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The words you are about to read are in no way family or work friendly. They are of the sordid, hidden beneath the mattress type.

"Rose," the Doctor gasped for breath when he pulled away several minutes later. The things this man could do to her! The way he worshipped her mouth even as he devoured it. Rose already felt hazy with lust, but she wasn't so far gone that she didn't recognize her Doctor's tone.

"Oh, no." She told him sternly. "No backing out. Besides, that book made it very clear that you don't get a choice in this matter anymore. You don't get to say no." She ran her fingers along the bulge in the front of his pants. "As if I would let you, anyway."

His hips bucked into her touch and a sound very much like a growl leapt from his throat even as he lunged at her, rolling her onto her back, his weight pinning her, his hips grinding against hers. Rose moaned.

"Not saying no." He rasped in her ear. "I never would, and, no, I don't think I can at this point. However, I get a bit of a say in when. I had so many plans for this." He said. "I was going to make you beg." Another pinch. This time, Rose didn't hold back the whimper. A downright filthy grin lit his face. "Still am, 'smatter of fact." Rose rolled her hips up into his. His gasp made her grin to have a bit of power returned to her.

"You started this out making me take care of myself." The Doctor continued when he got control back over his breath. "You made me eat, made me relax, made me rest." He paused. "And then you did this. You really have sent my blood pressure on a ride." Rose couldn't find it in her to be chastened, when she felt the final destination straining against her. "There is one part of my plans that I won't let go. One part that fits in nicely with your scheme. Our first time," Rose tried to not get too excited by the promise in the word 'first.' "I want to at least have had a shower in the last twenty-four hours."

Rose almost screamed. Hell, she almost hit him. He expected her to wait?! God, but he was dense, sometimes.

And then inspiration struck, and Rose grinned up at him mischievously. After all, she had to concede the point.

"Need any help?" She asked wickedly, parroting his own words back at him. A slow smile spread across the Doctor's face.

"Now that you mention it, yeah. I think I do." He told her in a voice that made her shiver deliciously. "Wouldn't want to slip."

The TARDIS seemed to hum even more than usual as they made their way down the hall, arm in arm. Each of them stole a caress or snog whenever the opportunity presented itself. This was how she'd dreamed of being with him: open, unreserved. Almost carefree. A step away from perfect.

Rose felt that all she needed for this moment to be flawless would be to see his eyes. They hadn't yet said they loved each other, not out loud. Some small part of her was aware of that. But all of her, even that small voice, knew that they had expressed it just the same. Time for words would come later. This was a time for actions.

Having grown up on the Estates, Rose had only rarely been able to bring herself to use the shower room that she knew the Doctor preferred. It seemed cavernous compared to the cramped facilities she'd had at her mum's. Water came from several nozzles, and even could pour straight down the tile walls so that they were never cold. While perfect for getting rid of swamp mud, alien mucus, or any other type of goop the Doctor managed to get her covered in Rose found it a bit too big for everyday use. It always felt empty, lonely even.

As she surveyed it now, Rose realized that it was the perfect size for two. Particularly if they were to engage in some more acrobatic activities. Rose wasn't surprised to find her body wash, shampoo, and conditioner already waiting next to his. The TARDIS, it seemed, expected this to become a regular occurrence.

She closed the door behind herself and leaned on it, the wood of the door was chilly against her practically bare back. Even if he were blindfolded, Rose was both thrilled and nervous to be wearing only a bikini before him, now that she knew he was paying attention. So she stood for a moment, waiting for his lead, even as she drank in the sight of his flushed cheeks, parted lips, and straining erection still caged behind his trouser-zip. The Doctor shrugged out of his jacket and reached up to undo the knot of his tie. Rose stepped away from the door and placed her hand over his.

"Let me?" She murmured, not quite sure if she were asking or ordering. The Doctor nodded and lowered his hands.

"Yes, ma'am."

Rose started impatiently on his waistcoat. When its buttons were undone, Rose let it hang open for a moment, grabbing his tie and pulling him down roughly for a snog. The Doctor tried to follow her when she ended the kiss, which caused to grin and, merciful as she was, place another swift kiss on his lips.

