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Chapter Five

It was a Sunday and the sound of keys on a keyboard could be heard clicking from Kagome's laptop as she continued to type for the second volume of her book series. The book series was a retelling of her trips to the past, with the renaming of her friends and the humans and demons she had encountered. The night before, she had already finished the last chapter of her first volume and was now starting the first chapter of Volume Two.

This was the book she told Aikawa-san about on the first day she went to university. Kagome knew that the older woman would be happy to hear that she was finally finished with the manuscript for her first book. But Kagome was a little hesitant to let a professional editor like Aikawa read her work.

Pausing in her typing to stretch, a knock came to her door before she gave permission to let them enter. The door opened to reveal Misaki telling her that lunch was just about ready.

"Okay, Misaki. I'll be right down." She smiled before turning back to her laptop and finishing the chapter of Volume 2 of her book series.

The moment Misaki caught sight of what Kagome was wearing made him blush at how cute yet sexy she looked. She wore a short but loose white tank top that had angel wings printed on the back and with straps that seem to fall off her shoulders every now and then and a pair of short boy shorts. And her long raven hair was pulled up in a high messy bun that was held up by a pencil.

Despite it being autumn, it was pretty warm today but it was beautiful weather to wear not so thick clothes and open up the windows to air the place out. And Kagome had the right idea of opening her balcony door and wearing some casual house clothes.

Seeing a small stack of papers next to Kagome's laptop, curiosity got the better of Misaki as he walked up to Kagome's workspace and looked over her shoulder. On the top page, Misaki could read, "Trials of a Holy Maiden - Volume I: The Feudal Fairytale Begins by Higurashi Kagome".

The green-eyed boy guess that this was the book Kagome was talking about with Aikawa-san. Even the title made it sound so interesting even though he never heard what it was about.

Glancing at Kagome, he didn't fail to notice the span of her slender neck nor did he miss her scent of mint and green tea. Misaki could feel himself getting lightheaded from the simple but sweet scent. The modest but tempting view of her cleavage from where he stood didn't help as his heartbeat picked bit, his face and the rest of his body started to warm up before he swallowed, his mouth suddenly feeling dry.

Feeling someone looking over her shoulder, Kagome paused in her typing for a moment before continuing as she spoke without looking up from her laptop screen, "Is there anything else, Misaki?"

Her voice was enough to bring him back to reality, making him stutter a bit before clearing his throat and asking almost quickly, "Um… Is- uh, that the book that Aikawa-san mentioned the day you first moved in?"

"Yep, and I just finished it late last night. Aikawa-san said that if she liked it, there's a chance that she'll be able to publish it." Kagome answered with a grin, pretty excited yet nervous about giving the manuscript to Aikawa. Hopefully the older woman would like it.

"So if all goes well, this could be your first publishing…" Misaki said softly, happy that Kagome's dream could be realized sooner than she believed.

With an affirmed nod, Kagome inwardly thought sheepishly, 'Although, these are practically my diaries rewritten in third person, the rest of the world and any who reads it will think it nothing more than a fairytale…'

From the doorway, Usagi was leaning against the doorframe watching Misaki acting like he was still in high school. He saw how the younger boy acted but for some reason it didn't bother him. But as a man, he couldn't blame Misaki for acting the way he was since he understood that Kagome was a very attractive young woman in her own right and she took very good care of herself. She was also very polite, spoke her mind, and had a lot of other traits that any intelligent man would want in a woman.

As Misaki excused himself, the younger boy left to take care of lunch, slipping passed Usagi, the older man walked into his second freeloader's room and made his way to where she sat before noticing her manuscript.

After reading the title, he picked it up, flipping the title page back and skimmed through the prologue and the beginning of the first chapter. His speed reading soon slowed before he started reading the first chapter word for word as it described how a young heroin, who just turned fifteen, was dragged down a well by a demon… and after the demon released her, the young girl climbs out of the well only to find that everything was completely different time and place from before…

Saving her work on her laptop, Kagome stretched her arms once again before she noticed that the manuscript of her first book wasn't on the desk and that Usagi was standing beside her… and reading through her manuscript. The miko writer was silent for a while, watching her role model read her work. The silence was deafening as Kagome saw Usagi make his way to her bed to sit down.

Was he gonna like it? Would he think that she had potential? Would he hate her work?

So many questions went through Kagome's mind as she watched Usagi continue reading.

