Because sometimes, Aang simply has weird taste in women.

Kuzon was 14 when Aang met him at the age of 10, in the shores of Ember Island where Monk Gyatso would take him during the summer. Despite the age difference, Kuzon had a mischievous spirit that rivalled Aang's own, as the two pulled various pranks on the poor unsuspecting tourists and visitors hanging out in the beach.

When the airbender asked the young Fire Nation what he was doing here, the boy would puff his black bangs in annoyance as he sourly admitted his family dragged him here to meet his fiancee.

"Arrange marriages suck." He finished, kicking the sand at his feet.

Aang perked up, he never seen Kuzon looked so down. "Well, what kind of girl is she?"

"Well," Kuzon said slowly, brows furrowed in contemplation "She's nice looking, I guess. But mom keeps going on and on how intelligent she is in the Academy and top of her class and junk like that. Actually... I never get the chance to know her pretty well."

"So how'd you assume your arrange marriage will suck if you don't know her at all?"

Kuzon groaned at his friend's naivete. "I just do alright?" He frowned. "Wait, why the heck are you giving me girl advice? Do you know how old you are?"

Aang puffed his small chest in affront. "Hey, I know what kind of girl I want, thank you very much!"


"She's strong, and kind and smart. The type of girl who always speaks her mind."

Kuzon stared at Aang in a dumbstruck expression before bursting into a peal of laughter.

"What?" Aang demanded, feeling his face flushed at his friend's reaction.

"You're probably the first guy in my life who told me the first thing you like in a girl is her brain." Kuzon chuckled. "Not 'beautiful' or 'smells nice' or 'great cook'."

"Well those are good reasons too!" Aang protested.

"Always speaks her mind? Hotman, she's gonna run you ragged with her opinions!" Kuzon calmed down long enough for him to clap his hand on Aang's shoulder in a gesture of sympathy. "But hey, I won't judge your taste."

Aang was taken aback, "My taste? What's wrong with my taste?"

But Kuzon dropped the matter altogether with a knowing smile, though it always puzzled Aang ever since.

"My taste isn't that bad, right guys?" In the same spot in the Ember Island beach many years after the War, as Aang recalled his story to his new best friends while watching the sunset. "Katara's a wonderful girl."

He suddenly realized that Sokka and Zuko were unusually quiet. "Right?" Aang again stressed, frowning at their lack of response.

"Yeah. Well... well, uh, I am happy for you." Zuko said, his eyes sideways as if the grain of sand at his left was the most interesting object he had ever seen in his life.

"Hey, I'm her brother. And I think it's awesome you and Katara are together." Sokka said, his grin unusually large, an eyebrow twitching. "Seriously."

Aang smiled, relieved of his friends' support on the matter. "Thanks, guys." He airbended himself to stand as he walked away to grab the large sack they collected from the ocean.

Zuko made sure Aang was way out of earshot when he muttered under his breath to the Water Tribe warrior. "Um... didn't Aang notice the reason we're here in the first place is that Katara's practically ordering us to get the ridiculous amount of sea urchins for that soup?"

"My sister is such a slave driver." Sokka whined. "I should have spend this afternoon with Suki!"

"Why didn't you just say no?"

Sokka threw him a challenging retort. "Why didn't you?"

"Hey, I've seen enough of Katara's wrath when I was the bad guy to teach me not to mess with her." Zuko shook his head as he watched Aang happily hummed, oblivious of their resentment. "Y'know... I really wonder what exactly he sees in her sometimes."

Sokka sighed again burying his face in his arms. "You and me both, buddy."