Title: Heart of a Lion

Fandom: Farscape

Characters: D'Argo Sun-Crichton, Noranti, OC.

Prompt: 047 Heart

Word Count: ~1.080

Rating: PG

Summary: Once again Noranti's alternative medical treatments come into question. But it's all for the good of the cause, right?

Notes: As usual, spoilers for PKW.


"Noranti, are you sure that you really need that to treat the wound?" D'Argo asked the (surprisingly) chief doctor on board Moya.

"Oh yes, quite sure, quite sure." Noranti told them absently as she shuffled around her miss matched lab that was formerly the lower deck's dining area.

"Just shut the frell up and frelling patch the frelling wound already!" The injured soldier screamed from the table.

"We can't, Eleria, the creature's claws were covered in poison. If we just stitch it up like we usually do, the poison will just travel through your blood and what good will you be to the resistance if you're dead?" D'Argo barked. The girl's protests were silenced with the strong, no-nonsense tone in his voice and she turned her head back to face the table she lay stomach down on.

D'Argo's eyes were once again drawn to the large, deep scratch that stretched from the base of her neck to her lower back. They had managed to stop the bleeding so loss of blood wasn't an issue for them anymore. The poison had already gotten in, though, and he couldn't help but think if they had only gotten back to Moya fast enough...

He shook his head to clear the thoughts that threatened to cloud his judgement. He turned back to Noranti with a new look of determination.

"Where can I find this animal?" He asked her. The old woman looked up from the herbs she was currently mashing together to answer him.

"You mean other than the one that the Scarrans were using to fight?" D'Argo nodded, though the woman's slow speech was starting to irritate him.

"Hmm, let me think..."

"We don't have time to frelling think!" Eleria screamed from the table. D'Argo cut her a sharp look.

"Thank you, Eleria, I can handle this." He said then turned calmly back to Noranti. "We don't have time to think, we need to act - now."

"The creature lives in most dense, humid forest planets... Dark, overgrown places..." Noranti mused out loud.

"There was a planet that fit that description on the outer rim of this system, Commander." A young lieutenant who had accompanied them to the ship told D'Argo.

"Good enough for me." He signalled for the man to follow him as he exited the room. "We're going. Be back with what you need as soon as we can."

"They're going to die to get that heart." Eleria spoke softly, watching them go. "They would have survived this whole horrible war just to die to try and save some stupid girl."

"You're important to the cause, dear Eleria," Noranti vaguely muttered. "You're important to him."

Eleria pondered on that little thought as she laid her head down, easing the pain in her back and head.


"Keep an eye out, Lieutenant." D'Argo moved quickly but silently through the forest. The man behind him was less stealth like but it did take years of practice to be as skilled as D'Argo was. He had been preparing for this war since he was a teenager. And been in this war since the day the Scarrans invaded. It was too long since then that he didn't even want to think about how long he had been fighting for.

Some days, like today, he even wondered if it was all worth it. Would the world be any different if he and his friends just never got involved in this war? They lived far away from the initial conflict, how long could they have evaded this fight that they were so destined to be a part of?

But D'Argo's life was what it was. He had been born into this world. He had been gifted with rare abilities that made him immediately eligible for the front line. He had been trained to await these days since before most of his men could even talk. He was their leader. He would never abandon them now. And that's why he so desperately needed to save Eleria.

Other than the fact she is what made each day worth fighting for.

"Sir!" the sharp voice interrupted his thoughts and off to his left came an almighty roar. They both raised their pulse pistols in the direction and soon enough, the animal made its appearance. D'Argo was sure the small amounts of blood that littered the soldiers' clothes and skin is what attracted the creature to their presence as it went straight for himself who was most covered in it.

He fired once. And again. And again. It didn't even slow the creature which reminded him of a giant lion but only a dark, sickly green colour. And, of course, the poisonous spikes were an obvious difference. It had been charging and was now so close that D'Argo had to jump out of its path, roll through the underbrush of the forest and pray to whatever deity was up there, just to escape its reach.

The lieutenant wasn't so shaken and was ahead of him when he ran forward, while the animal was stunned with the sudden disappearance of its prey, and slid under it only to draw his blade and slash the tendents of its hind legs.

As the lion howled in agony, falling to the ground, D'Argo reached it and, drawing his own blade, killed the creature with one swift blow.


"Commander Sun-Crichton and Lieutenant Uricth have returned, Noranti." Pilot's voice came over the comm. system and Eleria Vangard heard the collective sigh of relief that came over the whole room.

D'Argo came screeching around the corner, through the door of the makeshift infirmary and up to Noranti in one fluid motion. Cradled in his hand, as if it was the source of life itself, was the heart of the lion.

"Blood from the fifth heart of the Creature of Mortigor heals the fatal poisoning of its bite." Noranti quoted. But what else was there to say?

As D'Argo looked upon the somewhat limp body of his soldier, he gave a small smile in comfort. Her gaze faltered for a moment before she weakly returned it.

It was then that he knew they would be alright.

He lightly touched a palm to the back of his shoulder where their encounter had left a dull pain. When he pulled his hand back, his fingers were covered with red. Blood red.

Then again, in this galaxy, he wondered if they could ever be alright.