Ack, another new story? When the heck am I going to update my other two uncompleted, haven't-been-updated-in-forever crossovers that I fully intend to finish but haven't got to yet?

I suppose I'm writing this to get my creative juices flowing again, hopefully. This is something that's similar to the style of my Ouran/Inuyasha story, a simple encounter that doesn't have much of a plot. Kind of funny, seeing how I haven't read Hikaru no Go in ages and that I just found my old Shonen Jump issues in the back of my closet. For the Hikaru no Go timeline, it's early on in the series as Hikaru's an insei and trying to make it into the Young Lions Tournament but is kind of failing and falling back into the B league. For Inuyasha, does it matter?

Once again with my Inuyasha stories, no real romance. Besides, Hikaru and the rest of the gang here are like twelve or thirteen years old right now.

Chapter 1: Encounter

All that cramming last night and I still failed that math test am I ever going to make it to high school?

As Higurashi Kagome, time traveling priestess extraordinaire and possible/probable middle school dropout, walked through the busy Tokyo streets, her head was hung low. Her situation looked hopeless, just hopeless! There was no way she could shirk her life-threatening duties on the other side of the well, but there was no way she could shirk off her duties in her original time as well. What to do, what to do, what to...

Making her way through a playground, her eyes barely registered a man? woman? that stood out from everybody else, as (s)he was dressed in a kimono that was out of date even in the standards of the Sengoku era. Underneath his/her tall hat, his/her hair was long and shining, and Kagome idly wondered what brand of shampoo s(he) used.

Though Kagome was usually a kind-hearted soul that balked at the idea of mocking others, her bad mood was practically begging her to make a scathing comment.

"Where the heck are you going dressed like that?" she muttered as she walked past him.

(S)he gasped loudly. Guy, Kagome thought somewhere in the back of her head. Definitely a masculine voice there despite the feminine features...

The man was standing behind a boy with bleached bangs, perhaps a few years older than Souta but not as old as herself. He too was gaping at Kagome with his mouth opening and closing like a dying fish and his finger shakily pointing at her.

"You can-you can-"

"I can what?" Kagome asked, her depression evaporating as it was being replaced by simple confusion.

"You can see me?" the feminine man asked.

"Why wouldn't anybody be able to see you in the kind of getup you're in, unless you're saying that people can't normally see you for whatev-" Kagome stopped herself, realizing where this was going. A headache came pounding in, and she began to rub her temples in exasperation.

"You wouldn't happen to be a vengeful spirit, would you? I really, really don't like having to deal with those."

"Vengeful?" the man squeaked out, his once regal looking face now having the expression of a kicked puppy. The bleach-banged boy began to snicker loudly.

"More like annoying."

"Hikaru! How can you say such a thing?" the man said, hiding his face behind his sleeve; his eyes were filling with tears. Kagome couldn't help giggling slightly.

This doesn't seem like anything I have to worry about...

Her giggles brought the two males back to the situation at hand. The boy, Hikaru, blinked at her before saying, "You really can see him, can't you? But how? I'm the only person that's been able to see him..."

Kagome looked around, and much to her relief, a WcDonald's was within sight. Those sweet, merciful upside-down golden arches that promised of cheap, greasy, heavenly food that was probably going to clog up her arteries...

"Come on," Kagome said to them, motioning to the restaurant. Seeing their confused faces, she smiled. "I'm sure you've got a few questions about me, and me to you guys too. Might as well talk over a meal. My treat."

Hikaru grinned and followed her, obviously not going to turn down the prospect of free food.

Well, hope you like it. I really can't find Kagome-centered crossovers anymore that don't have her featured as a Mary Sue, so I'll keep on going with this one.

I'm playing around with the idea with this story taking place in the same world as my Ouran/Inuyasha crossover. You know, maybe just a few, practically unnoticible references to it...

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And yes, I do realize how short this is. And it'll probably be like that from beginning to end with only a few chapters.