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Bella POV:

I remember it like it was yesterday, in reality it was almost fifty years ago. It still hurts to think about Edward. A week after he left I was wondering around in the woods by my house when I saw a flash of fiery red hair. It was Victoria. I knew some day she would come back but I always suspected my bronze haired angel to keep me safe. She attacked me and right before she bit me, I asked her why. She thought of it as a mate for a mate. As soon as she bit me, I felt the searing burning pain rush though my body. For three long days, I suffered alone. After my heart quit beating and once the pain had finally subsided I got up and fled. While I was fleeing I came across a scent so sweet I went after it, by the time I knew what was happening I was draining the life out of a stray hiker. I was so upset I wanted some one to kill me. Edward had once mentioned that the Volturi, the 'royal' vampire coven in Italy, would kill a vampire if they disobeyed one of their laws. So I decided to flee to Italy. When I got to the Volturi Aro asked me to join. He told me that they would be my family now and that vampires lived to feed off humans. So I took up his offer and ever since, I have been the Volturi princess.

"Bella," I heard Jane calling, "Aro wants to see you right now!!"

I got up off my blood red bed where I had been laying and made my way down the long, and excessively decorated, hallway to Aro's office. Once I got there, I saw Jane and Aro waiting on me.

"Hello my dear Isabella, I have a new mission for you." Aro said.

"What is it Daddy, will I need my powers for it?" I loved using my powers, not only was I a shield but I could also read and control minds. Even though I loved using my powers I never get a chance to. Jane, Alec, Demetri, and all of my other friends here get mad when I use my powers to make them do something stupid.

"No you don't need your powers, but I want you to go and pick up a coven of seven vampires from the airport. Demetri and Felix are going with you," replied Aro.

"Uh, does Felix have to come? He has been in love with me since I got here. And what is the name of the coven we're going to get?" I love all my friends here but Felix gets on my nerves, he will not give up no matter the countless times I have told him I don't feel the same.

"Yes Felix has to go. The coven, or should I say family, you guys are going to pick up, are the …..."

To be continued…

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