It was official… Usagi was clearly hooked after just finishing chapter one that had about thirteen pages or more. Kagome's work had fantasy, history, drama, Japanese folklore and mythology, some humor, suspense, and most of all the beginning of a potential romance. Yes, Kagome had great potential as a writer combined with a brilliant muse. Usagi had no doubts that she would become a well-known writer if her work were to be published.

Not able to take the silence, Kagome gave a swallow before speaking, "Ano… Sensei…" Usagi then looked up from his place in reading the second page of chapter two before Kagome continued, "So… what do you think?" Although the manuscript was basically her life story, Kagome didn't know if she had the potential to be a full-fledged novelist.

The violet-eyed man gave a light grin before answering, "Ah, I admit, you have a lot of potential. From what I read so far, the plot has great appeal; taking a girl from a modern present setting and having her thrown into a world and time different from her own in many aspects. If published, it could ultimately become a classic in itself."

"I hope you're not saying that just make me keep my hopes up…"

"Not at all. While I may not be a fantasy novelist, I know a potential fantasy novel when I read it especially with a potential romance with its ups and downs along with drama. And your work had caught my interest. If it's caught my interest, there's no doubt that it will catch the interest of any other reader." Usagi wasn't lying. Yes, he wasn't a writer for fantasy but he knew a good one when he read it. And Kagome's first book was that good.

In his mind, it almost sounded like a whole new idea of Alice in Wonderland but with Japanese history and folklore influencing the plot as well as the action, romance, supernatural, and everything else that made a good book.

Kagome's face warmed slightly at Usagi's praise, not expecting him to say that much after just reading the prologue, chapter one, and the beginning of chapter two.

The first book itself was at least nine chapters long, including the prologue and each chapter was at least ten pages or more with each of her experiences in the feudal era written in great detail. The first series was going to be three volumes altogether talking about how she met all her friends and the events in between while the last chapter will be when she and her friends had faced that fake water god.

Before she made plans on her second series of her adventures, Kagome wanted to finish her first one and hope that volume one would get published. If it did and she got a very good amount of readers and fans, then she'll think about plans for her second series.

But all in all, Usagi's praise and compliments boosted her self-confidence in continuing to write and couldn't help but smile her thanks while feeling good about her work.

Remembering that Misaki said that lunch was ready, Kagome stood lifting her arms over her head and stretched. While doing so, she unknowingly gave Usagi a glimpse of her flat and toned stomach when her shirt rose up a bit.

Her skin was in-between sun kissed and pale (not sickly) while her abdomen was flat with toned muscle- not an ounce of fat or sign of a pudge. For a moment when he saw the smooth skin of her stomach, Usagi was tempted to reach his hand out and see if said skin was as smooth as it looked.

"I don't know about you Sensei, but eating some lunch made by Misaki sounds awfully good. Wonder what he's serving." The young woman's voice brought him out of his thoughts before watching his female housemate walk out of the room. Pushing all his previous thoughts aside, Usagi followed behind.

About halfway down the stairs, Kagome paused before turning to Usagi, "Ne, Sensei… do you know when Aikawa-san will be coming by again? I want to hand her the copy of my manuscript…"

Usagi looked thoughtful for a moment before answering, "Knowing her, she might come by later today to check on how my next book is turning out."

Nodding in acceptance, Kagome continued her trek down the stairs with Usagi following before asking, "How is the new book coming?"

"It's coming slow but the rest of the materials that I need, will be with Aikawa when she gets here."

Nodding once again, Kagome took a seat with her two male housemates at the table for lunch.

As she was chewing on her serving of vegetables, Kagome glanced at Misaki to see the boy looking like he was deep in thought or like something was bothering him. A little worried, the miko asked, "Are you okay, Misaki?"

"Eh? W-what do you mean?" Misaki replied, not expecting Kagome to ask what was bothering him. Now Usagi was looking at him for an answer with hidden worry.

"Well… you look like something's bothering you…" Kagome replied with concern in her eyes.

"Oh, it's alright, 'Gome-chan! It's just some projects I've been given that are due soon… nothing to worry about." It wasn't that his certain train of thought was really bothering him or even what he was thinking about… but it was the outcome of events that started happening since after Kagome moved in.

