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"We could just go home, you know. We don't have to make it a big deal." I pleaded again. I had bigger plans for tonight. Much, much bigger plans.

She stopped in front of me and held my gaze. "Yes, we do. Edward, you just went from intern to resident. This has to be celebrated…Dr. Cullen" She countered.

Dr. Cullen.

Has a nice ring to it. I had been working as an intern in the Virginia Mason Medical Center and Hospital in Seattle for the past year and a half. It was tough: horrible schedule, insomnia, fatigue, endless examinations and practices and a million other things. But I pulled through it because I loved it. Every time I got to help save someone was an incredible rush. Second only to the rush I got every time I got to hold her in my arms.

My girlfriend. My Bella.

"You worked so hard, you pushed through so much, you deserve to celebrate this. It's a milestone. One of many." She stretched on her tiptoes and softly pressed her lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around her and deepened the kiss. After a few minutes we pulled apart to breath.

"Come on." She said, pulling on my arm to enter the local bar we frequented.

Once we got inside I was deafened by a boisterous "SURPRISE!!!" coming from every single member of my family, friends and co-workers. There was also a huge banner reading: "Congratulation Dr. Cullen." Right underneath it was a 5 lb cake in the form of a stethoscope that had the words 'Eddie the Meddie' on it. The cake was Alice's doing. She couldn't let any occasion slip by without a huge celebration. My cousin was like that. The words on the cake however I would bet anything were Emmett's doing. Since "Edward the Doctor" didn't rhyme, my brother took it upon himself to fashion me a term that would. The fact that it's grammatically incorrect doesn't hinder his enthusiasm for the invention.

I was stunned to say the least. I hadn't seen some of this people in over six months, what with my working schedule and some of them living hours away. Bella pulled me out of my reverie. "Did I get you?" She asked while giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I just stared at her dumfounded. "You did this?" She nodded shyly and bit her lip nervously awaiting my reaction. "I love you. Thank you so much for this." I said honestly and went to kiss her lips. Before I got to them however we were interrupted by a squealing Alice. "Edward, oh my God we haven't seen each other in months and when Bella called to have this organized I was so happy I made sure everybody's schedules were free because everyone has missed you so much but we totally understand that you can't just up and leave. Just like some of us can't. I mean, I know I live closer than your Mom and Dad do but I also have things to do Edward so if you're thinking of saying "Well, the phone rings both ways" then let me tell you something Mister, it does. So what's your excuse, huh?" She said all of that in one breath. And now she was glaring at me.

"Um, I was trying to become a resident?" I choked out. Even though I towered over her by over a foot, she scared me sometimes. She was like a soda, nice and sweet when untouched but shake her up and she explodes.

"Oh, that's right. Congratulations Edward. You deserved it." She hugged me around the waist and then went to hug Bella and talk a mile a minute about what had happened since the last time we had all seen each other.

"Eddie!" Emmett yelled in my ear while giving me a one armed hug seeing as I hadn't let go of Bella yet. Not that I ever would. "Congratulations, man. Like the cake?" He chuckled.

The next few minutes consisted of me being hugged, yelled at, poked and prodded be everyone in attendance. Once I had greeted and thanked everyone we all sat down in the makeshift banquet table that was nothing more than all the loose tables of the bar stacked together with a few cloths over them to cover the separations. We had the bar to ourselves and we filled it. Bella was in the chair next to mine, if it weren't for my parents I'd have had her sit down on my lap. But it probably wasn't appropriate public behavior and she embarrassed easily.

A few minutes later a waitress came over to take orders.

"Beers for all." Said Jasper, Alice's still-going-strong high school sweetheart and one of my best friends.

"Just an orange juice for me." Bella said quietly to the waitress.

"Why?" I asked. "We're celebrating, remember?"

"I can't drink any alcohol." She looked into my eyes and grinned at me. "I'm tonight's designated driver."

"Oh." Now, most people wouldn't consider having one beer an impairment for driving. Fork's Chief of Police's only daughter however was taught differently, so I didn't push the matter further. "Okay."

The beers and O.J. came and with them the toasts made their appearance. They started out fairly innocent. My parents saying how proud they were of me for persevering in something as hard as Medicine, how they always knew I would do well in life and how they were incredibly happy for me and everything I had accomplished so far. Alice said that she knew I was going to have a great life, because I was set on my path and as long as I didn't change my mind on anything major, everything would work out for me. Alice Cullen, Fashion Designer by day, Psychic by night. Jasper and Rosalie both wished me luck for the future. The twins were more on the shy side with large groups. They were anything but when it was just the six of us, though. And Emmett, oh Emmett had brought the speeches to an abrupt close when he said that he always knew I would be great in Medicine because I used to play "Doctor" with Bella so often growing up that he was sure I was a Specialist by the time I was in the eighth grade. Bella blushed ten shades of red and I wanted to lunge at him from across the table. Rosalie was faster than me though and smacked him hard on the head.

It was eerily quite for a second and then the waitress asked unsurely "So… how 'bout more beer?" Cheers were chanted and the little incident was quickly forgotten. Conversation flowed easily after the second round of beer was brought.

I started talking with my parents, curious to know what they had been up to since the last time I'd seen them. Though I tried to talk to them regularly on the phone I relished every opportunity I had to actually sit down and have a conversation with them. I also thanked them again for making the long drive from Forks. My Father worked in the little clinic there. He was offered a position in the hospital I worked at now before I had even been born, his reputation as a great surgeon preceded him, but he respectfully declined it stating that neither him nor my Mother were made for big cities.

Turns out they were going on a little vacation to Europe, also one of the reasons not to work in a big hospital; he had much more spare time in Fork's Clinic than he would ever have in my hospital. They were leaving tomorrow which worked out great with today's festivities.

Jasper was hard at work with his Engineering Company. Rosalie was busy modeling Alice's creations. Emmett was still loving his job as a Pediatrician. It still shocks me that someone so burly on the outside could be such a softy on the inside. He looked like a weight lifter and had muscles bigger than my head but he turned to mush with kids. He loved them. I loved them too, I would love to be a Pediatrician too but losing adult patients was hard enough. I couldn't cope with the death of an innocent child. I knew my weaknesses.

Mike and Jessica had just moved in together. Ben and Angela had both gotten new jobs and were loving them. And Lauren, well Lauren was Lauren. She was like a boomerang; you couldn't get rid of her no matter how hard you tried. The only reason she was ever invited to any party was because she was the biggest gossip in the planet and she would hassle you until she scored an invitation. I wonder who was the unfortunate soul that was overheard by her regarding tonight's plans. Bella would never have invited her on purpose.

I saw her eyeing me up and I tightened my hold on Bella, she felt the pressure and turned around to look at me with a little furrow in her brows. I mumbled the reason for my actions and she immediately laughed. Once she was done she turned completely to face me and whispered "Let's see if she gets the message now." And she gave me one of the most passionate kisses we had ever shared in public. She gripped my hair in her small hands, pushing me to her. Her tongue asked a silent question and I responded by granting it access to mine. She was staking her claim and I willingly let her. My hands circled her waist and now I was pulling her toward me. When we came up for air I had my wishes fulfilled, she was sitting on my lap. And she wasn't blushing. She looked up defiantly at Lauren with a little smirk at the corner of her now swollen lips.

Maybe boomerangs weren't so bad after all.

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