title : poisonous t e m p t a t i o n

summary : au. roxas centric ;; and he went with a bang

warning : character death

disclaimer : i do not own anything, not even the plot, because there are so many fics out there like this.

notes : if anything shows up at the top above 'title', ignore it, since my computer's just messed up.


His name was Roxas. He had realized the startling truth, felt the realization dawn on his face; he knew he was doomed. That was the word—doomed. He laughed bitterly at his situation.

I need more affection than you know...

He was a Nobody—a being without a heart. He never had one to begin with. All those times he shared with his friends, their adventures, everything—they had never really happened. They were fake. Virtual. It was hard to seperate things, now; what was real? What was false?

I hate emotion...

He stared contemplatively at the bottom of the clocktower, seeing the people down below, unknowing of the turmoil inside him.

I need true emotion...

No, they didn't even know he existed.

I need more affection than you know...

He pulled off his black ring, and threw it down to the oblivious people below. He watched it descend slowly, so slowly, and finally, he could see it no more; he knew it had not yet reached the ground, though.

I need true emotion...

Screw this, he thought. He was finished, done; he knew the truth, now, and he was determined never to accomplish what they wanted.

"Goodbye, life!" he yelled with a tone of finality.

There was a bang as a gun went off, a gun that would forever haunt him until the end of time.

And then he jumped.

I will not destroy them...

He was falling, falling—


We will meet again in the next life. I promise.

Naminé... I'm sorry.

Xion, I wish I could have met you one last time.

It was too late then to regret anything.

He was still falling, gaining speed.

The ground was in sight.

His last conscious thought was one word, one name:


He was dead before he even hit the ground.

He never had a chance.


BRM: ... I've never written one of these before; you know, suicide things. I suck at it, I know. XD I have good news, though! I have FINALLY written more than one sentence on Define Love Again for Me. It should be up soon. :3

Xion: Yay?

BRM: Hey, just be happy your name was actually mentioned in this one!