Written for the Sentimental Packrat Challenge on Silly Bella's Twilight Challenges forum: Write a fic about an important object from the Twilight series. I chose Edward's motorcycle from Eclipse.

Many thanks to Darth Ishtar and Tersaseda for the beta-read and encouragement!

Alice's POV

I shouldered the black leather jacket and skipped down the stairs. The last of the wedding guests had left around midnight. We had simply enjoyed the fairytale feel of the house for the last several hours, dancing under the heavily-scented flowers, but now, just shy of five in the morning, the décor was back to normal.

The newlyweds would be well on their way.

Time for some well-earned R&R. Esme gave me a tight hug in farewell. I knew she was sad to have both Jasper and me gone at the same time that Bella and Edward were away, but she was very understanding. Soon Jasper and I would need to be on full-alert with a newborn in the family. For at least another year or two, this would be our only chance for some alone time.

We weren't going to be gone all that long, really — only a week or so. Just long enough for a real road trip. Jasper was out in the garage, strapping down the small bag that contained our necessities — cell phones and chargers, a generous stash of cash, our digital camera (which would soon be full of positively scandalous pictures), and some essential accessories.

My ruggedly rebel husband grinned when he saw me and gave me a hint of what he was feeling. Yes, I was going to thoroughly enjoy our little twenty-third honeymoon.

My unpredictable sister — she really was my sister now! — had given me yet another chance to branch out with fashion. I'd never gone for biker-chic before. I kind of liked the feel of my black leather, lace-up pants. Jasper certainly liked the look of them. My cropped halter-top was a provocative thirsty-red with black leather laces on the side to match the pants. Add coordinating boots and leather jacket, and I looked hot.

Jasper had me beat, though, with a swoon-worthy James Dean look complete with slicked-back hair. I watched him check the tires' air pressure on the motorcycle — a gift from Edward — and made sure he had a very distinct impression of what I was feeling.

He was so…so…irresistible in his black jeans, a tight, deep-green t-shirt, and cowboy boots (after more than half a century with the man, I'd finally resigned myself to that fashion concession for the sake of our marriage). With a smile that staggered me, he lightly kissed my lips and then shrugged into his own leather riding jacket. I debated just grabbing his arm and dragging him back upstairs but decided that we could be polite enough to get out of earshot from the house first. Maybe we'd even go as far as the county line before making a little stop. With a resigned sigh, I followed his lead and pulled on my motorcycle helmet and driving gloves.


His excitement was infectious. "Ready."

He mounted the bike and I swung up behind him, wrapping my arms firmly around his ribs. California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas…here we come!

We shot out from the garage, kicking up gravel behind us. I clung to Jasper as we skidded and fishtailed down the drive, unsure if the thrill was my own, his, or both. Even better was the knowledge that it didn't matter. We were one.

The motorcycle leaped out onto the highway and Jasper really opened up the engine then.

"Don't spare the horses," I giggled.

The motorcycle's purr became a snarl.

Ahead of us, the clouds were breaking with golden edges. Dawn was coming, and I felt another thrill, this one from flirting with danger. Cocooned in our riding gear, we screamed into the light of day, a patch of night defying the sun.