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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): Junjou Romantica/Inuyasha

Genre: Romance/comedy/some action/slight drama/…. Maybe some lemon in the future

Pairing: Usami Akihoki (Usagi-san)/Kagome Higurashi/Takahashi Misaki (Get ready for some threesome action XD)

Summary: Misaki is soon told that his distant cousin is coming to stay with him and Usami while attending M University to become a writer. After getting permission from Usami, saying it was okay for her to stay, Misaki's distant cousin, Higurashi Kagome arrives. How will things turn out when Kagome finds out that she not only gets to see her cousin and best friend but she also get to live with her role model, Usami Akihiko?

Making Fiction Become Reality

Chapter One

It was a normal day at Usami's five-bedroom apartment with Misaki washing the dishes after they were finished with breakfast. And as Usami was about to grab the college boy from behind, the phone rang making said boy escape his clutches to go answer it.

"Hello, Usami residence." Misaki paused before hearing a familiar voice from the other end of the line, "Ah, Aunt Kun-loon! How'd you get this number? … Ní-san gave it to you? … Yeah, I'm living with a friend of his until he comes back from Osaka."

"ehhhh! She's coming here? What for?...school?" Misaki listened, nodding his head, "She's coming here to become a writer?...ummm...stay here?...ummm I don't think it will be a ...wait..." Misaki looked at the phone that was now beeping...

"She hung up..." He whispered, before falling to his knees and saying a litter louder, "I can't believe she hung up…" as he stared at the phone with wide eyes.

Usami raised a brow at the boy before walk up behind Misaki and asked, "What's wrong? Whom did your brother give my number to?"

"That was my aunt… well, technically, she's one of my distant cousins who insist that I call her my Aunt… she called asking if her daughter could stay with me to go to school since she's studying to become a writer herself. But right when I was about to tell her that's probably a bad idea for her to come… Aunt Kun-loon just hung up." Misaki answered, not able to believe his luck. And he already knew that his wacko landlord was gonna pitch a fit.

"When is she coming over?"

Misaki blinked, "umm. In a little while...today."

"Hmmm" Usami mumbled.

"Are you ok with this.." Misaki looked over at him, hoping that he wasn't mad.

"It's fine, as long as she stays out of my way." Usami told him in an "I don't care" voice.

After seeing Usami leave for his room, Misaki started to get to work in tidying the place up and getting a room ready for his cousin; all the while with a smile on his face since he hadn't seen her since second year, High School.


Meanwhile, Kagome was riding in a taxi to the address her mother got from her cousin, Takahiro while a little nervous about seeing Misaki after so long. While it's true that they were only distantly related, they were still close and had been since they were little kids. But they had grown a bit apart after Kagome was dragged down the well.

Now, after coming home for good, graduated from high school, and now accepted into M University to major in Japanese Literature, she hopes to be able to spend time with Misaki and maybe find a good job with a magazine or publishing company to earn some money. But for the time being, she'll look for a part-time job to pay for rent and intuition.

The taxi soon came to a stop before the driver turned to her and spoke, "Here we are, missy. Do you need help with your bags?"

"Oh, no thank you. I can manage. You've already helped me so much when helping me getting them in the trunk." Kagome smiled as she paid him before getting out and getting her two other bags in the trunk. Once she got them, the taxi drove off and Kagome looked to the building Misaki was staying in.

"So this is it.." Kagome said as she started walking towards the building, "Not bad.."

Kagome walked up the staris and to the number that was written down on a piece of paper, "here it is..."

Kagome took a deep breath before she knocked on the door.


Inside, Misaki was just finishing making up Kagome's bed when he heard a knock on the door. He instantly perked up with excitement and yelled out, "I got it! I got it!" Making his way to the front door and opening it, he was met with a pair of familiar deep blue eyes that were nearly covered by dark raven bangs.

"Gome-chan! Long time no see!" Misaki greeted before wrapping his arms around Kagome.

Kagome who wasn't expecting to be glomped lost her balance and they both ended up on the floor.

"Ugh, you know your heavy Misaki.." Kagome muttered from the ground. Kagome heard light chuckling from inside the apartment. Kagome looked up at the door, and her eyes widened a little and thought, 'It can't be...he's living with HIM!'