"Do you have any idea how many uses your tie can have?" She purred darkly. The Doctor swallowed audibly. Rose fingered his blindfold lightly, careful not to shift it. "It's not just a sexy accessory. It's thick enough to block almost all light."

She trailed her fingers down his shirtsleeves, as close as she'd ever been to his bare skin, and circled his wrists. "Silk is strong enough to bind. Even you?" Her lips were brushing his ear, and she smiled to see him shudder. He was practically panting. Rose had never seen the Doctor this close to coming undone. She wanted to see how often she could make this happen. She trailed the tip of his tie across his lips. He swallowed, hard.

"It can even be used to stop an overactive gob. I hope I won't have to use it on you." There was dark promise in her voice, and Rose smirked to see him tremble.

He hadn't said a word. Rose was impressed by his control, and found herself growing damp at the thought of the uses it could be put to. And even wetter at the thought of making him lose that control.

She pulled the tie slowly from his neck. Silk against cotton was the only sound. His waistcoat was the next to go. She then started with the buttons of his cuffs. Bringing the hands up, one at a time, for easy access, Rose let her fingers work at the fastenings, while she kissed and licked and sucked the fingers that were right in front of her. Letting each hand fall in turn, Rose then tugged the shirt from where it was tucked into the Doctor's trousers. He gasped at this sudden friction so close to where he longed for Rose's touch.

Feeling contrary, Rose began with the buttons at the bottom of the shirt and worked steadily away from where the Doctor wanted her. A small chip in the Doctor's control appeared in the form of a small growl.

When the shirt was divested of, Rose hooked her fingers through his belt loops and dragged him forward so that his erection pressed against her the same way her breasts were flattened against him.

His tongue plundered her mouth dragging a whimper from her lips. She felt herself melt against him, so tempted to relinquish her position of power as his hands mapped her bare back, finding and undoing the ties that held up her bikini top. He threw the fabric away from them, and his hands make their way to her breasts. He weighed them, and brushed his thumbs over her nipples. When she was moaning, and he could feel how erect and tight her nipples were, he trailed his mouth down the column of her throat, and his questing lips found their way to her breasts. With a pleased moan, he encased a nipple in his mouth that was slightly warmer than the room, but cooler than she had ever experienced before.

Eyes closed, head thrown back, Rose fumbled with his belt buckle. As soon as it opened, she attacked the button beneath. Her fingers brushed his erection as she worked. The Doctor groaned and the vibration seemed to shoot through her nipple, straight to her clit. Her fingers spasmed against him, and he bucked his hips towards her, giving her just the leverage she needed to slip the button free. The zipper came undone easily. And, leaving the Doctor in only black boxer-briefs, Rose shoved the trousers and belt over the Doctor's slender hips to pool at his feet.

His feet that were still clad in socks and Converse.

"Bugger." Rose muttered.


The Doctor could tell that all teasing had left Rose as she assaulted the laces of his trainers. She had them off much faster than he could have done in his blinded state, and his socks were removed with nothing more than a brief caress of the sole of his foot, a quick and passing attempt to tickle him.

Now barefoot, the Doctor stepped out of the pool of clothes that surrounded him, pulling his pants off as he did. He sighed in relief as his erection was released from its prison, standing erect, begging for Rose's attention.

Attention that she didn't hesitate to lavish. Before his underwear hit the ground, Rose's hot hand was encircling the base of his penis and lazily stroking up his length.

It felt like his brain was about to short-circuit. It felt like a heaven he'd never believed in before. It felt like a lazy fire followed after Rose's touch, but, like Moses' fiery shrub, it never burned him. Instead, it stoked him to new heights of arousal. Is this what it's like for humans every time? No wonder they did it so frequently. No wonder they went to such lengths to get this. Every great achievement that mankind had ever made suddenly made sense. He would do anything, absolutely anything for Rose to let him feel like this again.

Every inch of him yearned for her touch. His hearts wanted to crawl inside her and never leave. The Doctor captured Rose's lips in a bruising, demanding kiss. His tongue plundered her mouth. He wanted to make her feel like she made him feel. He wanted to make her moan, make her beg, make her scream. Judging from the way she was leaning against him for support, the Doctor was well on his way to doing just that.

