Title: The Game

Fandom: Farscape

Characters: D'Argo Sun-Crichton, Chiana, Aeryn Sun

Prompt: 004 Insides

Word Count: 745

Rating: PG

Summary: John and Aeryn's son, D'Argo, wants to play a game but things don't go as planned when he gets lost inside the ship.

Notes: Spoilers for PKW.


"Pippy! Pippy! Pippy!"

"Yes, D, what do you want?" Chiana finally snapped at the young boy. He had been calling her for the last arn, constantly tugging at her clothing and other various parts of her body.


Chiana just shook her head.

"Pippy! Pippy! Pippy!"

"What, D?" She asked again, "and no, I don't want to play right now."

D'Argo's bottom lip started to quiver as he pulled back his hand, holding it to his chest as if it was burnt.

"D, please," Chiana chided her charge. "Please, don't cry. If you cry, and your mother finds out, I probably won't be able to take care of you anymore."


"Because your mommy will kill me, okay?"


There was a small silence on D'Argo's end so Chiana returned to her work.


"Yes, D?"

"Play?" Chiana otherwise would have told him to go and play with his own toys but when she looked down at him and saw those baby blues of his staring right back at her, she couldn't resist.

"Okay, but only for a little while." D'Argo beamed at her and told her in no uncertain terms that he will go hide and she must close her eyes and count to a million. Chiana agreed and shut her eyes, peeking a little bit just to check that the young boy didn't go too far.

"One, two, three..." Chiana paused for a moment, opening her eyes when she heard the scurrying of tiny feet fade down the hallway. "A million!" and leaving her station, she followed the toddler.

An arn later, there was still no sign of D'Argo and though she had probably lost interest a few metras into the game, she was starting to get worried about where D'Argo was hiding. Sure, he was a resourceful boy and Moya was a very large ship, but there are only so many places a boy can go, without help, to hide. And Chiana knew all the usual hiding places.

"Pilot!" Chiana called to one of the communication shells.

"Yes, Chiana, how can I help you?"

"I can't find..." She hesitated. "I can't find, D'Argo."

"One of the DRDs passed him a few metras ago, I can check if he is still there."

"Yes please, Pilot." There was an agonisingly long pause then Pilot came back into view.

"No sorry, Chiana, he's not there anymore." Chiana let out a long sigh, thanked Pilot for his help then continued on her search.

"D! Little D, where are you?" She called through each hallway. She even passed the old lady who gave her the creeps with the way she always looked at Chiana but she wasn't much help. Then again, she never is.

"I think I'm going to have to tell Crichton what's going on." She was telling herself, actually feeling the panic slowly rise in her throat til she was about to cry. "But he'll never let me alone with D again... C'mon, little D, where are you?"

And just when Chiana had all but given up in her extensive search, she heard a little whimpering sound coming from her left. But when she looked, there was a wall.

"D?" She asked the solid wall but there was no reply. She started to turn away then the whimpering sounded again.

"Pilot, can you check section 8 on level 5, please?"

"Of course, Chiana," There was a long pause again. A DRD came running around the corner and stopped at Chiana's feet. It looked her up and down then continued. Chiana stopped it and pointed it towards the wall.

"I need you to check in there." She told it and it went through the grate at the bottom of the wall.

"Chiana, there seems to be a blockage in the wall next to you."

"Thought so... Thank you, Pilot." She got down onto her hands and knees and put her head through the grate after the DRD. Right there, curled up in a tight ball on the ground was little D'Argo, thumb in mouth, sound asleep. "You've got to be kidding me." And just as she reached out to him, the whimpering sound came again. "Who knew, little D snores."


"Were there any problems?" Aeryn asked the Nebari when she entered the bedroom. D'Argo was still asleep, now wrapped up in his bed.

Chiana considered telling the boy's mother everything then stopped, looked up at her, and smiled.

"No, Aeryn, no problems at all."