The feelings he used to have for his distant cousin had started to resurface to where- no, they were becoming more intense than they used to after some years of separation from Kagome. True, he used to have a crush on her but even though he wouldn't outwardly admit it he was already in a relationship with Usagi… and if he were to fall for Kagome while in said relationship – with her idol no less – Misaki was very confused about these thoughts and feelings…

And to make things even stranger, he starts having daydreams and other fantasies about Kagome…

'And while she's with Usagi-san, no less! And what makes it worse… is that I LIKED it!' Misaki thought embarrassed as his cheeks became dusted with pink, remembering a more recent thought that had a lot to do with Usagi holding Kagome in a passionate embrace… and in no clothes. 'Gods, I'm becoming a pervert!'

Both writers blinked before looking to each other worriedly before looking back at a red-faced Misaki. The two knew the younger male was hiding something… or was just keeping something from them but understood that he would talk to them when he was ready.

Hearing the phone ring, Kagome had set her chopsticks down saying that she would get it. Picking the phone up to here ear with a greeting, she received an answer, "Ah, Kagome-chan! It's Aikawa."

"Oh! Aikawa-san, hello! How may I help you?"

"Oh nothing, really, just wanted to give Usami-sensei the heads up that I'll be coming by to give him the rest of his research materials for his next book this afternoon." There was a pause for a moment before she continued with a playfully suggestive tone, "And maybe the chance to finally read the manuscript of your book? Maybe?"

The miko writer laughed, gaining Misaki and Usagi's attention when they heard her say who she was talking to before she answered the older woman, "Alright, I'll tell Sensei that you'll be coming by later today with the materials he needs for his next book. As for my manuscript, I just finished it the night before and I'm starting the manuscript for volume two. So volume one is ready for you to read when you come by."

A loud and giddy squeal came from the other end of the phone, making Kagome pull the phone away from her ear with a slight wince at how loud Aikawa was while faintly hearing the older woman gush how she try getting to Usagi's apartment sooner than she planned and how she can't wait to read Kagome's work. It was during Aikawa's excitement that she gave a hasty goodbye and hung up the phone without waiting for the miko to reply.

Kagome looked at the phone in her hand, surprised at hearing the line had gone dead with the dial tone, before hanging it up and making her way back to the dining table.

"What did Aikawa want?" Usagi asked, curious about what went on over the phone.

"She said that she'd be coming by later today to drop off the rest of the materials needed for your next book… but after hearing that the manuscript for my first book was finished, she might be trying to come by sooner." At Usagi's slightly annoyed expression, Kagome laughed before he relaxed to finish eating.

As she popped a piece of chicken in her mouth, Kagome paused before growing nervous as the news of Aikawa coming to see her work started to sink in, 'I hope she likes it…'

A couple hours later, true to her word, Aikawa came by with the materials Usagi needed while also very excited about reading Kagome's manuscript. After a simple greeting to Usagi and dropping the rest of his research materials on the coffee table, she practically made a beeline to where Kagome was in the kitchen with Misaki and started jumping up and down excitedly asking for the manuscript.

The two college students were looking through a recipe book for what would be good to make with all the strawberries that were still in the fridge… as Kagome had said, "If we're not going to eat them as they are, might as well make them into something for the less fortunate." Since Misaki was already starting to get tired of pieces of high-grade fruit, and Usagi wasn't going to eat anything from his brother, Kagome thought that she could use the fresh strawberries to make some desserts for a few family members while the rest can go to a shelter or orphanage.

"Please, Kagome-chan, can I read your manuscript? Pretty, pretty please?" Was what was basically coming from Aikawa's lips as the two distant cousins were staring at her wide-eyed in surprise from her speed of going through the door, practically skipping Usagi, and started almost begging for Kagome's completed manuscript.

"Yes, Aikawa-san just let me go get the copy in my room real quick." Kagome replied with a chuckle to the excited older woman before excusing herself to go get the pamphlet consisting of the beginning of her life story.

Aikawa gave a yip of excitement while jumping up and down a bit as Kagome made her way up the stairs. Both Misaki and Usagi stared at her with a raised eyebrow or with uneasiness while she was in her fangirl mode while gushing out, "Oh I can't wait! With how Kagome-chan vaguely described what's in the book last time we talked, it just got me pumped to read what it's about!"

Looking through the materials he was given, Usagi mentioned, "I had read a little of it and it has a lot of potential as a fantasy romance."

Aikawa squealed more in excitement, not able to sit still. Kagome's laughs could be heard as she made her way back downstairs to the living area. As she handed Aikawa her manuscript, the miko spoke, "I hope you like it, Aikawa-san."