One arm wrapped around Rose's waist, his other hand undoing the ties that held the skimpy bikini bottom clinging to her hips, the Doctor pushed Rose backwards into the shower. The last scrap of clothing between them was tossed over the Doctor's shoulder as warm water began to cascade over them.

The sluice reminded them both of the reason they were here. The Doctor felt Rose reach away from him, and he let her. A small plastic pop released a scent that almost tingled in his nose. How he loved his clever ship. T'rrvillik soap. It washed away all dirt and grime. Rid the skin of anything malodorous. But its main attraction was how it matched its scent to the pheromones being created by its user. The Doctor had often thought that the best perfume is just Rose. And now he would get it. Pure Rose. Pure, aroused Rose would soon be floating in the air.

The touch of a lathered cloth on his back brought the Doctor's thoughts back from the fantasies playing in his mind. He let her take charge. She ran trails of lather across his back, down his arms and across his stomach. The soft touch of the cloth brushing across his nipples caused him to gasp and grind against her. One of her hands snaked back and squeezed his buttocks.

"Rose." He groaned. He wasn't sure if it were a demand, or a plea, or a prayer. But he did know that she was his only tether to reality, now as always. He felt her skin slide against his as she lowered herself to kneel before him. She washed his feet, his shins and calves, his thighs. The water which fell from all directions quickly rinsed the suds and the grime and the fear away. Soap covered fingers replaced the cloth as Rose gently washed his genitals, careful to explore it all. From the inquisitive touch, the Doctor imagined that Rose was cataloguing his every reaction. He could almost see her grin when a swipe over his head caused his cock to jump in her grasp. The Doctor expected Rose to stand back up when she was done with washing him. He couldn't see the wicked glint that appeared in her eyes as she considered the offering twitching for her attention inches from her face. Nor could he see the smug look that suffused her countenance when he groaned so loudly it was almost a yell as she slowly engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around him, and the Doctor thought for sure that he would come apart. That every atom in his being would stop spinning if she did much more of that.

"Rose." He said again. This time he was sure it was a plea, though he didn't know what for. He thought she might know. Whatever it was that he needed, the Doctor knew that only Rose could give it to him. One of her hands began to pump his shaft as her mouth continued its ministrations.

She was going to kill him. He'd danced before, but never as part of a bonding. He'd never known pleasure this intense. He wasn't sure his body could take it.

Rose's second hand came up to play with his balls, and his imminent death became that much closer. When she started sucking, the Doctor's knees buckled. His nervous system had to be breaking down as it sporadically sent random bursts of pleasure down his spine, throughout his body. He couldn't take this much longer. He felt her lips slide further down his shaft. All thought stopped.

All he could do is feel. Her tongue lapped along his length, and then she took him as deep as she could, relaxing her throat. She began to suck again, and then she did something he never could have predicted. She swallowed.

"Ro…sto…puh…" Could talk for the planet, but any superiority he'd had or thought he'd had fled. That was the closest he could manage to a warning, but she ignored him and did it again.

With a shout of her name, the Doctor came, His semen shot from him with such force that he briefly entertained the terrifying notion of choking her. Rose swallowed it with the ease of someone who had done this before, and, no, that was not jealousy. Much.

He realized she was standing again when Rose whispered in his ear.

"I suppose I should get myself cleaned up." The Doctor grabbed the back of her head just hard enough to reassert control, and drowned himself in the mouth. To taste himself on her lips was the single most erotic experience of his life and he felt himself begin to get hard again.

"I think I like you better dirty." He told her, and felt her shiver at his words despite the warmth of the water spilling down them.

"Doctor." Rose whispered.

"Well, if you insist." He murmured, reaching for the alcove that the TARDIS held the bottle of T'rrvillik soap in. The Doctor found the washcloth draped over the bottle, because the TARDIS knew a blind Time Lord groping in the shower was only begging for a concussion. He ran the cloth over her arms, learning the feel of every hair against the fingertips that followed. He let his hands skitter over her rib cage, tantalizingly close to her breasts. Rose made a noise of frustration in the back of her throat. The Doctor chuckled.

