(A/N: This is my one hundredth story! The first part of it was inspired by the song Storm by Lifehouse, but after that, it kind of took a life of its own. Enjoy!)


"If I could just see you

Everything would be all right

If I'd see you

This darkness would turn to light"-Lifehouse, Storm

Ever since Leah had left, the small, rainy reservation that was La Push seemed darker.

There was probably a point where Jacob had thought that Leah was the cause of the darkness in La Push, but now he knew better.

Now, he knew that Leah wasn't the cause of the darkness.

Now, he couldn't even look Seth in the eye without being reminded of Leah.

Everyone was sure that Leah was dead.

Seth, Sue, Quil, Embry, Sam, Emily, they all thought that she was dead.

But Jacob held onto some sliver of hope, some piece of him that knew that she was still alive.

They all knew that life wouldn't go on again unless Leah came back. And she was long gone.

Jacob never told anyone that he thought that Leah was alive. It was his secret, his wish.

On the day that marked exactly a year since Leah had left, Jacob thought he saw her in the rainy forest.

Knowing that he was probably crazy, he chased after the shadow that he saw as Leah.

"Leah," Jacob gasped out when he was close enough that she might hear him.

The gaunt silhouette with the long, tangled, black hair slowly turned towards him, and if he had been able to move, his mouth would have formed a gigantic smile.

"Leah," he gasped out again.

She didn't respond, just walked closer to him.

He counted her steps, watched the steady rhythm of her feet hitting the ground, shivered as her body moved closer to his.

"Jacob." Her voice was rough and angry, but at the same time, thankful.

His name on her lips was the second best thing he ever felt.

The best came next.

Without any kind of warning, their lips pressed together, creating a wildfire between them.

"We thought you were dead," Jacob whispered, slowly moving his lips to her ear.

"I survived," she replied, her breathing ragged as she pulled her lips back to Jacob's.

"You could have given us some kind of report," Jacob mumbled, pressing Leah up against a tree.

"No one cared," Leah protested, her breath still quicker than normal.

"I cared," Jacob argued. "And Seth's acting like he's dead because of you."

Leah sighed in impatience. "Can we not discuss Seth right now?" she pleaded.

"What would you like to discuss?" Jacob asked her, his voice cool.

"Us," Leah whispered.

A happy smirk came onto Jacob's face as he kissed her again, this time rougher than before.

The rain was coming down harder on them.

Both Jacob and Leah were drenched.

But Jacob felt warmer than he had since Leah had left.

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