Hide (Hold The Seek) (Psych Love Drabble/Ficlet Series)

By Andie O'Neill

Genre: Humor, Pre-Slash

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter (Shassie), Gus/Juliet

Summary: Shawn hides under Lassiter's desk waiting for Gus to seek, but Gus is a bit distracted.

A/N: So out of pure boredom and because I was stuck at a stupid ALL DAY seminar, I've written a bunch of Psych drabbles. I call it "Psych Love Drabble/Ficlet Series" (awesome title, I know.)

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show.

Carlton Lassiter was tired, and not even the two cups of coffee he'd had on the way to work seemed to be doing anything. He was starting to wonder how the hell he'd make it through the day when he dropped his briefcase on his desk, pulled his chair out and sat down. With a sigh he opened his briefcase, frowning when his leg brushed against something. That was strange. When he felt something brush near his crotch he immediately jumped out of his chair with a yelp to see none other than Shawn Spencer staring up at him with a wry grin. "Hey Lassie! I would ask how it's hangin', but I think I already know," the psychic whispered, glancing at Lassiter's groin area.

Carlton glared at the pseudo psychic. "Spencer, what the hell are you doing under my desk?!" he barked angrily.

Shawn immediately raised a finger to his lips, shushing him. "Gus and I are playing hide and seek! He can't know I'm here."

Carlton somehow wasn't surprised knowing the antics Spencer and Guster often got into. Lassiter was reminded of the mini golf and darts incident. The two seemed insistent on making the SBPD their own personal playground. Remembering his blood pressure, Carlton took a deep cleansing breath. "Go hide somewhere else, Spencer. I have work to do."

"Aw come on, Lassie! He'll never find me here! It's like the best hiding place ever! I think he might actually be scared of you."

Carlton rubbed his temples, trying to ease the headache that only Spencer seemed to give him. "It's good to know at least one of you have some sense," he grumbled before noticing O'Hara talking to a dark figure nearby at her own desk. He immediately smiled in amusement. He didn't need to be a detective to know romance was in the air. "Spencer, I don't think you'll be finishing your game any time soon. It seems Mr. Guster's found other ways of amusing himself."

Shawn immediately frowned and peeked out over the desk, noticing the couple talking happily. Carlton had a feeling it had to do with comic books as he noticed Guster giving a very excited O'Hara something. His partner really was quite strange when Carlton thought about it. "Dude! You're supposed to be trying to find me!" Shawn shouted, crawling out from under Lassiter's desk.

Gus paused his conversation with Juliet and turned to look at him for a moment. "You're under Lassiter's desk… there, I found you," he spoke, then turned back to O'Hara.

Carlton snorted in amusement, earning him a glare from Shawn, before the psychic turned back to his best friend. "Not cool!" he shouted, then with a sigh, turned to look at Lassiter. "Wanna play a real intense game of hide and seek?" he asked.

Carlton's smile immediately disappeared as he sat back down and returned to his desk. "Never going to happen, Spencer."

Shawn immediately pouted.

The End