"Patience." He chided her as he washed her stomach, down over the swell of her hips. He was surprised by his control. He hadn't touched any where he was longing to explore. He, too, knelt in front of her to begin at her feet and work up her legs. When he reached the apex of her thighs, he stopped and stood.

"Bastard," She muttered.

The Doctor chuckled wickedly, pulling her flush against him so she could feel his renewed erection. "Now, now, Rose Tyler. That's not very nice at all. And here I was thinking of doing this." He rasped the cloth over her nipple and put a gentle finger over it to feel it pucker and strain towards him. He let the cloth run over the rest of the breast, smirking at Rose's moan, and waited until the suds were rinsed off to pull the desperate nipple into his mouth. Almost instantly, Rose's hands came up to gently hold his head in place. He rasped the cloth over the ignored breast.

"God." She murmured, fingers spasming against his scalp.

The Doctor released her. "That's much nicer." He told her with a triumphant grin before returning to his work. Sighs and whispers spurred the Doctor on. He ran the soapy cloth over her buttocks, squeezing and kneading it.

"Doctor." Rose whispered. He gave her rear a light slap. Rose gasped.

"All clean." He told her in a chipper voice. Rose growled.

"Actually, Doctor, I think you might have missed a spot." She told him. The Doctor could hear her patience beginning to snap.

"Did I?" He asked, feeling puckish. "I don't think so, Rose." He pretended to think, and absentmindedly played with Rose's nipples. She whimpered, and he could feel her shift as she rubbed her thighs together to try to provide some stimulation where she needed it most. When that wasn't enough, Rose grabbed the Doctor's hips and ground her own against his. The Doctor would never admit to the sound that came from him then, but Rose always said it sounded something like "guh." Unable to remember why he'd been teasing her, the Doctor gave in.

"You're right, Rose. I think I did miss a spot."


Rose moaned when the Doctor finally began to explore her folds. She already knew that she was hot and wet in a way that had nothing to do with the water pouring down on her. The Doctor's fingers toyed with her slit, playing with the mousey curls he found there. Then, using just the rounded point of the tip of his finger, he parted her slit, running it from the top to where her thighs met and barred his progress. The touch was so light that it didn't reach where she wanted it. With a whimper, Rose spread her legs, leaning back against the wall. The water that trickled down the tile flowed around her in rivulets.

Looking pleased to be granted greater access, the Doctor let one finger dip inside. His groan when he discovered physical evidence of just how much she wanted this, made Rose feel sexy in a way no one had managed before. He let this one, felicitous digit explore her folds briefly. It circled her opening before he drew it into his mouth. Rose watched his cheeks hollow as he suckled her juices off his finger. She remembered entirely too well how it had felt just a few hours ago to have her own fingers given such treatment.

Bending her knees just enough for her to angle her pelvis away from the wall, Rose let her body beg for her. It was a motion that should have been futile against the Doctor's blindness, but he was so close, breathing in the smell of her, learning the taste of her, that she was able to brush her curls over the hand that currently occupied his mouth. Possessing a brain roughly the size of a proto-star, it didn't take long for the Doctor to glean exactly what had happened from this small sensation.

Before this moment, Rose hadn't known that it was possible to leer with your eyes covered. He slowly pulled his finger from his mouth, much like a child reluctant to relinquish a piece of candy. He had to know she was watching, that every moment brought her that much closer to breaking.

The Doctor leaned forward. Rose could feel his breath on wet, wanting flesh. His nose briefly nuzzled her hair, and Rose whimpered when his tongue began to lap at her. It didn't take long for him to find her clit, standing tall and proud, aching for his touch. He swiped over it twice with a flattened tongue before nipping it lightly.

Rose's knees buckled. The Doctor put both hands at her waist to steady her, not stopping his actions.

He probed her opening with his tongue, burying it as deep inside her as he could. It was so much. Dear God, it was too much, but it wasn't enough. Rose was being held together by only the most tenuous of threads, but she was held together.

She clamped down her muscles on his tongue, trying to pull him further inside. The increased friction was good, so good, but not in the right place. She needed him just a bit north of where he was drowning in her flavor.

