In Order to Tell a Lie, There Must be a Truth

Chapter 1: When Will My Life Begin

Summary: What happens when a girl from the 21st century gets pulled back through time to Victorian England and finds herself wrapped in romance, danger, and a certain earl and his mysteriously handsome, & ever-present butler? Sebastian/OC

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Stuck in the same place I've always been.

And I'll keep wonderin' and wonderin'

And wonderin' and wonderin'

When will my life begin?

There's something highly unpleasant about being woken up from a deep sleep. A fuzziness in your head that doesn't quite dissipate until you've been thoroughly confounded about your current location. A sickly tugging sensation behind your navel. A dry, coppery taste coating your tongue. A growing sense of dread as you realize the reason why you're being woken up; namely, a high-pitched alarm practically screaming "IT'S MONDAY YOU'VE GOT CLASS GET UP YOUR LIFE SUCKS YOUR FACE IS DUMB".

At least, that's what I was currently experiencing as I snaked an arm out from underneath my duvet and half-heartedly waved it around until it knocked into my alarm clock. It took a couple of tries, and I turned on the radio and switched to DST in the process, but I managed to find the button that silenced the alarm and jammed my finger onto it with all the force of a great typhoon.

There was a brief, ringing silence that followed, and I allowed myself to roll the idea of going back to sleep over in my head before reluctantly sitting up. I trudged across the room, still rubbing sleep out of my eyes with one hand, and yanked open several drawers of my dresser with the other. I'd just managed to locate a pair of jeans and a t-shirt when I heard my beloved roommate begin moving around in her own room directly next to mine. That made me speed up and I quickly opened my bedroom door and darted three feet across the hall into the bathroom.

I had always showered in the morning. That is simply because I can turn the water to the coldest setting and BOOM! I'm awake. Much more effective than caffeine.

After about ten minutes, just as I'd twisted the knob for a brief dose in the fires of Mordor, I heard a loud banging on the door accompanied by: "Lina! You dumb cow, you're taking all of my damn water!"

That would be Karen. My beloved roommate.

See, the thing about Karen is that she's blonde, beautiful, extraordinarily thick, and a professional bitch. It's been that way since we were kids, as I've had the joy of knowing her basically all my life. Our mothers met while dropping us off at daycare and immediately clicked.

What they didn't realize is that we hated each other right at the start as she, within five minutes of meeting me, stole my cerulean crayon.

So I put glue in her hair.

When we both applied and got accepted to the same college, because life is funny like that, our mothers were ecstatic. And immediately found us a charming little house to rent together. Any protests fell on deaf ears, and, believe me, we protested. It was probably the only willing collaboration we've ever had in our whole lives.

Karen continued banging on the door until I finally got out a vindictive five minutes later.

"Ugh, finally." She sneered at me as she shoved by, flicking her hair over her shoulder. I grumbled to myself as I got dressed and went into the kitchen for a breakfast consisting of a strawberry poptart and a glass of milk.

It took me all of thirty seconds to neatly fold the poptart in half, shove the thing into my mouth, chew, and force it down my throat with waves of milky goodness.

Speed-eating was an art I had mastered within the first week of high school. I enjoyed sleep, and cutting things out of my morning routine to get more of it was something I constantly experimented with.

I had one class on Tuesdays, my Archeological Field Studies class, so I only needed my laptop. I grabbed it from its curious location under one of the couch cushions, revealed thankfully by the charger sticking out of it, and shoved it in my book bag along with my iPod and headed out the door just as the shower turned off.

'Well, thank all the gods that we've avoided two unfortunate meetings with Karen on this beautiful morning.' I thought with a deep sigh of relief as I unlocked my bike from the porch railing.

Our charming house was located a convenient five minutes from campus, right smack in the middle of student housing.

The ride passed uneventfully other than a near-miss with some college kid who had stubbornly ignored my furious bell-ringing, and I pulled up to my building with ten minutes to spare. The room was mostly empty when I walked in, though with the small class size and early timing it wasn't terribly surprising.

I said a quiet good-morning to my professor, a balding giant with thick glasses and abnormally slender fingers who always smelled vaguely like onions, before heading to my seat directly at the front of the room.

This was my absolute favorite class and was one of the few I actively participated in. Although I did not have many friends, having preferred to keep to myself since elementary school, I enjoyed talking with the people who shared my passion of human life and culture. I had also joined the school's female a cappella group when I was a freshman, though this year we were majorly disorganized due to losing our fearless leader to graduation.

I was really excited about class that particular Tuesday, though, because our campus was conveniently located a mere hour away from a small excavation site that had reportedly uncovered some fascinating artifacts. They were the same type of artifacts that had been popping up around the surrounding states, though they had yet to discover exactly what their purpose was.

And there were rumors that our class was going to be let in after the professionals had finished scavenging the area. And there were rumors that the professionals had finished scavenging the area over the weekend.

I was really excited.

(Looking back, every thought

every emotion

every action

seems so painfully naive.)

(Like I was starving with a feast laid out in front of me full of all the foods I had been loving and eating my whole life. . .

. . . but the only thing I craved was the unfamiliar, covered dish just out of reach.)

(Not knowing, not realizing, maybe not caring that it was covered for a reason.)

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