I don't own xxxHolic, but I am a huge fan!

I've also become a huge fan of large drabble collections lately. It's a great way to exorcise those pesky plot bunnies. This will eventually be a drabble collection (not in the true sense because I'm not talented enough to write in less than 100 words) about Doumeki and Watanuki's relationship.

#1. The Moon and the Stars.

"Aim for the stars because when you aim for the stars, you will reach the moon." -unknown

"I want narezushi tommorow."

Doumeki watched with an odd feeling of happiness as Watanuki's face turned at least three shades of purple. After opening and closing his mouth a few times, Watanuki shook his bony fist in front of Doumeki's face.

"That's impossible! Don't ask for things that aren't possible for me to do!" After this outburst

The familiarity of it warmed Doumeki. The fact that Watanuki had assumed he'd asked, the assumption that Watanuki was going to make a bento for him the next day, even the yelling and screaming that Doumeki could hear clearly from behind his fingers, which were shoved firmly into his own ears. Watanuki could be very loud, after all.

"…the fish has to ferment for AT LEAST half a year before pickling AGAIN for ANOTHER YEAR…you'll be lucky if you get cooked rice! Maybe I'll just throw the dry grains into a bento and see how you'd like it you smug bastard!"

Watanuki raved and fumed as Doumeki wordlessly followed him to his apartment, where Watanuki slammed the door in his face. Doumeki could still hear the boy ranting from behind the door as he turned to leave.

The next day, his expression emotionless as ever, Doumeki unwrapped the largest and most elaborate bento he had ever seen.

"Wow Watanuki-kun! These bento look amazing! This must have taken you hours!"

"Anything for you, Himawari-chan!" Watanuki exclaimed clasping his hands together and gazing adoringly at her.

Doumeki swallowed his urge to smile. Instead, he opted for reaching across the picnic and choosing a piece of squid, prepared for the yelling that would soon follow.

A/N: Narezushi is an older style of fermented sushi that takes well over a year to pickle and ferment.