Inside the apartment chuckling in amusement was her literature idol and erotica role model, Usami Akihiko! Sandy blonde hair, violet eyes, a strong chin- it was definitely him! She momentarily glared at the boy who was still on top of her with his arms around her waist, 'Lucky bastard…'

Getting up from on top of Kagome, Misaki took a better look at her and noticed that her hair was much longer than he remembered it being. She was also dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans and a black bell-sleeved turtleneck with a black Dexter hat on her head. He had to admit that she became very beautiful and her rare blue eyes made her more alluring.

Yes, when they were kids, Misaki used to have such a crush on Kagome that his parents, when they were alive thought that it was adorable. And he adored her even more for her caring nature when she comforted him after his parent's death.

Getting off of her Misaki smiled, "It's nice to see you again!"

Kagome returned the smile, getting up, "You too." She ruffled his hair, earning her protests from him saying that he wasn't a kid anymore.

Kagome bowed to Usami, "Thank you for letting me stay here."

"It's not a problem…" Usami was a bit surprised to see Misaki had glomped a girl who was around his age with dark raven hair that reached her mid-thigh and deep blue eyes. For a young woman who was in college, she was pretty attractive even though he wasn't interested in women. He noticed that, despite that she very petite, she was looked like a young woman.

'She most likely gets mistaken for a high school student or younger though…' he thought as he watched Misaki lift one of her bags and led her inside, saying that he would lead her to her room. As she was about to pick up her other bags, Usami walked up to her and grabbed her heaviest bag from her.

"Oh, Usami-sensei. You don't have to help with my bags."

Usami ignored her and followed Misaki, with a protesting Kagome behind. When they made it to one of the extra rooms, one which was next to Misaki's, the two males set Kagome's bags they carried next to the door before letting the mentioned girl in to look at her new room.

Kagome stopped her protests as soon as she saw how big her new room was… it was so much more spacious than her old room! The same went with the bed… it looked like a queen size compared to her twin sized one at home! In the corner of the room, next to the glass sliding doors was a low table that she could use as a desk for her laptop and other writing material as well as her schoolbooks. In another corner was a bookshelf for whatever effects she brought with her.

Happy that Kagome seemed to like the room, Misaki spoke, "Why don't you get settled in Kagome. Once you're done unpacking, come downstairs so that we can have some tea and catch up?"

Turning to her cousin and friend, Kagome smiled and answered, "Okay, I'll be down as soon as I'm finished…"

The two nodded, and left the room, leaving Kagome alone in her new room. Sitting on the bed Kagome let out a sigh of relief, " Well that was a big surprise... I never expected to meet the real Usami..."

Kagome opened her bag and pulled out a romance book, "To think I would meet my favorite author and end up living in the same house..." She flipped to the last page where a picture of Usami was and a summery about the author.

When Kagome first seen a picture of him, she thought he was very handsome for someone who was ten years older than herself. But when she found out that he wrote Yaoi erotica books under an alias from one of her friends after coming home for good in her third year of high school, she was a bit hesitant to buy one. Sure she had seen a couple Yaoi manga from said friends but never had the courage to buy one for her self. Close to her graduation though, her friend Ayumi- who to her surprise was a real yaoi freak- bought her one of Usami's normal novels AND a BL novel of his for her.

At first she was so embarrassed to read it and was afraid that if her mother or anyone in her family caught her with it… let's say she didn't want to think about the results.

Although… one day, her mother did find to book while she was cleaning her room… and her reaction was quite the opposite of what she had in mind.

Her mother was actually a fan of Akikawa Yayoi herself; Akikawa Yayoi being Usami's alias used for his Boy Love novels. Hell the older woman even had a secret stash of his books in the attic!

Anyway, after reading his books both under his real name and his alias, Kagome became inspired to be an erotica writer and maybe even write a series that was about her journey in the Sengoku era. For now though, she was writing short stories for magazines without profit but while attending Matsuhashi University and taking Japanese Literature for her Major, Kagome hoped that she'll be able to find a job in the publishing world.