"Doctor," she pleaded. Taking pity on her, the Doctor took one of his hands away from her waist and plunged two fingers into her, his mouth moving back to her clit. She nearly fell over, but the hand that was still at her waist moved so that his whole forearm braced her like a lap bar on a roller coaster.

And what a ride. This was everything she'd never had. The Doctor prodded her clit with the tip of his tongue. His fingers thrust into her, a small twist when they were deepest. Rose didn't care if she were moaning like a tart; she didn't care if she were screaming his name. The Doctor had her against a wall and was filling her with his fingers while his mouth worshipped her clit.

Then, the Doctor wrapped his sinful lips around her engorged nub and sucked. Rose was quite certain she screamed, though she doubted it was anything coherent, as every strand that had been holding her together snapped in unison, and she shattered beneath his onslaught.


The Doctor felt Rose come undone beneath him. What she screamed may have been a single syllable word that began with an L and ended with the sound of a V, and it was a balm to his hearts in a way he hadn't expected. Instead of dreading that word, he found he craved her saying it again.

Her walls quivered around his fingers, and her hips bucked into him. He could imagine her head thrown back in abandon. Or would she be staring down, drinking in the sight of his head beneath her thighs?

Dammit all, the Doctor wanted to know. He wanted to see her when she came around him. This game had gone on for long enough. For only a moment, the Doctor forgot why he'd been blindfolded, but a moment was all it took for him to pull the cloth off over his head. By the time he remembered that he was terrified, he already knew he had nothing to fear.

Rose was staring down at him in shock. He'd given no indication that he was ready to see her, and she hadn't wanted to push it. She hadn't fully recovered from the orgasm, he knew, because his fingers were still in her and he could feel her last tremors. And now, he was looking into her warm, chocolate eyes.

"Rassilon, you're beautiful." He murmured, unbidden. The only thought he could muster at the moment. It must have been too much. The Doctor was standing, cradling her face in his hands in an instant kissing away the tears that he could distinguish from the shower water only by scent. He gathered her against him, and she clung to him like he was the only thing keeping her from falling. Or maybe he was the reason she fell. "Don't cry." The Doctor begged. "Oh, please don't cry, you precious thing." He planted a kiss on the crown of her head. "I love you. I don't want you to be sad." A small sob escaped from the marvelous human in his embrace and the Doctor wondered just how he'd manage to bollocks it all up.

Rose looked up at him, and he knew it was with trepidation that he returned the gaze. Then her hands were in his hair, her lips, teeth, tongue were against his, and maybe it hadn't all gone quite to pot.

"I love you, too, you idiot." Rose told the Doctor affectionately when they broke apart, equally breathless. "And I was afraid I'd never see you again." When the Doctor continued to look puzzled, Rose sought to explain. "Maybe…I was afraid more that you'd never see me again." She tried. The Doctor felt as though he'd been punched in the gut. His hearts squeezed at the thought.

"Oh, Rose. Oh, I'm sorry. This one was really hard on you, wasn't it?" He asked gently.

"Not any harder than it was for you." She insisted, squeezing him tight, giving the lie to her nonchalance. He drank in her face for a moment, before allowing himself his first perusal of her body. His cock twitched in anticipation. Rose smirked. "Not any harder than you are, now." She rejoined.

"Please tell me you did not just say that." The Doctor asked even as he felt himself harden a bit further under attention.

"Why? You seemed to like it."

"I like everything you do." The Doctor told her darkly, "but that doesn't mean you should sound like a…corny romance novel."

Rose ran her hand lightly along his shaft, up his stomach and looped it around his neck. He watched her pupils dilate ever so slightly as she held his gaze. "Maybe you should shut me up, then." She whispered in his ear.

The Doctor's mouth crashed down on hers, and he reached out blindly, although no longer blind, for the knob. The water cut off. Rose was pulled out of the shower and draped in a towel that almost immediately was lost again without him breaking the kiss.

This shower room had two doors. One led into the hall next to Rose's room, and the other directly into the Doctor's room. They practically fell through the latter.

