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"So its been exactly one week since Sharpay and her family left for vacation, and you haven't mentioned her once….I'm proud of you," Taylor spoke to her friend as the two sat on Gabriella's bed flipping through their science books. Gabriella wore a above the knee bright yellow summer dress, which right now would freeze her since the weather changed from a high ninety to a low forty in two short hours. The moon leaped into the room from the window but was cut off by the lamp Gabriella had turned on by her computer table. Both girls were on their stomachs writing and reading about chemical equations. Gabriella didn't hear Taylor when she spoke, because even though she wasn't talking about Sharpay, the girl was always on her mind.

"Gabriella? Girl are you even listening to me?" Taylor asked her friend who finally looked up and smiled.

"Um yeah, its just, Sharpay will be here tomorrow and I don't know…we haven't spoke since she left," the brunette looked down at her book with the same turned smile

"What kind of girlfriend doesn't call? I say she's up to something."

"Taylor I'm not too sure I want to hear about this, besides every time you involve yourself with me and Sharpay….well nothing good ever comes from it," Gabriella sat up and slid her feet off her bed with her back now facing Taylor.

"Well why didn't she call," the girl asked raising her eyebrows slightly.

"Because I have her phone and she's in the middle of nowhere, and besides I've tried calling her, but like I said, she's in the middle of nowhere," the brunette stood and walked towards her computer before switching it on. Taylor rolled her eyes before she hopped off the bed and walked over to Gabriella.

"So…where did they go again?"

"Taylor, stop"

"What? I'm just asking a question"

"Well don't, I know where she is and that's all that matters," Gabriella typed in her password on her laptop as Taylor sat on the arm of her chair.

"Well I have to go, I think Chad's basketball game is over, or it should be within the next ten minutes and I want to act as if I was there," Taylor grabbed her purse off the desk and walked towards the door.

"Now who needs to know where someone is?" Gabriella asked as Taylor waved goodbye and walked out from the room. The burette checked her many e-mail accounts before heading back over to her bed. She fell face first into her plush blankets and turned her head to face her sliding glass doors. The moon by this time fought past the room's light and laid near Gabriella's hand. A few minutes later and she felt her eyes getting heavy so she closed them and soon drifted off to a deep sleep.

"Well it'll only be for a week," Gabriella hears Sharpay say as she collects things into her many suitcases.

"How am I suppose to not talk to you, that's crazy," Gabriella starred down at her fingers and pretty soon Sharpay noticed. The blonde made her way over to her girlfriend and wrapped her arms around her neck and placed her forehead onto Gabriella's.

"I promise you that I'll think about you everyday, and maybe….," Sharpay leaned into Gabriella and pressed her lips against the girl's before pulling back, "I just might bring you something." Gabriella smiled.

"Like what?"

"Me…Duh that's the greatest present of all," Sharpay pulled away and starred over towards her suitcase." We'll back to packing."

The sun pressed hard against Gabriella's face as it rose slowly in the sky. Her eyes fluttered back and forth before she actually opened them. She faced the clock that sat by her head and it read nine fifty. She pressed herself off her bed and stood on the floor rocking back and forth a few seconds as she stumbled towards the door.

"Gabriella," someone yelled from downstairs. She was pretty sure it was her mom so she hesitated to open the door. The knob was slick and cool against her skin as she turned it and stepped out of her room onto the flat hardwood floor. She still wore the dress she had on the night before and she was pretty sure her hair sat scattered across her head, flying in every direction. Her vision was blurred as she made her way over to the rail. The white wood was hard and felt a bit damp but she ignored it and took each step one at a time as she carried herself down the stairs.

"Mom," Gabriella spoke in a raspy voice. It scratched and cracked and she could hear it skip the first m. "Mom," she said again this time forcing her eyes to open as her vision cleared. The front room was extremely bright. The tan couches sparkled as the sun touched them. The white see-threw curtains were almost invisible and the white rug in the middle of the floor was squished under the large glass coffee table.

"Oh Gabriella…," her mother said from the archway that lead into the kitchen. She watched as her mother waved as to tell someone to come and she grew excited. Was Sharpay back early and thought it would be a great idea to surprise her. She watched as a man walked from the other side of the wall. He was at least six feet tall, with dark blue jeans and a leather coat that was closed and pressed tight against his body.

"Mom?" Gabriella asked looking over at the man, wanting to know who he was.

"Oh Gabby this is John, I told you about him the other night remember? I just thought you'd like to meet the man who asked your mother out on a date," Mrs. Montez said as Gabriella rolled her eyes, folded her arms and pressed them close to her chest.

"Okay," the brunette said as she turned to walk away.

"Nice to meet you," she heard John say from where he stood but she didn't care about him. She didn't like the fact that her mom began dating again, it was just too weird. She carried herself to her bathroom and hopped in the shower. Thirty minutes later she was dressed and had her hair in a pony-tail still dripping wet onto her back. She pulled on a white ruffled skirt and a dark blue shirt that matched her flip-flops. She snatched her phone off its charger and pulled Sharpay's phone out of her drawer. Nothing new, there wasn't a message or a call, not even a text. She decided to head over to Taylor's until three when Sharpay was suppose to be back at her house.