The older woman then started to skim through it, catching bits and pieces about a potential romance combined with action against demons and lots of folklore. It made the eager glow in her eyes brighten before she stopped her skim reading and turned to Kagome, "Oh I'm sure that I will love it Kagome! I'll start reading it word for word once I get back to the office. And if it gets through to our Senior Executive Managing Director with flying colors, we'll certainly be seeing your first publishing in the very near future."

Kagome gave a soft laugh before making her way back to the kitchen, "That's if it gets your boss's approval. I don't want to keep my hopes up just to get word that my first book was horrible in his point of view."

"Well, if he doesn't like it, I can always send it to another one of our Executives who knows good books when they come to him." The miko gave a smile at Aikawa's hopes of getting her to think positive about the likelihood of her first book getting published. Kagome knew there could be a chance of her book getting published but there was also a chance of it not, so she didn't want to keep her hopes up only to get them crushed. 'Let come what may' as it's said.

Getting back to mixing the batter for the crust of a couple strawberry pies and cookies with Misaki's help, Kagome heard Aikawa say her farewells, "Well, anyways, I just wanted to drop off Sensei's materials for his next book and wanted to pick up Kagome-chan's manuscript. I'll see you all later and Sensei, this time the book better make it by its deadline." After receiving an offhanded reply from Usagi, Aikawa took her leave with a skip in her step.

Looking up from his materials, Usagi looked to Kagome from over the counter. Seeing the nervousness and slight depression of her book might not getting published or even liked by Aikawa or the executive director, Usagi assured her, "Aikawa will like your manuscript and there's no doubt that she'll find an editor who will also like it, so don't worry."

The miko novelist gave a smile of thanks to the violet-eyed man before getting back to making the desserts she was going to make with the fresh strawberries. Whatever was left of the strawberries, she could take to her mother's so they could make strawberry preserves for family members, even if the season for strawberries is over.

Making his way to the kitchen, Usagi leaned over the counter and watched as Kagome and Misaki finished the crusts for the pies they were making and the batter for the cookies. Despite that he didn't like that the girl and his lover were using the strawberries that were sent by his brother, Usagi really wanted to see how Kagome's pastries would taste.

Noticing the look Usagi had, Kagome softly chuckled before bringing a spoonful of homemade strawberry whip cream up (reserved for the pie once it's done cooling and set in the fridge) and offering it to the older male, "Wanna taste? It's made with minced strawberries."

Usagi blinked before accepting the whip cream, closing his lips around the spoon and letting the sweet flavor touch his. What made the cream unique was the tiny bits of strawberry that were added to it, making it almost taste like creamy yet fluffy mixed yogurt.

"How does it taste?" He heard her ask before answering, "It is good… but I think it would taste even better if the strawberries you used weren't from Haruhiko."

Misaki grumbled at his words while Kagome laughed before reassuring while setting the whipped cream in the fridge, "Don't worry, we're not keeping the things we're making with the strawberries anyways. The next time I use fruits while making desserts from scratch, I'll buy them fresh from the store or even an open market."

A little later, Usagi went to his study so that he could get back to work on his book while Kagome continued to bake away in the kitchen. It was after Misaki came back in from getting the laundry that he asked his distant cousin and friend, "Ne, 'Gome-chan…" her attention turned from the last pie she was working on and to where Misaki stood before he continued, "How… do you like living here so far?"

"Oh I really like it. I get to see you everyday to make up for the time we had been separated. And getting to meeting and also getting to know Usami-sensei for the first time… heh, I never thought that I would be even seeing him face to face for the first time." The smile on Kagome's face just showed how happy she was, making the room very bright before it has soften in a wistful way when she added, "But really… when mom told me that you were attending Matsuhashi University… I really wanted to see you again and hopefully pick up where we left off…"

Her words made Misaki's chest swell with warmth but didn't understand why his heart was almost thudding in his ears. All that was going through his head over and over was that Kagome decided to live with him because she wanted to see him. It wasn't because she wanted to meet Usagi for the first time – she didn't even know that Misaki was living with him – she really just wanted to see Misaki.

Kagome then blinked at him when she noticed the blush on his face before asking once again if he was okay. Even thought he said he was, his jerky movements while folding the laundry told Kagome otherwise…

'Like he was thinking of something embarrassing…' she thought before shrugging and getting back to her baking. Once she was done with preparing the pies, Kagome brought out the cookies to cool before setting said pies in the oven and she started on the strawberry preserves.