Getting up from the bed, and sat the book down, "I will start unpacking after some tea... it will be nice to catch up with Misaki." Kagome made her way to the door and down the stairs.

When down the stairs Kagome made her way to the table where Misaki and Usami were sitting. Taking off her Dexter hat, Kagome took a seat in the couch that was across from the two males. Accepting the tea from Misaki, Kagome started, "It really has been a long time, Misaki."

"Yeah, when was the last time we saw each other? The Girl's festival that took place at your shrine after you fourteenth birthday?"

Kagome laughed, remembering the event, "Oh my god, it was! That was when you decided to-" before she could finish, Misaki threw a huge stuffed bear at her, making her laugh harder at Misaki's embarrassment.

"Don't say anything about that, Kagome!" Misaki ordered while practically red in the face from embarrassment. He never wanted anyone outside the family to hear about that.

During the Girls' festival, since he wasn't able to get her anything for her birthday and since she had often wondered what a boy would look like in girls' clothes, he decided to dress in a girls' kimono just for her.

"Don't say anything about it… alright." Misaki told Kagome. She nodded and he let his hand off her mouth.

"Sorry, but it still was the best..." Kagome laughed, as she watched Misaki's face start to turn red.

"Hmm, so what is this about a girls' festival..." Usami asked, looking at the now frozen Misaki.

Kagome smirked, " Weeeellll..." Misaki soon tried to tackle her to make not say anything but she dodged him, making him land face first on the couch she was sitting on before she sat back down on his back with her hand forcing his head into the cushions.

As Misaki continued to struggle while absently wondering how Kagome got such quick reflexes, Kagome answered Usami with a smirk, "Because Misaki felt horrible for getting me anything for my fourteenth birthday… he went through the trouble of dressing in a woman's kimono for me- makeup and all." Then she added with a sly glint in her eyes, "Hell, he even went so far as to shave his legs for that one moment."

Usami smirked, and took a sip of tea, "Hmm, it would be an interesting sight to see... I wouldn't mind seeing it again..."

Kagome smiled, "I might be able to manage something... sometime."

"No you will not!" Misaki yelled, pulling his face out of the coach, but before he could say more she pushed his head pack down.

His distant cousin then turned to him with a slight pout on her lips, "Aw, come on, Misa-chan! You actually looked good in drag." He last comment gave him just the boost he needed to push Kagome off of him, making her yelp in surprise before laughing her ass off while Misaki fumed, glaring at her before saying, "Quit calling me 'Misa-chan'!"

"Well, it's either that or be named after that air headed blond model who calls herself 'Misa-Misa'. Your call…" Kagome grinned after calming down. Looking at Misaki now, her grin became wider as she saw him looking like he was about to blow his top.

As their interaction continued, Usami watched them with an unreadable expression. He could see that these two were very close and with the way Kagome teased Misaki was similar to how normal older siblings teased their younger siblings… except these two acted closer than siblings. Their bond was that of very close friends who practically grew up together.

His attention then moved to Kagome, his new freeloader. Even after spending a short amount of time with her and just hearing one story about Misaki's past from her, he couldn't help but think that she wasn't as bad as he thought. She was at least more tolerable than his editor, Aikawa.

After Kagome and Misaki settled down the sat back down. Usagi took the time to get some information out of Kagome.

"I heard you were going to go to the university here, what are you studying?" Usagi asked, curious on what field of work she was going too.

"I'm gonna try majoring in Japanese Literature since I want to become a writer. But if I can't pass that, I'll just go into Japanese folklore and history." Kagome answered with a confident smile before taking another sip of her tea. A part of her wanted to tell the man in front of her that he was who inspired her to take that choice on a career but she felt that he'd probably be annoyed in hearing that and think she was a hopeless twit.

"And what genre are you planning to write for when you become a writer?" Usagi asked, now interested after hearing that she was taking up a writing career. When he got the chance, he wanted to see if she was good or at least had the potential to become a well-known Authoress.

A modest blush soon colored Kagome cheeks before she answered with a giddy tone in her voice, "I'm gonna go for history, romance, and fantasy but mostly Erotica and smut."

Misaki spat out his tea before staring at Kagome in shock, thinking, 'OH MY GOD! NOT KAGOME TOO!"

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