just not too much, a tiny waist, perky breast and a great behind. But he didn't love her just for her body(that you couldn't see with her baggy clothes) he love her because she challenge him, she was great with his parents and always loving but not clingy. He wouldn't and didn't want to forget last night their first and last night together for a long time.


It was two thirty and they were already at the airport waiting for his flight. His parent were leaving with him because his dad got a new job just outside of New York where carlisle was going to study. Suzie carlisle's mother couldn't stop crying and saying how much she was going to miss Bella, Anthony Carlisle's father (their names were Carlisle Anthony Cullen) was standing their with a sad smile and his face and watered eyes. Sometimes Carlisle thought that his parents loved Bella more than they love him and Bella thought the same about hers. Her mother couldn't stop crying in their lunch date, her dad was almost crying and even her brother Emmett that lived in an army base in Washington called him.

" Oh dear, I'm going to miss you so much" Suzie told Bella while she had her in a bone crushing hug. Their plane was leaving in a few minutes and they wanted to say good bye before Carlisle wrapped Bella in a hug and didn't let her go.

" I'm gonna miss you too zu and I'm gonna miss you sir. Even though you two are leaving me too" Bella told them already in tears. Carlisle mother let her go and his father a man that was trained to no show emotion swept her off her feet in a hug.

" I'm going to miss you Isabella. But come on no more tears you might come to visit us in Christmas." he let her go and strained his posture "good bye cadet" he told her jokingly and saluted her.

Bella strained her posture too and saluted him back " sir goodbye sir" her whole family wasn't in the military for nothing.

Carlisle eyes glazed over but this time with anger, Bella had too much military knowledge in her family, he didn't need his father adding more fuel into that fire that was Bella's career choice.

Carlisle clear his throat and asked "Can I have a few minutes alone with her. I'm the one who is leaving his girlfriend" he told them in a cold voice. His parents looked at each other and his mother said while walking away " Told you he would do that. He loves her too much to even share her with us" his father chuckled and put his arm in his mother's shoulders.

Bella didn't even have time to blush because the moment his parents walked away he pull her in a passionate almost forceful kiss. While he kissed her like there was no tomorrow, Bella kissed him lovingly. He kissed her rough and fast., she kissed him slow and sweet.

At that moment both of them knew why they were together. The were together because they balanced each other. He was passionate, she was a little cold. He liked to show his love in public, she hated PDA. He was book-smart, she was street-smart. He wanted to be a doctor, she wanted to be in the Army or Navy. He liked peace and silent, she liked loud music and adrenaline bumping through her body. They were so different but if they were similar they wouldn't have been together all those months and love each other that much.

Carlisle was the first to pulled away, but his mouth didn't leave her skin. He continued to kiss his way down her neck and Bella could feel his tears, leaving a wet trace on her face and neck. He hugged her, while Bella was crying silently, Carlisle let out a sob that broke her heart.

" Last call to flight 4563 to New York. This is the last call to the flight 456 to New York." A nasally voice said trough the intercom.

Carlisle let her go and then kissed her sweetly, an almost chaste kissed. She smiled sadly at him and he returned with a grin of his own.

" I love you" she told him.

" love you too, babe"

" Always?"

" Aways & Forever"


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Oh and Emmett is just a few months older than carlisle.