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Summary: Sam gets sick. House helps him out. Supernatural/House crossover.

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Sam POV:

"Sam. Hey Sammy, wake up!" I was shoved and my forehead hit the Impala's passenger window. Ow.

"What Dean?" I said rubbing the slight bump rising above my eyebrow. "We here?"

"Yep. Plainsboro, New Jersey. What are we looking for again?" Dean said over the Pink Floyd. I reached out and turned it down a bit.

"Family of five was killed. Throats slit. All but the youngest daughter – Elizabeth Bradley. Five years old. Said 'that man from the attic' did it. Apparently he was her friend. Pull in here." There was a diner up ahead. I was starving.

I sat down in the lumpy booth.

"What can I get ya hun?" The large waitress said.

"Um, a BLT and a bottle of water please?" I said. I wasn't sure how good it would be, but at the moment, I didn't really care.

"And for you sweetie?" the woman had turned to Dean.

"Meatball sub and a Coke. Thanks." A quick returning smile, and he turned to me.

Dean POV:

"So, Sam, do you have any clue where this little girl is? Or where the house is?" I said, as soon as the huge waitress was out of earshot.

"Well, the little girl is in an orphanage in the south end of town. This family lived in an old farm house."

"Some old guy probably lived and died there." I said.

"We just gotta find out who." Sammy said. He really looked tired.

Sam fidgeted in his seat and, guessing as to why, I looked up to see the waitress coming in with two drinks and two sandwiches. We both dug in and Sammy looked a little disgusted the whole time but finished none the less. We got in the car and went to find a cheap motel.

Sam POV:

We were driving up to a beat up motel called The Budget Inn. Wow. Sounds like a classy place.

I sat the duffel bag on the puke green carpet and sat on the bed. Courtesy of James Hetfield. Dean's latest choice of brilliant covers for yet another credit card scam. Despite my long nap in the car, I was exhausted. I laid my head back and was almost instantly asleep.

Dean POV:

I saw Sam lay down and in no time he was lightly snoring. Well, might as well see if I can find a game on this crappy TV. I walked up to turn the dial – and it broke off. Great. I guess I should catch some shut-eye too. I crawled onto my nasty-ass bed and put my head down when I heard Sam start to cough. And he wouldn't stop.

"You alright Sammy?" More coughing. I sat up. "Sam?" I flew over the bed and onto his, to find blood all over him and the floor under him. Shit. Shit shit shit!

"Dean. Hospital…" Sam's voice was crackling and a bit gargled. Then he collapsed. Holding up his head, and dug into my pocket.

"911. What is your emergency?"

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