She walked down the stairs and she saw her mom laughing it up next to John. Gabriella rolled her eyes and walked towards the front door.

"Mom I'm leaving, I'll be back around….eight," Gabriella said just guessing a time. Her mother didn't say anything and she doubted she heard her anyway. She left out of the house and walked a block to Taylor's house. The sun beamed down onto the streets and sidewalks, blinding all who starred at it too long. The time was now eleven and no matter what happened it felt like each minute took three hours to pass by. When she arrived at Taylor's door she could hear laughter from the backyard and took it upon herself to walk into the back. Taylor sat in Chad's arm laughing and whispering back and forth. She didn't understand why he was over so early and usually they'd both sleep until two on the weekends.

"Knock, knock," Gabriella said loudly as both her friends turned over towards her.

"Gabriella? Do you know what time it is?" Chad asked as the brunette laughed and sat on the bench directly across from them.

"Yeah, do you?" She asked smiling and starring at Taylor who looked out at Chad before she turned back to her friend.

"I'm too excited, I want Sharpay to be here now," Gabriella said as she laid onto the bench and starred up into the trees.

"Oh yeah the blonde," Taylor said pulling away from Chad and walking over to her friend. "So when is she suppose to be here?"

"Not soon enough," Gabriella sat up and frowned as Taylor pulled her over towards her and let her lay her head on her shoulder.

"Don't worry when she gets here I'm going to hate the both of you again," Taylor heard Gabriella laugh but she knew that something deep inside of her was telling the truth. "Well Chad and I are going out for breakfast, wanna come?" Taylor asked as Gabriella nodded.

"Great we can invite Troy and maybe Zeke and Martha," Chad said sadly. Gabriella ignored him and stood up.

"Come on Chad, don't you wanna make me happy?" Gabriella asked smiling as Taylor stood up and went to Chad.

"No, that was Troy's thing, I like to just look after me…" Chad was shoved in the shoulder by Taylor.

"Oh and her," he said as Taylor pushed him back and ran towards the gate. Gabriella walked as Chad chased after the mocha girl.

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"Pumpkin calm down I'm sure Gabriella is at home," Mr. Evans said to his daughter who continued to bounce in her seat like a child on a sugar rush. Sharpay could barley get through the week without Gabriella and every second away from the girl killed her inside. As they got closer to the two story home Sharpay was practically hanging out the window with her hand pressed against the door latch. Hen her father stopped the car she hopped out and ran up to the home, without ringing the door bell she opened the door as saw Mrs. Montez sitting on the couch with a man.

"Oh sorry Mrs. Montez, and hey, um is Gabriella in her room?" Sharpay asked as Mrs. Montez nodded not knowing her daughter went out for the day. "Great….I mean Thanks." Sharpay darted up the stairs skipping two steps at a time until she reached the open bedroom door of the brunette. She walked in and called out to Gabriella but no one answered.

John starred at the door that still sat open before he turned to Gina.

"Um and who's that? Another daughter?" John asked as Gina smiled and nodded.

"Well you ca say that, she's Gabriella's girlfriend."

"Oh that's cool, so that's Taylor?"

"No Taylor's…well Sharpay and Gabriella are dating…..and um Taylor's Gabriella's closet friend. John's eyes widened as he nodded and watched Sharpay stump down the stairs.

"She's not here, I mean she's not up there, did she leave? Do you know where she went, Mrs. Montez I really have to see her, like now," Sharpay continued as both Gina and John watched her.

"Maybe she's at Taylor? Did she say she was heading over there, no she wouldn't, did she go to the library…maybe she's with Troy and them, no….," Sharpay almost made herself panic but Gina walked up to her and hugged her.

"It's nice to see you too Sharpay, and I don't think Gabriella said she was going anywhere, I guess you should check the usual spots," Gina pulled away and Sharpay nodded. The blonde didn't waste anytime running out the door and back to her father's car.

"Dad I know you want to head over to the office but Gabriella's not here, can we check the substation and Taylor's?" Sharpay asked as her father nodded and drove off.


Taylor let Chad kiss on her neck as they walked hand and hand down the walkway. Troy eyes Gabriella the entire time but the brunette was too busy starring down into her phone.

"Ring…come on ring you stupid thing," Gabriella said as Troy reached over and plucked the phone from her fingers.

"Gabs come on, we're having fun and before you know it, Sharpay will be back in town and you two can go back to making me sick yet intrigued," Troy laughed as the girl snatched the phone back away from him.

"You're a creep."

"Why thank you"

"No really," Gabriella said as they all made it to Troy's truck.

"Someone has to ride in the back," Troy grabbed Gabriella's wrist and pulled her over to the passenger door. "Looks like me and Gabs are calling the front." Taylor rolled her eyes and hoped into the back with Chad cuddling under one another as the truck roared and smoked before they pulled off. A while later they all arrived at Gabriella's place.

"Well I guess you all can come in," Gabriella said as Taylor rose up from the trunk.