The fact that Rose didn't hesitate, that she took his hand and led him with her to his bed, filled the Doctor with warmth he didn't quite understand. Rose sat herself in the center of the bed. When the Doctor just stared at the vision before him a bit too long, Rose looked him in the eye and pronounced his salvation.

"Make love to me."

"Rose, I-"

"Shut up, Doctor. For once, just…do what I say."

In an instant, the Doctor's weight was pressing into her. "Do you intend to always be this bossy once we're bound?" He whispered in her ear.

"I won't boss you any more that you boss me." She told him directly. "That being said, if sweet-talk won't work…" Rose gave the shell of his hear a lick and growled. "Fuck me already." He couldn't believe she'd just said that. Words of filth dripping from the lips of a goddess. He couldn't believe how aroused that made him.

From her smirk, the Doctor deduced that she was satisfied that her words had had the desired effect when one of his knees forced its way between hers. Rose eagerly parted her legs beneath him. His head was quickly positioned at her entrance.

And then he paused. Rose let out a noise alarmingly similar to a keen. "Please." She whimpered. "Doctor, please." She arched her hips up to his and then moaned deep in her throat when he thrust into her. As soon as he was sheathed, he stilled. This was perfection. This was where he belonged: enveloped by her, bonded to her. He felt her muscles stretch and relax around him, waiting for her to adjust, trying to catch his breath.

The Doctor's head had fallen to rest on her shoulder as he reestablished control, but Rose wouldn't allow it. Rose wanted to see him break inside her. Wanted to watch his eyes as he surrendered. She told him as much. With a nip to his collarbone, Rose began to rock beneath him.

With a gasp and a whine, the Doctor withdrew from her and slammed back into her wet embrace.

She whimpered beneath him and clutched at his shoulders, her nails digging in. The Doctor felt a sort of masculine pride when she cried out with his next thrust. Her feet hooked around his bum, letting him in deeper.

It was all too much. Her muscles clenched around him. Her breath on his neck, her voice in his ear pleading with him for more, harder, faster, there.

The Doctor had always known that sex with Rose Tyler would go beyond any fling, any experiment he may have had. He'd just never been able to realize how much further this could go. How much more it could be.

He wanted to watch her come, see her quiver beneath him. He wanted to make up for every nuance of every expression that he had missed over the past few days.

Snaking a hand down between them, the Doctor pressed against her clit, watching her eyes fly open in surprise.

"Come for me, my Rose. Let me watch you."

"Doctor." Seemed all she could get out.

For whatever reason, it seemed the right time to say it again. "I love you." He told her and then groaned as she came around him, every muscle clamped down on him, trying to hold him in, hold him close. He wasn't sure how he managed to keep his eyes open, but he had had enough of being blind.

Rose pulled him down for a kiss as he finally snapped in her arms. The Doctor collapsed on her as her muscles milked the last of his fluids from him. He briefly worried about making it hard for her to breathe, but Rose tightened her grip on him, and he was content to bask in her grasp.

"I love you, too." She told him, nuzzling the crown of his head.

When the Doctor felt he could move again, he rolled onto his side, pulling Rose with him.

"So that was bonding, yeah?" Rose asked.


"You're stuck with me now." She said with a grin.

"I think, Rose Tyler, you'll find that it's you who are stuck with me." He replied, returning her smile.


"Y'know, we need to talk. There's no telling what this could have done to you."

"Means I get you, so it's all good, yeah?" She told him. At his mixed expression of adoration and concern, Rose ran a hand along his cheek. "Tell you what, you let me sleep now, and you can run whatever tests you want when I wake up."

"Deal." The Doctor said a little too quickly.

"No waking me up in half an hour, mind." Rose cautioned.

"Are you sure? I can think of some very pleasant ways to wake you up."

Rose laughed and gave him a small shove. "I'm sure you can. Sleep first."

A yawn took the Doctor by surprise and he nodded.

"Rose Tyler, I do believe you wore me out." He mock admonished her. Rose just beamed unabashedly.

"I better have." A pause. "Will it be like this every time?" She asked.

No one could blame her for giggling her agreement when the Doctor replied eagerly, "Oh, I hope so."