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Part One: "Those Cookies Were For Santa!"

The entire palace stood silent as the large grandfather clock in the foyer rang in the eleventh hour of the night. The King and his generals had taken rest in their beds, as did the senshi.

Rini, who had woken up about ten minutes beforehand, left her room and began the trek to the nearest living room. She could hear the fire crackling and she smiled, but she also heard what sounded like munching, crunching.

Rini pressed herself against the wall and listened as hard as she could.

"Mmmm…so good." No, it couldn't be. She's not that stupid. At least…

Rini walked around the corner and gasped at the sight unfolding in front of her. Neo Queen Serenity was sitting on the floor, her white pajamas littered with crumbs and multi-colored flecks of sugar.

She was busy devouring the last sugar cookie that was sitting on the red and green plate. Rini could feel the tears stinging in her eyes. The cookies she made (with Mako-chan's help of course). She could feel the anger boiling and it finally reached its point.

"MOM! What are you DOING?" Usagi froze, half of the cookie hanging out of her mouth.

"Nothing darl-"

"Those were for Santa!" She had done it now.

"It's okay-"

"He's gonna be here soon; he's gonna leave."

"Santa's a good guy," she said, trying to calm her five year old.

"He's gonna leave, he's gonna leave, he's gonna leave!!" Usagi swiftly stood up.

"Okay, let's fix it," she said hastily, ushering the child into the kitchen. Usagi rummages through one of the many pantries, this one being designated for instant and quick meals.

She quickly pulls out a packet of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix as Rini happily grabs a bowl and a spoon. Usagi grabbed a couple of eggs and placed them in front of Rini, who had finished her climb onto the stool.

"We're gonna have these in no time, little one." Usagi cut open the bag and dumped the powdery mix into the bowl. Rini then crushed the eggs in such a way that even Usagi knew was wrong. She shrugged.

"That's one way we could do it." Rini stirred the concoction clumsily and began forming the dough. It was like she was teaching her mother how to do it.

"Squeeze it… and you put a little sprinkle on 'em." Usagi chuckled at how amused her daughter was. She carefully slid the gray baking sheet into the pre-heated oven.

About fifteen minutes later Rini had to wake her mother up and tell her it was time to remove the cookies. She let them cool, and then slid them onto the same green and red plate.

"Nice one," she said for no real reason. Replacing the plate by the fire she exhaled.

"Okay." Rini smiled and began to leave. Then she stopped and faced her mother.

"Mom, leave those for Santa." Usagi put her hands in the air.


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