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"Alright Bella, truth or dare?" Alice said eyeing me her eyes in little slits.

"Dare." I said, my hands shaking. This was the first time I had tooken one of Alice's classic yet scary from catching a toad from the stream behind her house and kissing it, to covering her mother, May in whip cream, they were horrifying. Rosalie Hale and I were sleeping over at Alice Brendens house for one weekend of Spring Break. Everyone was already asleep and it was about midnight.

An evil grin begin to creep across Alice's face. "I dare you to...." Tension filled the air as Alice pressed a hand to her chin, thinking of a dare to humiliate me.

An imaginary lightbulb popped over Rosalies head as she giggled with excitement. She whispered it in Alice's ear, and Alice kept quiet until she heard the dare. She squealed and then said "Thank you." To Rosalie. "Sign up for the Bacholer!" She giggled.

"Huh?" I had absolutley NO idea what she was talking about.

"I dare you to sign up for the Bacholer." She repeated as if It was the most obvious thing in the world.

My eyes got wide and my mouth made a perfect O shape as I realized what she was saying. "T-th-the Bacholer." I repeated

"YES, Bella! The Bacholer!" Rosalie screeched sounding annoyed.

"That new reality TV show were theres alot of girls, with the rose ceromony thingy, and the hott guy?" I studdered.

"YES!" They screamed in unison.

"Kay." I whimpered. I got on Alice's pink laptop, and downloaded the application online. I printed it out, and grabbed a pen from Alice's desk.

"Lets fill this baby out." Alice said rubbing her hands together.

"First question, Have you ever been on a reality TV show before?" I said looking from Alice to Rosalie.

"Well obviously no." Rosalie snorted pulling her hair into a sloppy ponytail.

I stuck my tounge out at her, and circled 'no' on the application. "Next question, whats your name?"

I sloppily wrote 'Isabella (Bella) Swan' and went onto the next couple questions.

"How old are you?" Twenty-two.

"Where do you live?" Forks Washington.

"Birthdate?" 9/12/1987

"Why do you think your qualified for the Bacholer?" I bit my lip and read the question out loud to Alice and Rosalie.

"Oh, toughie. Just put 'I've been through alot and I just really wanna find my shot at love." Alice said a twinkle in her eyes. I snorted and wrote that down. It sounded like a line out of a fairy tale.

"Thats the end of the application." I sighed, setting the application down in the middle of the floor.

"Rose, get an envolope out of the top drawer of my desk. Bella get a stamp." Alice commanded pointing were to get a stamp.

"Someone bossy tonight." Rosalie muttered searching through the top drawer for an envolope.

I pulled a puppy stamp out of Alice's nightstand drawer. I threw it at Alice, as the same time Rosalie threw Alice the envolope. Alice quickly folded the application into the envolope, licked it closed, and put the stamp on. She wrote both addresses in record time. "Be right back!" She exclaimed dashing out the door. We heared clomping down the stairs, then the front door open and close. There was silence for a few seconds, except for Rosalies giggiling. The door opened and closed again, then more clomping up the stairs.

A breathless Alice appeared at the door raindrops in her hair. She shook them out and said 'All ready to be mailed.'

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