Once the "soft-ball" stage was done after mixing the water and sugar, Kagome added the leftover strawberries from the fridge and from her baking into the pot she had prepared. The scent of strawberries from the pies, cookies, and the preserves filled the kitchen and living area, up to the upstairs rooms, making the two males of the household pause in what they were doing before following the scent back to the kitchen.

Misaki looked at the concoction that was in the pot while Kagome continued to scoop out the foam that collected on top of it.

"Strawberry Jam?"

"Yep! I used half of the last box to make this. It's enough to share with some of the family and you can also give some to Taka-chi when he gets the chance to come visit." Kagome grinned, remembering how much Misaki's brother liked fresh Fruit preserves and always asked her mother to make a bit for him to take home.

But now with him married and all, Kagome didn't see any trouble in making enough for both him and his wife when they decide to visit.

When the fifteen minutes of cooking the preserves were done, Kagome turned the stove off before checking on her pies and getting the jars and lids for the jam. The pies needed a little longer before being taken out of the oven but guessed once she was close to finishing in storing the jam into jars, they'll be ready for cooling. But if she was still busy with the jarring the jam, she'll ask Misaki to take them out and turn the oven off.

As her back was turned while getting the jars, Usagi went over to the stove and picked up a spoonful of the hot jam to taste while ignoring Misaki, telling him not to even touch it. Despite the mild burn on his tongue, Usagi thought that the jam tasted very good. He had to wonder if Kagome would leave a jar or two with them…

Kagome smirked when she saw the older male close his eyes, as if savoring the sweet taste. With her arms filled with some jars, Kagome made her way back to the counter before speaking over her shoulder, "I'm guessing that despite the strawberries are from your brother, you want me to save a jar or two for us?" One glance was all the answer she needed before Kagome went to jarring the jam.

Once the task was done and Misaki helping out in getting the desserts out of the oven to cool, Kagome's cell phone rang. After asking Misaki to take over with the sealing of the jars, Kagome made her way out of the kitchen and answered her cell.

"Hello?" Kagome asked, flipping open her phone. She hadn't been expecting anyone to call her cell phone. Very few people had the number so who would be calling her?

"Ah- Higurashi Kagome, pleasure to get to talk to you after our little meeting before." Kagome blinked, the voice sounded familiar. It was Usagi's brother!

'How…? What…? When…?' Kagome thought, mind going fast trying to figure out how the hell he got her phone number. Usagi didn't even have it, so how in the seven hells did he!

"How did you get my number?" Kagome asked, curious and a little freak out at the same time. She had never had someone get her number without her say so, especially when her mother went through the trouble of signing her up for an unlisted number!

This man had a lot of balls to do what he did.

Hearing a chuckled on the other end she narrowed her eyes, "Come now, I don't mean any harm. I just want to talk….Is that alright?"

Clenching her teeth, she snapped, "Then get to the point of your unwanted call."

"I wanted to talk about my brother's relationship with your–" Kagome cut him off, she wanted nothing to do with this love triangle. She didn't want to know what he had to say about her family. Misaki's love life was his own business, and if he was happy she was fine with anyone he loved. Most especially when the one he loved treated him so well and was so patient with him.

"I don't want to hear it! I approve of anyone my cousin loves and loves him in return so stay out of it."There was silence on the phone before a sigh was heard and Usami Haruhiko started to talk.

"No need to snap, I just want to talk…" He started, and paused before continuing, "I was hoping we could meet up and talk." Kagome looked at the phone, clenching it as she put it back to her ear.

"You know getting my number without my permission is a violation of my privacy unless it's for an important investigation from the police or a telemarketer that got lucky in receiving an unlisted number, not to mention probably illegal." Kagome clipped, eyes narrowing even more as she clenched the phone tighter in her hands. This man had some nerve that was for sure.

There was silence again, but before she could say anymore the phone was ripped from her hand. Turning around she saw Usagi putting the phone to his ear, blank expression on his face, "This better not be who I think it is…." Kagome gulped seeing his face turn to fury, he was pissed.

"Why the hell are you calling her and you better talk fast unless you want me to come find you." Usagi's eyes were narrowed, jaw clenched as he held onto the phone tightly.

'Oh yeah…' Kagome thought, looking at him with wide eyes, 'He is definitely pissed.'

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