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"The end," Princess Zoey finished up. "Did you like your story, Danielle?"

Little Princess Danielle happily nodded. "Uh-huh!"

"And what about the rest of you?"

There was an immediate outpouring of happy approval from the young princes and princesses and their parents all seated around the fire place where Zoey was seated with Danielle in her lap.

"What happened after that?" Danielle asked.

"Well," Zoey said, leaning back. "After a few more months we got a letter from Lady Karai over here, saying she had married Lord Akito."

"Wasn't he the one who got locked inside the grandfather clock?" asked a solemn faced little boy.

"Yes, Adam. Of course, by this time Julietta and Angela were too pregnant to go anywhere and we could only send Mr. Leatherhead and his new wife Teresa in our places. And a couple months after that, Mr. Casey married Miss April, but the wedding ended a little early because of Alessa."

A little Gypsy girl sitting on her father, Raph's, knee, turned her great golden eyes onto her aunt. "How'd I ruin the wedding?"

"You didn't ruin it!" April objected from where she was sitting on the sofa. "The party was almost over already when your mother went into labor with you."

"Twelve horrible hours," Julietta and Raph chorused as one.

"Not that I regret one second," the Gypsy woman said quickly, ruffling her daughter's dark curls. "You were worth it, amor."

"And a few months after Alessa was born, a little baby boy named Adam was born to Prince Leo and Princess Angie," Zoey grinned brightly at the little boy sitting at his father's feet. "And not too long after that Master Splinter declared that he was abdicating the throne and leaving it to Prince Leonardo and his lovely wife Princess Angela. So they were both crowned King and Queen and declared that the line of inheritance would follow through the eldest of Master Splinter's grandchildren. Which means you're the future Queen, Lessi."

"Do I have to?" was the expected complaint from Princess Alessa daughter of his highness Prince Raphael and his wife Princess Julietta.

"And everything after that you all know already. Mr. Casey became Steward of the Kingdom, Mr. Leatherhead is the head of the University under Uncle Donnie, and Miss April and Teresa are the Head Librarians of the Royal Libraries."

"You tell one hell of a story, Zoe," Julietta grinned from her perch on the arm of Raph's armchair.

"What's going on here?" Old Master Splinter, more bent and wrinkled than ever, appeared at the doorway.


"I was just telling the kids how us moms met their dads."

"That is quite a story."

"It shuu was!" piped up Danielle's little brother David.

There was a moment of silence before Lady Angela stood. "Well, since the story is over, it is time for all good little boys and girls to go to bed!"

"Not just yet, if you don't mind," Master Splinter said, hobbling in on his cane.

A scramble arose as Raph and Julietta vacated the armchair, uprooting several of their children in the process to free up a chair for the elderly king.

"Thank you," Splinter said graciously, sinking into the chair with a sigh. "Please just carry on, all of you. I want to enjoy a few minutes in everyone's company before we head off to bed."

So for the next fifteen minutes, there was a babble of happy talk as King Splinter smiled around at his great and beloved family.

He did not regret handing the country over to Leonardo and Angela. He was too old to run a country; better to leave it in young and capable hands.

The king and queen of Rosacaea were in deep discussion with Lady Karai and her husband Lord Akito, their honored guest from the land across the sea, about trade routes while their children, Adam, Ariel and Lucas played with their friends and cousins.

Raphael and Julietta were now sprawled in front of the fire, looking more like teenagers than the Lord General and Lady Warrior of the Realm. Their eldest child, Alessa, was busy breaking up her younger brothers Raphael, Matteo, and the two year old twins Luciano and Sabino from a fight with Karai's son Ryuu, and the Steward's two boys Zachary and William Jones. "That's enough!" she was snarling. "Stop acting like idiots, all of you!"

"Boys!" barked Julietta, Karai and April as one.

The sound of their mother's stern voices, not to mention the angry gaze of the girl before them, sent the seven boys scowling to their knees.

Donatello and Gwen's two children, Jonathon and Grace were sprawled on the floor with Mr. and Mrs. Jones' youngest child Allison, trying to figure out the Chief Inventor and his wife's newest creation while their parents looked on. A cube with three squares on each side and each little square was one of six colors. The trick was to get twist the cube around enough so that each side was only one color.

Michelangelo and Zoey were devising their next book while David, their youngest, slept in his mother's lap. A little ways away, Danielle and her younger sister Abigail were playing three way patticake with Leatherhead's daughter Helen.

His family.

Not by blood.

But what did blood matter really?

Happily Ever After Indeed.

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