"No thanks, see you later Gabriella," she went back down and who knows what they did from there.

The brunette nodded and walked into her house. The lights were out and nothing was heard but the beeping of the alarm clock in her mother's room. She rubbed her fingers along the wallpaper and met a small square frame that held the light switch, and with one click the front room lit up. Everything looked the same, nothing was out of place and her mom, for the first time in two years was still out. She carried herself up to her room, rubbing the walls as she went along. She knew Sharpay was suppose to be back by now but she didn't receive a call and she knew the girl would want her phone. She flicked the light on and saw her bed cluttered with the books she had on her desk. Someone was in her room because her bathroom door was open and her towels were scattered across her floor. She dug through her purse and found her phone. Sharpay's phone began to ring and Gabriella saw the incoming person, Mrs. Evans. Gabriella didn't answer it she just tossed the phone onto her bed and began collecting things off her floor.

The wind began to pick up outside because everything was whistling, and the branches on the trees tapped the side of the house. The towels were soon tossed into the hamper and her school books placed onto her shelf. The house grew slightly cold and the eerie wind began to creep her out.

"Gabriella," a whispering sound echoed through the room and the brunette began to spin around as a knock made it to her ears. She was about to scream but she noticed flowing blonde hair on her balcony, and attached to it was Sharpay smiling and jumping, while holding her arms close to her chest because of the powerful wind. Gabriella ran to the door and opened it, meeting Sharpay lips and all. The two of them pressed their lips and body forcefully into each other. Sharpay's hand traveled up to the back of Gabriella's head, tangling in her hair and Gabriella's hand wrapped around the blonde's waist pulling her in so close that it became harder to breath than ever. The air thickened and their bodies warmed up and they were sure the other noticed the change in the temperature as well.

Sharpay untangled her hands and pressed them on Gabriella's cheeks, pulling her head into her. They both found themselves following one another backwards onto the bed. Gabriella fell first onto her back with Sharpay landing on top of her. Their lips never pulled apart. Gabriella trailed her hands up Sharpay's back, as their skin connected. Her hand warmed up and tingled as a loud clicking noise came from downstairs and soon laughing followed. Sharpay pulled back and Gabriella smiled and let the blonde grab her hands and lift her up.

"I missed you so much," Sharpay said as Gabriella agreed and they pulled back into another kiss.

"Gabriella," her mother called from the bottom of the stairs. The girls pulled away and each of them could hear their hearts beat in their ears. The room grew cold and everything began to move as the wind picked up. Sharpay pecked Gabriella's lips one more time before she closed the glass doors and Gabriella went to the stairs.

"Yeah mom?" the brunette asked trying to catch her breath as her mother stared up at her.

"Sorry I didn't have time to cook dinner, I brought tacos home," Gina said as Gabriella saw the shadow of John next to her mother. Gabriella smiled and nodded before rushing back to her room.

"Mom's home," Gabriella said as she noticed Sharpay was gone. She walked towards the screen doors but before she could touch the door a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her back. She giggled and turned around when Sharpay released her.

"Tacos anyone?" Gabriella asked as Sharpay nodded and intertwined her fingers between the brunette's before nodding. The two of them walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where John and Gina were sitting at the island table. Gabriella squeezed Sharpay's hand as they both starred at each other.

"So Gabriella I heard that a boy liked you way back when, so how's he doing these days," John asked biting into his taco. Gabriella didn't answer him, she thought he was rude and decided to ignore him. Her hands left Sharpay's as she hoped onto the counter next to the tacos. Sharpay leaned onto he counter next to her with both elbows pressed hard against the granite.

"Your mom has told me that you're into chemistry, you're a very smart girl, I saw your room," John said as Gabriella looked up and squinted her eyes as she turned towards her mom.

"We just walked past it honey, I was showing him the house," Gina said as she poked her taco meat.

"Great, just great," Gabriella said sliding her fingers between Sharpay's. Both girls could feel the tension that built up in the room. Gina starred at her daughter a while before turning back to John. The room grew quiet and the only thing heard was the cracking of the hard tacos shells.

"You want to stay over?" Gabriella whispered to Sharpay who nodded and looked back at Gina.

"Can I?"


"Stay over?" Sharpay asked as Gina nodded and John coughed.

"How long is your mom going to see this jerk, he's fat and hideous, and a jerk,"

"Don't forget a dick," Gabriella said loudly as her mother starred at her.

"Sorry, he's a penis that's more scientific," Gabriella hopped from the counter and pulled her taco along with her. Sharpay followed behind Gabriella and ignored the fact that Gina and John were starring at the both of them. They ended up back in Gabriella's room, on her bed just starring at each other. Gabriella wanted to kiss Sharpay but all she could think about was her mother and that bastard that sat downstairs with her.

"Actually lets stay over at your place," Gabriella said as Sharpay nodded as she began gathering clothes. They walked down the stairs and explained everything to her mom before they both left out and stood on the sidewalk.

"Um my car is at home, I have to call my dad," Sharpay said as Gabriella laughed and held her hand as they walked to Troy's.

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