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Chapter 5: Misinterpretation (?)

It is a bright and sunny fall day outside the Tenou, Kaiou and Meiou household. Setsuna is outside with a five-year old Hotaru who was jumping into piles of red, yellow and brown leaves twice her size.

Michiru and Haruka are found in the kitchen, the latter heaving a magnificent sigh and dragging herself to the stainless steel refrigerator as the former continued to chatter with her friend Sakura.

Haruka huffed, blowing hair from in front of her face. 'I love her to death but I absolutely detest how long she talks on the phone! It's pushing an hour! To think how many things we could do in that span of time.' A sly, Cheshire Cat-like smile spreads across Haruka's face. But it disappears as she stares longing into the cold steel then closes the door.

"T-There's no food…" She begins to sulk

Michiru's POV

Out of the corner of my eye I can see Ruka physically deflate like a little balloon. She was forging for food and talking to herself. She must be hungry. I feel my lips give up a mischievous smile; I may just mess with her seemingly broken conscience right now. The voice chattering in my ear stops.


"Huh? Oh I'm sorry Sakura-chan. It would seem that I…zoned out." A bright laugh rings pleasantly through senses.

"I guess my diet talk is boring you." She stifles a giggle; I reply with my own.

"No I was just observing my other. She's acting like a child because there's no junk food in the house. Yep no sweets at the moment."

"Oh that must be a sight. The great Haruka Tenou reduced to a sniveling wreck because of an empty stomach." We laugh, and Haruka weakly glanced at me. I bite my tongue and begin to whisper.

"Sakura, I going to mess with her for a bit. Care to play along?" I get a rousing approval from the other line.

"So about this diet talk. First off, which one are you on?"

"South Beach," she says, "a real good one at that."

"Yeah I heard that one was great."

"What about you?" Even under the circumstances, I was caught off guard.

"What?" I say as Haruka groans loudly and lay on the counter, looking like Death.

Haruka's POV

I'm about to keel over my stomach is growling so intensely. Birds were frightened from trees, squirrels fled to their sanctuaries in the treetops, dogs within five miles of the house yelped and ran, tails tucked between legs.

I glance outside and swear that I see vultures beginning to circle. I groan, my head softly hitting the granite countertop again.

"My diet?" Michi says. Diet? My Michi cannot be on a diet. I chuckle, shaking my head. Then an intense pang of hunger freezes my action. My lungs fill quickly with oxygen.

"Well yesterday I had an Apple Turnover. Mmhmm I know; it's sort of my weakness." My ears perk quickly as my head turns to look at Michiru. What? Apple Turnover? No it must be the hunger that is causing me to hear things.

"I always keep it in the house." Without a thought I begin to search the area for this so called Apple Turnover that existed somewhere in the kitchen. Gently throwing open cabinets I frantically look for any secret compartment.

"Well that and Boston Cream Pie, White Chocolate Strawberry." I look and look then stop. 'Nothing. There is nothing in any of her secret places. The only place left is the fridge.' My body turns toward the appliance and threw the door open. Then her words float into my ears.

"Yeah. Yeah and mmm Key Lime Pie." It felt like being shot in the side when I heard her say that. Key Lime Pie is my favorite; how could she not share with me? There's got to be some in here. I push around the stacks of nasty yogurt to see more vegetables and fruit. A groan escapes my throat.

" Yeah, I've already lost some weight." I freeze. How could she be losing weight eating all that stuff? It doesn't make any sense. I try again to look for these hidden sweets and in the process knock over about three of the stacked yogurts.

"Babe, what are you doing?" My head peaks out from behind the door.

"Umm…I didn't do it?"


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